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Contributors & Acknowledgements
Thank you to everyone who has helped

Some contributions have been very substantial and some less so but without all of them a good deal of information would not be available. With my very grateful thanks to everyone.

  • Almost all photographs provided by others have been prepared by and enhanced for the Internet by the web mistress.

  • Contact details below are now provided to web sites only, with one exception; unfortunately, it is not possible to always check how current this information is. Others, although by no means everyone, may be contacted through the web mistress. Whilst most are also family historians, not everyone who has helped is interested in their family history.

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  • If you've contributed, and still want your email address to be given out, please get in touch.

  • All transcripts and contributions are the copyright of the individual transcriber or contributor and their permission should be sought before further publication.
    See Copyright at the National Archives about census extracts

Sorted by Surname

Please note: if a link doesn't work I can only apologise. I change links when I'm asked, but I may not have been advised of a change.

Ablewhite, Di
Addis-Smith, Sonia
Allen, Peter
Andrews, Andy - Contact the web mistress.
Andrews, Ann Web mistress.
Ash family
Ash, Ray
Aspey, Peter who has sadly very recently passed away.
Atkinson, Bette
Baird, Helga
Ball, Lorraine
Bannister Publications - see Fay, Michael
Barber, Alan
Barber, Annette
Barker, Marian
Bates, David
Baxter, Sue - Archivist, Claydon House
Beardow, Keith
Beaumont, Edward
Beresford, Charles
Beresford, Margaret
Black, Jana
Bradshaw, Prunella
Brassington, Eric
Brookfield, Phil
Brown, Styart
Bunting, Julie
Burrell, Kirsten (nee Twiggs)
Buttivant, Carol
Buxton, Doreen

Charlton, Christopher
Christian, Roy who has sadly passed away
Clay, David
Clay, Frank - Frank has sadly passed away but his work is still copyright protected and may not be reproduced without the permission of his heirs. Please contact the Webmistress as she is able to help with this. Also see: Frank Clay, artist elsewhere within The Andrews Pages
Clay, Judith
Cooper, Judy
Curnock, Tony and Lesley
Currin, John - former Vicar of Matlock Bath
Cytko, Susy - I've not got your current email address
Davies, John
Derby Local Studies Library Go to Libraries and Record Offices for more details
Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group (DARG)
Derbyshire County Hall Local Studies Library (was Matlock LSL) Go to Libraries and Record Offices for more details
Derbyshire Family History Society
Derbyshire Federation of Women's Institutes
Derbyshire Record Office Go to Libraries and Record Offices for more details
Derbyshire Record Society, The
Dewey, Chris
Donegani, Douglas
Drackley, Reverend John
Dunn, Frank
Durbin, Jean
Dyson, Celia
Effnert, Rita
Elliott, Deborah
Fay, Michael
Fitton, John
Flint, Kathleen
Flint, Stuart
Florence Nightingale Museum, London, The
Freeman Bernard
Gale, Bernard
Gaskell, Denys
Gear, Frank
Gibson, Claire
Goodwyn, Colin
Grange, Lynda
Greatorex, Brian
Hamilton, Rob
Hare, Peter, who has sadly passed away
Hetherington, Steve
Hill, Helen
Hill, Christine Leila
Insall, Pat
Kelland, Rose
Kerry, Beverley S
Johnson, William
Jolley, Michael
Kettle, Paul
Kimberley, Stephen
King, Heather
Lachs, Jane
Leslie, Jane
Lill, Paul
Lockie, Rosemary - see web site
Ludlam, Stuart D.
Ludlum, Bill - have contact details
Lunt, Colin
Johnson, William
Jordan, Pauline
Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society - contact details are on their website
Marples, Rodney
Marsden, Brian
Marshall, Lorraine
Matlock Local History Group (Christopher Charlton)
Mawson, Valerie
McNabb, Debbie
McQuin, Pat
Merricks, Alison
Midgley, David
Millward, Tony
Mitchell, Ian - formerly Vicar of All Saints'
Mitchell, Janet
Morano, Kathryn
Moore, Barrie, who has sadly passed away
Moore, Terry, who has sadly passed away
Neal, Ivor, who has sadly passed away
Neal, Val
Neep, Rod, who used to run Archive CD Books
Norris, Stan
Palmer, John
Pearson, Ruth - Ruth has sadly passed away but in her lifetime undertook a considerable amount of research for the DARG
Pek, George
PC-G Private Collector - Contact the webmistress
Phelan, Jim
Photo-Ark - Helen Wilson
Platt, Joseph
Pickard, Anne
Potter, Denis
Reynard, Malcolm
Tim and Helen
Orton, Susan
Overton, Sybil and friends
Ramage, John
Ratcliffe, Sara
Rector of St. Giles' Church
Riden, Phillip
Rigley, Christine
Rodgers, Frank, MBE
Rowley, Martin
Salt, Harry
Sanders, Gilly
Scott, George
Searle, Michael
Slaney, Lawton - see Fay, Michael
Smith, Bryan Smudger
Smith, Glenis
Smith, Jeremy
Smith, Kenneth. Ken has unfortunately passed away but his collection still remains copyright of his heirs.
Smith, Peter
Smith, Steve
Spencer, Michael
Steer, Jane
Taylor, William
Tomlinson, Mick
Tomlinson, Susan
Towler, Mel
Undisclosed contribution Contact the webmistress
Waite, Glynn
Ward, Valerie
Ward, Pamela
White, Robert
Whitehead, Mark
Wigfull, Phil
Williamson, Phil
Wood, Miriam
Yates, Robin

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