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Matlock : Kelly's Directory, 1916 - Businesses A - L
20th Century Directories - Commercial, Trades and Private Residents

Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire pub. London (1916), pp. 327-333

Early closing day. Thursday.

Adams Charles Wood, saddler, Bakewell road
Addy Clara (Mrs.), confectioner, Crown square
Addy William, coach builder, Pope carr
Allen Ann (Miss), apartments, Bank road
Allen Joseph, farmer & removal contractor, The Dimple
Anthony Eliza (Mrs.), aparts. West bank, The Dimple
Ash Walter, boot & shoe maker, Smedley street west
Ashton Joseph & Walter, bakers, Smedley street west
Bagshaw Harry, cycle dealer, Dale road
Bailey Ernest Henry, roller flour miller, Matlock mills
Bailey Henry, chemist, Central buildings, Smedley street
Balgay Fras. C. joint mgr. of Parr's Bank Ltd. Dale road
Ballington George, builder, Wellington street
Ballington Harry, gardener, Wellington street
Bannister Frederick George, Gate inn, Smedley street
Barnwell Henry, watch maker & jeweller, Dale road
Barrett Edward, apartments; Edge road
Bateman Louisa (Mrs.). Railway inn, Bakewell road
Beck Thomas, stone & spar gravel merchant, Station yrd
Black Elizh. (Mrs.). aparts. Cavendish mt. Cavendish rd
Boden J. & Son, bakers, Bank road
Boden George, stone merchant & quarry owner, Railway wharf, & at Matlock Green
Boden J. W. builder, Causeway Jane
Boden Thomas A. fried fish shop, Smedley street
Boden William, baker, 3 Crown buildings
Bonsall William, firewood dealer, Dimple
Booth Marion (Miss), milliner, Crown square
Boots Cash Chemists Limited, Dale road
Bower Charles, greengrocer, Riber
Bowler Walter, farmer, Cuckoostone grange
Bradbury A.E. boot & shoe maker, Jackson road
Bradbury John William, insurance agent, Bank road
Bradley's, clothiers, Dale road
Bradshaw George Henry, farmer, Hall dale, Snittern
Bradshaw William, draper, Dale road
Brailsford Blanche (Mrs.), aparts. Rosemount, Cavendish rd
Brailsford Susannah (Mrs.) fent dealer, Smedley street
Brailsford William, dealer in wines & spirits, Bank road
Bramwell Leonard, hydropathic establishment, Jackson house, Jackson road
Bridge Thomas, Queen's hotel, The Bridge
Brimfield Arthur, shopkeeper, Wellington street
British & Argentine Meat Co. Ltd. Butchers, Crown sq
Brooker S. farmer, Riber
Brooksbank's Dental Establishment (G. T. Latimer, manager), Summerfield, Chesterfield road
Brown Ellen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Cavendish road
Brown Emily (Miss), boarding house, Brow lee, Wellington street
Brown Lucy (Miss), stationer, Dale road
Buckley John, White Lion PH, Starkholmes
Bunting George & Sons, boot & shoe makers, Dale road
Burgons Limited, grocers & tea blenders, coffee & provision merchants, Crown square. T N 50
Burley Joseph, hydropathic establishment, Bank house
Burrows & Sturgess Ltd., mineral water mnfrs. Bakewell rd
Chapman Frederick Mark, house & estate agent, & valuer & insurance agent (Telephone 94 Matlock), Crompton chambers, Dale road
Charles Cundall, hair dresser, Smedley street
Chesterfield House Hydro Limited (The) (Arthur A. & Mrs. S. M. Hitching, managers), hydropathic establishment, Chesterfield road
Chippett Rev. John William M.A preparatory school for boys for public schools, Riber castle
Christopherson Thos. R. ironmonger, Crown sq. TN155
Church of England Waifs' and Strays' Society (John Winfield. Master) St Andrew's Home, Cliffe ho., The Green
Clay Herbert, tobacconist, Dale road
Clay William, Old English hotel, Dale road
Clay Cross Coal Co. Limited, Matlock bridge
Cocking Wm. drill instructor at Smedley's, Cavendish rd
Colledge Charles, stationer, Smedley street
Combes Robert, commercial traveller, Malpas road
