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Matlock : Kelly's, 1912 - Businesses M - Y
20th Century Directories - Commercial, Trades and Private Residents

Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire pub. London (1912) , pp. 337-338

COMMERCIAL. (continued)
Early closing day. Thursday.

Malin John, farmer, Riber
Marchant Joseph, stone mason, Riber
Margerison & Co. drapers, Crown square
Margerrison Wm. Arthur, commercial trav. Wolley rd
Marriott Walter Henry, auctioneer, Crown square
Marsden's, drapers, dress makers, costumiers & outfitters, Derwent house, Dale road. T N 168
Marsden Joseph Derbyshire Limited, grocers, The Green
Marsden George William, beer retailer, Jackson road
Marsden Joseph, china dealer, 4 Crown buildings
Marsden Rose Ann (Mrs.), King's Head P.H. & butcher, Dale rd
Martin John, fishmonger, Lime Tree hill
Matlock Art & Technical Education Committee (Joseph Sladen, hon. sec.), Class room, Dale road
Matlock Bank Industrial & Provident Society Limited (John Young, sec.), Smedley street & Coal wharf, Railway station
Matlock Bridge Market Hall (William Squires, collector)
Matlock Choral & Orchestral Society (H. Douglas, hon. sec.), The Rowans, Cavendish road
Matlock Club (The) (Wm. Jaffrey, hon. sec.), Dale road
Matlock Cricket Club (Alfred Wrigley, hon. sec.); ground, Causeway lane
Matlock & District Gas Co. (Robert Hall F.S.A.A. sec. ; Thomas Brown, manager); works, Darley rd. T N 48
Matlock District Improvements Association (E. W. Barnes, sec.), Town hall
Matlock & District Ploughing Association (E. Hodgkinson, hon. sec.), The Mart, Bank chambers
Matlock & District Rifle Club (affiliated with N.R.A.) (Henry Clay, hon. sec.); ranges, Cuckoostone Moor
Matlock Golf Club (Henry Towle, hon. sec.); course & club house, Cuckoostone grange, Matlock Moor
Matlock & High Tor Recreation Grounds Co. Limited (Robert Hall, sec.), Dale road
Matlock House Hydropathic Establishment (John McLaren C.A. sec)
Melville James, bazaar, Market hall
Miller Henry Edward, furniture dealer, Dale road
Mills Edith (Miss), dress maker, Smedley street
Mills Samuel, boot & shoe maker, Smedley street
Moate Frederick, shopkeeper, Dale road
Moore W. H. & Sons, bakers & confectioners, Dale road
Morris Ellen (Mrs.), aparts. The Beeches, Snitterton rd
Morton Samuel Ernest M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Lond. physician & surgeon, The Red house, Dale road
Mottershead William Henry, boot maker, Crown square
Muir James Gilchrist, watch maker, Bank road
Myatt John William, Red Lion P.H. The Green
Naden John R. shopkeeper, Buxton ter. Chesterfield rd
Nettleship James, boot & shoe dealer, Smedley st. west
Nicholson Louisa (Miss), nurse, The Green
Nixon Frederick, accountant & estate agent, Crown sq
Nuttall John, architect & surveyor, Crown square
Oakley Waiter John, painter & decorator, Bank road
Old English hotel (Francis Smith, proprietor), Dale rd
Oldham House & Prospect Place Hydros Co. Limited (L. G. Wildgoose, manager), Wellington street
Oriental Cafe & Temperance Hotel (Frederick Dalton, proprietor), Dale road
Orme R. & Co. wholesale & retail grocers, Crown sq. T N 14
Outram Annie (Mrs.), farmer, Riber Hall farm, Riber
Parker John, insurance agent, Bank road
Parkin Elizabeth (Mrs.), Duke of Wellington P.H. Wellington street
Parr's Bank Limited (branch) (F. C. Balguy, manager), Dale road; draw on head office, Bartholomew lane, London E C
Parsons John, beer retailer, Wellington street
Paulson John Henry, sexton of St. Giles' parish church, & apartments, Beech house, Church street
Payne Timothy, boot & shoe dealer, Bank road & Smedley street west
Pearson & Roberts, tailors, Bank road
Phillips William, hair dresser & news agent, Crown sq
Pilkington William, chemist, Dale road
Ponsonby Sarah (Mrs.), nurse, Edge road
Ponsonby Sarah H. (Miss), milliner, Edge road
Potter George, carriage builder, Bakewell road. T N 58
Potter James, solicitor, commissioner for oaths & perpetual commissioner, clerk to the magistrates & steward of the manor of Matlock, Bridge chambers
