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Matlock Bath : Kelly's Directory, 1916
20th Century Directories - Commercial, Trades and Private Residents

Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire pub. London (1916), pp. 331-332

Aikman, Col. Thomas Robert, Tor Dale
Alcock, Chas. Heath bank, The Dale
Allen John, 2 Clarence Villas
Askwith Rev. William M.A. (vicar), Vicarage
Barnes Ernest W. Belmont
Bryan Albert William, Cliff side
Buckman Henry George, Springfield, Clifton road
Chadwick Misses, The Lower Tower
Collinson Mrs. Birklands
Daniels Wm. Albert, Portland house
Dare-Mordle Frederick, Guilderoy
Dawson Albert H. Highfield
Easterbrook Rev. John Charles (Congregational), Glenorchy manse
Frogatt Mrs. Barton vils. Clifton road
Garner James, Dovedale ho. Clifton road
Gill Fredk. Wm. Riversdale, The Dale
Gladstone George Edward, Garforth house, Clifton road
Hetherington Hy. Clifton vils. Clifton rd
Hockliffe Wm. 3 Rock Vale villas
Holden John, Fairview terrace
Howe Mrs. Rock cottage, Cliffe road
Howorth Mrs., The Bartons
Howsin Miss Beatrice, Royal hotel
Ireland Phillip, Hope mount
Jacques William, Danbury lodge
Jacquier William S. Swiss Cottage, Waterloo road
Jaffrey William, Ivy bank
Key George Henry, Green bank
King Mrs. Nestors, Dale road
Leggoe Frederick Edwin, West Lea
Lennox William, Oban, Waterloo road
Lister Charles, Fountain villas
Lowe Mrs. Fountain villas
Lymn Frederic Charles, Beech house
Morris Cecil George, Sunnybank, Clifton road
Newbold Evelyn, Eaton villa, Waterloo road
O'Dowda Benjamin F. Sunberry
Parker David, Beech cliff
Pearson David Palmer, Hilderston, The Dale
Pearson Louis, 4 Brunswood terrace
Pearson Miss, Brunswood villa
Quillam Joseph Haigh, Holme bank
Randle Ernest, Hazel grove
Redfern Joseph, Dale cottage
Reeds Joseph, Montpelier
Robinson Samuel, 1 Masson cottage
Smith Guy Le Blanc, 1 Fountain vils
Sprinthall Saml, Heights of Abraham
Twigg Arthur, Glenside, Clifton road
Webster Richard, Roxbury, Waterloo road
White Charles Frederick, Chapel hill

Early closing day, Thursday.

