For Sale: Four Classic 8 metre model yachts

They have been regularly sailed at Frensham Pond
and all four yachts were constructed around the beginning of 2012.

  • Full scale 8 Metre boats - meaning 8 metres at the waterline - go back to around 1907 and they proved extremely popular with around 140 being built around Europe during the first seven years alone. It was a time of very rapid boat development and equally rapid evolution of class rules. At one stage 'Metre Boats' were allowed one foot of beam for every metre of waterline length, a possibly unique combination of metric and imperial in an International Rule.

  • Current 8M boats derive from a model obtained 5-10 years ago by Robin Edgar and Alan Woodroffe of the Southwater Dabblers MBC who thought it was based on a J-Class. However, it was later found that what they had was a model of a Fife 8 Metre instead. In any event, the boat remained of great interest because the hull shape and relatively low draught makes it an excellent choice for shallow waters and especially for ponds with bad weed. They used the model to create some 50+ hulls.

No. 33, owned by Andy Andrews
No. 43, owned by Keith Parrott
No. 45, owned by Tony Bugbird
No. 51, owned by Nigel Brock

1. Andy's model yacht, No. 33

No 33 is sold with stand, lifter, sails & box. A collection of digital photographs documenting its build and a complete narrative of the construction are also available, as is a blank for an extended rudder.

Contact : 01483 424013
Asking price : £230

2. Keith's model yacht, No. 43

No 43 is sold with stand, lifter, sails and box. Unlike No 33 its deck is made of ply, giving it a classic look, and it is already fitted with the enlarged rudder option.

Contact Keith on 01252 617919
Asking price : £250

3. Tony's model yacht, no. 45

No. 45 is sold with stand, lifting hook and sails.

Contact : please contact Keith on 01252 617919 for this boat
Asking price : £180

4. Nigel's model yacht, no. 51

No. 51 is sold with stand, lifter and sails.

Contact : 01252 542083
Asking price : £220