Potter John William, outfitter, Dale road
Potter Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, Holt ter
Potter William Hy. hand machine hosiery mfr. Dimple
Poyser William, farmer, Masson
Pride William, fishmonger & fruiterer, Crown square
Rackstraw Harry C. coal mer. Station yard. T N 4Y4
Radford L. & A. (Misses), music stores, Bank road
Reddish John, builder, contractor & plasterer; white-washing & distempering; repairs promptly attended to ; estimates given; the trade supplied, Wellington st
Richards Edwin William, nurseryman, Wellington st
River Plate Fresh Meat Co. Limited (The), Causeway la
Roberts Henry, printer & stationer, Crown sq. T N 7Y2
Roberts John, chimney sweeper, Smedley street
Roberts William, apartments, Edge road
Roberts William Hudson, tailor, see Pearson & Roberts
Robinson John, coal dealer, Starkholmes
Rockside Hydropathic Establishment (Miss Goodwin, manager)
Roose Anthony, shopkeeper, Wellington street
Roper Thomas Arthur, saddler, The Green
Rosling Joseph Jesse, apartments, 4 Kingsbridge terrace
Rowbottom A. J. (Mrs.), apartments, Henry avenue
Samuel Edward, smith, The Green
Savage George, farmer, Starkholmes
Searle Emma (Mrs.), toy dealer, Smedley street
Sharp T. & Son, upholsterers & cabinet mas. Dale road
Shaw George William, plumber, Smedley street
Shaw Thomas, limestone quarry, Dale road
Shaw Thomas, shopkeeper, Bank road
Shaw Thos. Wm. hair dresser & tobacconist. Smedley st
Sheldon Thos. apartments, Retiro house, Wellington st
Shenton Richard, watch maker, Smedley street & hair dresser, Crown square
Siddall Joseph, fruiterer, Smedley street
Simpson John, architect, Spring mount, Bank road
Singer Sewing Machine Co. Limited (William Keyworth, agent), Bank road
Skidmore S. & Son, hosiery manufacturers, Smedley st
Sladen Joseph, coal merchant, see Statham & Sladen
Slater Fred H. plumber, Smedley street
Slater Walter, apartments, Cordelia, Smedley street
Slater William James, draper, Smith road
Smart Josiah & Son, tar paving contractors & quarry owners, Snitterton road. T N 49
Smedley's Hydropathic Co. Limited (H. Challand, managing director; E. L. Wilmot, sec. ; George Casement Reid Harbinson M.B., B.Ch. & B.A.O.R.U.I. physician; Robert MacLelland M.D., C.M. Edin. resident physician). T N 17. See advertisement [not included on this site]
Smith Charles Henry, nurseryman, Industrial road
Smith Francis, Old English hotel, Dale road
Smith George, grocer, Smedley street
Smith George, hair dresser, The Green
Smith George (Mrs.), aparts. Glen view, The Dimple
Smith Henry, farmer, Asker farm
Smith Sarah Lydia (Miss), Malvern house, Smedley st
Smith William, aparts. Rangemoor villa, Wellington st
Spendlove Job, jun. butcher, The Green
Squires William, Queen's Head hotel, The Bridge
Starr Charles, joiner, Wellington street
Statham & Sladen, coal merchants, The Bridge
Statham Eliza (Miss), draper, Bank road
Statham George Malin, farmer, Hearthstone, Riber
Statham Harold, pork butcher, Rutland street
Statham Isaac, shopkeeper, Starkholmes
Statham Isaac, jun. wheelwright, The Green
Statham Joshua, tailor, Church street
Statham Samuel, shopkeeper, New street
Statham William Nathan, photographer, Dale road
Stevens Mary F. (Mrs.), midwife, Henry avenue
Stevenson F. & Co. dyers & cleaners, Dale road
Stocker Henry Frederick, draper, Smedley street
Stoppard Elizabeth (Miss), fancy draper, Crown square
Stowe Frederick, beer retailer, Sycamore road
Stringfellow Fanny (Mrs.), Duke William P.H. Church st
Sulley Mary (Miss), apartments, Oak cottage, Dimple rd
Sutherland Margaret (Miss), fancy draper, Smedley st
Swain Martha Ellen (Miss), certificated midwife, The Cottage, Starkholmes road
Sweeting Charles Oscar, painter &c. Smedley street
Talbot Benjamin, cab proprietor. Queen's Head stables
Tanzer William, Crown hotel. T N 0195
Taylor Alfred, fruiterer, The Green
Taylor Charles E. Butcher, Bank road
Taylor Ernest William, builder, Jackson road