Acton Florence (Miss), apartments, Riversdale house
Arkwright Sir Richard & Co. Limited (branch of the English Sewing Cotton Co. Limited), cotton spinners, Masson Mills
Arkwright Lodge of Freemasons (No. 1495)(Joseph Sladen, sec.), New Baths hotel
Avery Benjamin, inland revenue officer, 5 Rock Vale vils
Badger Henry Buckley, fancy repository, North parade
Baguley Robert, apartments, Wellington ho.Waterloo rd
Balguy F.C. manager of Parr's Bank & treasurer to the Matlock Bath Urban District Council
Ballard Jemima (Mrs.) refreshment rooms, Derby road
Barber Emma (Mrs.), aparts. Melbourne ho. Temple walk
Barnes S. & Son, hosiery manufacturers, North parade
Barnes Harriet (Mrs.), apartments, Derby road
Bates Arthur John, fruiterer & dining rms. North par.
Bath Terrace Hotel (Arthur Morgan, proprietor)
Boden John & Son, bakers & grocers, North parade
Boden Thomas & Co., boot & shoe factors, North parade
Boden James, spar & marble worker, Waterloo road
Boden John Edward, spar & marble worker, Waterloo road
Boden John William, dining rooms, Edinburgh house & Derwent Gardens caf
Boden's Restaurant (J. Boden & Son, proprietors) : near fish pond
Bond Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 7 Hope terrace
Bond Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 5 Rock Vale terrace
Bowling Club (W.H. Boden, sec.)
Brentnall John George, Prince of Wales P.H. Orchard rd
Briddon George, Old Vaults P.H., North parade
Britannic Assurance Co. Limited (Warren George Boden, supt.), 1 Dale terrace
Brown Samuel, apartments, 1 Brunswood terrace
Bryan William, draper & hosier, Cavendish house
Buckley Francis, Laundry, The Dale
Burdett A. (Mrs.) apartments, Ivydean, Clarence Villas
Buxton, Helen & Annie (Misses), fancy repos. South par
Buxton Herbert, proprietor of the Switchback railway & Derwent gardens
Calladine Elizh.(Miss) aparts. The Laurels, Holme Road
Calladine Millicent (Miss) aparts. The Laurels, Holme Road
Cardin Frances & Grace (Misses), fancy repos. North par
Cardin Job Hall, worker in Derbyshire Spa ornaments, The Dale
Carding John Thomas, shopkeeper, Dale crescent
Chamberlain Alethea (Mrs.) shopkeeper, Matlock Dale
Chaplain Thomas, insurance agent, 3 Clarence villas
Clay Richard, apartments, Derwent view, Orchard road
Conservative Club (Arthur Walker, sec.) North parade
Cooper Thomas, insurance agent, Brunswood Road
Co-operative Holidays Association (Miss Brill, manageress), Woodbank
County & Station Hotel, Francis Hoyland (proprietor)
Craig George Adam, Heights of Jacob cavern
Cumberland Cavern (Mrs. Mary Brocklehurst, proprietress), Bath Terrace
Dale George Henry Smith, farmer, Ember farm
Dalton Frederick, refreshment rooms, North parade
Derwent Gardens (Herbert Buxton, proprietor)
Devonshire Hotel (William Freckleton, proprietor)
Donegani Pamela (Mrs.), aparts, Belle Vue ho. Waterloo rd
Drabble George, timber merchant and saw mills, Railway station ; also at Matlock
Durbridge Henry M.R.C.S. Eng. & L.R.C.P. Lond. physician & surgeon, & medical officer Cromford & Matlock Bath districts of Bakewell union & to Post Office, Dale house
Eato Frank, George P.H. North parade
Evans Eliza (Mrs), apartments, 1 Holme road
Evans John, refreshment rooms, & confectnr. North par
Evans Walter, refreshment rooms, North parade
Farnsworth William, builder, Holme road
Fletcher Ada (Mrs.), laundress, Rutland cot., Derby road
Fountain Baths & Assembly Room (James Fearn)
Fowkes Samuel, dining rooms, North parade
Frost Frances (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, North parade
Frost Walker, gas and water engineer, Council chambers
Furniss Wm., cab propr. Fishponds stables ; & at Matlock
Grand Pavilion cinematograph theatre (R. H. Taylor, proprietor)
Graves Albert Edward, temperance hotel, North parade
Greatorex Frederick, cab propr. County and Station stables
Hackney William Henry, china dealer, South parade
Hardstaff Joseph, builder, South parade
Hardstaff Joseph, fruiterer, Parade view
Hardy Annie (Miss), refreshment rooms, Waterloo rd
Hardy Joseph, butcher, Holme road & South parade
Heggs Abraham, Rutland Arms P.H., Derby road
Heights of Abraham (Samuel Sprinthall, lessee)
