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Matlock & Matlock Bath Census Transcripts, Abbreviations Used
Census transcripts for Matlock, Matlock Bath & District

For all transcripts except the 1841 census, which has separate notes.

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What's Included
County of birth:

Where the birthplace was within Derbyshire this has not been included, though if you aren't familiar with Derbyshire place names please ask.
Counties have been abbreviated using BSC Codes. The county was not always recorded by the Enumerator, especially for the larger cities, so - for example - Manchester appears as both Manchester and LAN Manchester. Several people were born outside the United Kingdom and this is usually given using the same codes, though sometimes appears in full. B.S. means British Subject.
See BSC Codes

Other abbreviations:

ac adopted child
ad adopted
add adopted daughter
ads adopted son
AH At Home (1901 census) - means working at home
ap apprentice
Ap/AH Apprentice / At Home
- means works as apprentice, but works at home (1901 census)
as assistant
As/AH Assistant / At Home
- means works as assistant, but works at home (1901 census)
au aunt
aud auditor
b boy
ba bailiff
bc bastard child
bd boarder
bl brother in law
bm bar maid
bo Boots
br brother
B.S. British Subject
bt batchelor [sic]
btm bath maid
bu butler
bw brother's wife
ca caretaker
cc child in care
ck cook
cl clerk
co cousin
com companion
con condition - married, single/unmarried, widow(er)
cw char woman
d days (e.g. 7d means 7 days old) [for age on census day]
d daughter
dd dau dau i.e. daughter's daughter
de delegate
dirl distant relative
dl daughter in law
dm domestic
dn daughter of niece (1901 census)
ds daughters son
E Employer (1901 census)
E/AH Employer / At home
- means employs others, but works at home (1901 census)
eb errand boy
Ed Employed (1891 census and occasionally in 1901)
em employee
Er Employer (1891 census)
Er/N Employer and Neither Employer nor Employed (1891 census)
f female (gender column)
fc foster child
fd foster daughter
fl father in law
fr friend
ft father
gc grandchild
gd grandson
gd granddaughter
gf grandfather
ggd g[reat] g[rand] daughter
gm grandmother
gn great niece/great nephew
gs grandson
gsl grandson in law
gr groom
gv governess
h head
h hours (e.g. 4h 4 hours old) [for age on census day]
H [At] home
- means works at home (1901 census)
hbr half brother
he help
hk housekeeper
hl head lodger
hm house maid
ho house (1901 census, presumably a mistake for head of house)
hs half sister
hu husband
ic illegitimate child
jm journeyman
km kitchen maid
lb labour
ld lodger
lr lodgers daughter
ls lodgers son
lw lodgers wife
m married (marital status column)
m male (gender column)
m months (e.g. 7m means 7 months old) [for age on census day]
md maid
mg manager
mgs manageress
mi milliner
ml mother in law
mn matron
mt mother
N Neither employer nor employed (1891 census)
nc nurse child
ni niece
nk [also n.k.] Not Known - usually birthplace or occupation
np nephew
nr no relation
nu nurse
O unclear as added by Enemerator but assume Own Account (1901 census) - means working for self
OA Own Account (1901 census) - means working for self
OA/AH Own Account / At Home (1901 census)
- means working for self, and working at home
of officer
or orphan
pe peculiar
pt patient
pu pupil
re relation
rl relative
res resident
s single (marital status column)
s son
sa saleswoman
sc scholar
sd stepdaughter
sh shepherd
sl son in law
sp spinster
sr stranger
srm Still Room Maid
ss stepson
st sister
stl sister in law
str stepsister
stu student
sv servant
sw sons wife
sy secretary
te teacher
tr traveller
u unmarried (marital status column)
ue unemployed
u1m under 1 month
un uncle
vd visitor's daughter
vs visitor
vw visitor's wife
w wife
w widow/widower (marital status column)
W Worker (1901 census)
W/AH Worker / At Home
- means working for an employer, but working at home (1901 census)
wa ward
wb wife's brother
wd wife's daughter
wf wife's father
wi widow/widower (relationship column)
wk worker
wm workman
wr wife's mother
ws wife's son
wt wife's sister
wts waitress
[1b] 1 building, being built (or 2 if 2b, etc.]
[1u] 1 unoccupied building (or 2 if 2u, etc.]