Taylor Frederick, farmer, Allen hill
Taylor Hy. insur. agent, 1 Clifton cottage, New street
Taylor John. Plumber, The Green
Taylor Richard, clerk to Matlock Urban District Council, Town hall
Territorial Force, 6th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment) (Matlock detachment of E Co.) (Lieut. W. E. V. Tompkins; Sergt.-Instructor John Turner, drill instructor), Wellington street
Thacker George W. boot repairer, Wilmot street
Thomas Anna (Mrs.), grocer, Bank road
Thompson Chadwin, shoeing smith, Crown square
Thompson George P. artificial teeth maker, 3 Bank rd
Thompson William, shoeing & general smith, Crown sq
Thorpe Frederick William, tailor & outfitter, Smedley street. T N 5X1
Tomlinson Jane (Miss), apartments, Pope carr
Toplis John, apartments, Clifton villa, New street
Toplis Joseph, tailor, Smedley street
Treadgold Walter, apartments, Field villa, Bank road
Turner John, fishmonger, Bank road
Turner Joseph, surveyor & water engineer to the Urban District Council, Rose cottage, Wellington street
Twigg Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, The Green
Twigg John, carrier & cab proprietor, Church street
Twigg William, machinery merchant, Station yard
Udall Ernest, commercial traveller, Fernleigh, Henry av
Vallance William, school attendance officer Matlock, Belper & Wirksworth district, Wolley road
Victoria Hall (J. Barnes, resident mgr.), Smedley st
Wagstaff Mary (Mrs.), apartments, Smedley street
Wall Henry, apartments, Lime Tree hill
Wall John, hydropathic establishment, Stanley house, Smedley street west
Wall John Tom, undertaker, Smedley street
Wall Sarah (Miss), farmer, The Hall, Riber
Walters S. (Mrs.), fancy repository, Dale road
Walton Anthony, frmr. & livery stable kpr. Wheatsheaf fm
Ward Frederick, butcher, Smedley street
Ward George Frederic, tailor, Smedley street
Ward Henry, hydropathic establishment, Bank house, New street
Ward Thomas Lister, chiropodist, Bank road
Ward William Henry, farmer, Dimple
Welch & Co. grocers & wine & spirit mers. The Green
West Derbyshire Liberal Association (Charles F. White sec. & agent), Crown buildings
Whawell Charles, farmer, Moor farm
Wheeldon Harry, insurance superintendent, Bank road
Wheeldon James J. butcher, Wellington street
Wheeldon's Hydro (Mrs. Annie Fern, proprietress) Spring villa, Smedley street
Wherrett William & Ralph, bakers, Church street
White Charles F. sec. & agent West Derbyshire Liberal Association, Crown buildings
Wightman Eliza (Mrs.), aparts. 10 Kings bridge terrace
Wildgoose Antliff Jn. musical instrument dlr. Smedley st
Wildgoose Davis M. architect & surveyor, Greenfield, Edge road
Wildgoose John, florist, Smedley street
Wildgoose John William, builder & contractor, quarry owner, joiner, undertaker, slater, plasterer, stonemason, excavator & drainage contractor, Industrial works, Rutland street (T N 182); & Holme road, Matlock Bath; & at Chesterfield
Wildgoose Laurence T. (Mrs.), boarding house, Sudbury villa, Wellington street
Williams Deacon's Bank Limited (late Sheffield & Rotherham Joint Stock Banking Co. Ltd.) (branch) (Lionel Healey, manager), The Bridge; draw on London office, 20 Birchin lane E C
Williams Mary (Miss), hydropathic establishment, Sycamore house, Smedley street west
Wills Thomas, butcher. Smedley street
Wilmot John (Mrs.), aparts. Field ho. Smedley st. west
Wilson Dorothy (Mrs.), grocer, Smedley st. & Jackson rd
Woodcock Harriet Ann (Miss), teacher of music, Henry avenue
Woodfield Ernest Percy, apartments, 11 Kingsbridge ter
Woodiwiss Henry, apartments, Rose villa, New street
Wright Michael & Sons, tinplate workers, Smedley st
Wright Torn, coal & coke merchant, Station yard
Wright Walter Herbert L.D.S.I. surgeon-dentist, Glenholme, Dale road ; & at Bakewell
Wrigley Joseph & Son, refreshment rooms, Crown sq
Wrigley William & Albert, cycle dealers, Crown square
Yeomans Thomas Edwin, tobacconist, Dale road
Young Emma (Mrs.), farmer, Moor

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