Heights of Jacob (George Adam Craig, proprietor)
Henshall Thomas Meredith, photographer, Derwent gdns
Hicks William, apartments, Ivy Cottage, Waterloo road
High Tor Grotto (Robert Hall, sec.), The Dale
Hodgkinson John James, fancy repository, & Derwent parade
Hodgkinson's Hotel (James Fearn, proprietor)
Hofton Lewis Wm. commercial traveller, 5 Clarence ter
Howsin Beatice (Miss), journalist & newspaper reporter, Royal hotel
Independent Order of Oddfellows' M.U. (Loyal Devonshire Lodge, No. 2,966) (Wilfred Wright, sec.), Devonshire hotel
Jordan Frances (Miss), The Peveril temperance hotel
Keith John Christopher, house decorator, The Dale
King Lexie (Miss), apartments, Glen view
Land Frederick, shopkeeper, Holme road
Lees William Henry, apartments, 4 Clarence terrace
London Central Meat Co. Limited (The), South Parade
Lusby John, confectioner, South parade
Matlock Angling Association (H. Cooper, sec)
Matlock Bath Golf Club (J.W. Boden, sec.) Highfield
Matlock Bath Improvement Association (Thomas Coates, hon. sec.), Riversdale
Medcalf Richard Hy. fancy repository, Waterloo road
Mosley Agnes (Mrs.), apartments, 6 Masson terrace
Nash Eliza (Mrs.), apartments, 2 Midland terrace
Newbold Evelyn, assistant overseer & collector to the Urban District Council, Council offices
Nobile John, New Bath hotel
Ogden John, petrifying well, South parade
Ogden Mary Ann (Mrs.), apartments, Orchard mount
Oliver Joseph, plasterer, Holme road
Oliver William, fruiterer, Holme road
Parker Joseph, apartments, Fern cottage, The Dale
Parr's Bank Limited (branch) (F. C. Balguy & Horace Loveday, joint managers) (daily 9.30 to 3 ; sat. 9 to 12) ; & at Matlock ; draw on head office, 4 Bartholemew lane, London E C
Pavilion & Gardens (the property of the Royal hotel)
Pearson Mary Ann (Mrs.), apartments, Midland terrace
Pierson Charles Frederick, hair dresser, North parade
Ponsonby Sarah (Mrs.), aparts. Dwrgwyn, The Dale
Potter James, farmer, Upper wood
Reeds Arthur, tobacconist, North parade
Reeds Peter, confectur & dining rooms, 1 North parade
Reynolds Fanny (Mrs.), apartments, Woodland cottage
Robinson Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, Brunswood ter
Royal Hotel (Cecil G. Morris, manager)
Seedhouse S. bookseller, stationer & news agt. The Library
Sellors Norman Harry, Fish Pond hotel
Shimwell Sarah (Mrs.), apartments, Glen vil. Holme road
Singleton Blanche (Miss), teacher of music, 4 Hope ter
Skidmore Samuel & Son, hosiery manufrs. Derby road
Slawson Frank, pharmeceutical chemist, North parade
Smart & Son, quarry owners, Station quarries
Smith Emma (Miss), dress maker, Dale crescent
Smith Emma (Mrs.), fried fish dealer, South parade
Smith George C.V., Midland hotel
Smith Samuel, spar & marble worker, South parade
Stanley Edgar, tailor, Waterloo road
Swain Jemima (Mrs.), Avondale, Holme rd
Swift John, apartments, Ranmoor villa
Temple Family Hotel (S. F. Wheatcroft, proprietor)
Tinti Caletta Maud, (Mrs.), fancy repository, North par
Toplis Louisa (Miss), midwife, 2 Rockville vils. Holme road
Urban District Gas Works (Walter Frost, manager)
Urban District Water Works (Walter Frost, engineer) ; office, Council chambers
Vearnals James, apartments, 1 Hope terrace
Via Gellia Colour Co. Limited (The), color manufactrs. T N 44 ; T A "Colours" [this is a reference to an advertisement]
Walker Annie (Miss), apartments, Temple terrace
Walters & Co. grocers, North parade
Walthow H. E. (Mrs.) aparts. South view, Holme rd
Wardle Emily (Mrs.), aparts. Rokeby, Waterloo road
Wardley Annie Allen (Mrs.), apartments, Orchard house, 2 Woodland terrace
Wardman Herbert, farmer, Masson
Webster Samuel, surveyor & inspector of nuisances to Urban District Council, Council offices
Wheatcroft Walter, plumber &c., 2 Holme road
Whittaker Frank, apartments, Orchard house, Holme road
Whittaker Mary (Mrs), aërated water manufr., The Dale
Wildgoose Emma (Mrs.), aparts. Findern ho. The Dale
Williams E. & Co. Limited, motor engineers & garage, South parade
Wyvill William Herbert, grocer

An Ann Andrews transcript
Note: spelling, case and punctuation are as they appear in the Directory

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