Conservative Club (John Berry Richards, hon. sec.) Crown square
Constable, Hart & Co. Limited, tar paving contractors & quarry owners, Cawdor quarries. 8 Matlock
Crarer Edward M.B., C.M.Edin. physician & surgeon, & medical officer & public vaccinator Matlock district, Bakewell union & medical officer of health to Matlock Urban District Council, West view, Lime Tree hill
Croft C. & E & Co. joiners & builders, Crown square
Croft Wilfrid, watch maker, Market hall, Dale road
Crossland Albert Edwd. chimney sweeper, Wellington st
Crowther John William, fried fish shop, Dale road
Dakin W & Sons, monumentalists, Bakewell road
Dakin Ethel (Miss), fried fish shop, Smedley street
Dakin Samuel, hair dresser & tobacconist, Smedley st
Dale Lucy (Miss), apartments, St. Giles terrace
Daniels Henry, butcher, Smedley street
Davies Agnes R. (Miss), beer retailer, Jackson road
Davis Arthur Edwin, chemist & druggist, Dale road
Davis George, hydropathic & boarding establishment; established 1838; tariff on application, Tor house, Matlock Bank
Dawes Thomas, builder & contractor, The Green
Dean Joseph Leedham, insurance broker, Rose dene, St. Joseph street
Derby & Derbyshire Convalescent Home (Miss E. Eastland, sister in charge), Lime Tree hill
Derbyshire County Council & Derbyshire Insurance Committee Tuberculosis Dispensary (wednesdays attendance)
Derbyshire George, slater, Jackson road
Dorling Katie Ellen (Miss), nurse, Bank road
Dorling Minnie (Miss), tea rooms, Bank road
Downer Reginald Lionel Ernest, M.D.London, surgeon, The Firs
Drabble George, engish timber merchant (Telephone 76; Telegrams, "Timber, Matlock") ; & Timber yard, Matlock Bath
Dunn William, boot & shoe maker, Church street
Eaton Anthony, draper, Dale road
Edge Brothers, greengrocers, Dale road
Elliott Alfred, bird & animal stuffer, Matlock Town
Else Alfred C. house, estate & insurance agent
Else Geo. cab proprietr. Railway Inn stables, Bakewell rd
Else George Nuttall, collector to the Matlock Urban District Council, assist. overseer, Town hall, Bank road
Else Martha (Miss), farmer, Lime Tree house
England George, insurance agent, Cavendish road
Evans Wm. & Son, watch makers & jewellers, Dale rd
Evans C. Walter D.B.O.A., F.S.M.C. certified optician, Dale road
Evans John Dorsett, inspector of nuisances to the Urban District Council, Town hall
Evans Thomas, Horse Shoe hotel, The Green
Eyre Chas. hydropathic establishment, Rose cot. Dimple
Eyre William, apartments, South view, Dimple road
Farnsworth Alfred, farmer, Hearthstone farm, Riber
Farnsworth Arthur, nurseryman, Moor
Farnsworth F. (Mrs.), apartments, Wellington street
Farnsworth George William, farmer, Riber
Farnsworth Henry, Nurseryman, The Moor
Farnsworth John, wardrobe dealer, Market hall
Fearn Stanley, cycle dealer, Crown square
Fisher William Sealy, solicitor & commissioner for oaths & registrar & high bailiff to the Wirksworth & Matlock county courts, Town hall
Fletcher Grace (Mrs.), draper & post office, The Green
Fox H. poultry farmer, Chesterfield road
Frisby Joseph, boot & shoe factor, Dale road
Frost P. (Mrs.), apartments, Wellington square
Frost Thomas, beer retailer, Smedley street west
Frost Walter, boot & shoe maker, Wellington street
Furniss William, cab & motor proprietor, Crown square & farmer, Megdale farm
Gentry Herbert, temperance hotel, Dale road
Gessey Josiah, confectioner, Smedley street
Gessey Walter Ernest, confectioner, Dale road
Gibb Charles, cabinet maker, Smedley street
Gill Frederick William. solicitor & commissioner for oaths, & clerk to the Matlock Bath Urban District Council, Hunter's chambers, Dale road
Gillespie Archibald, tailor, Dale road
Goodall John Charles, stationer, Crown square
Goodwin Emma (Mrs.), farmer, Hurst
Goodwin George William, farmer, The Wolds
Goodwin John G. grocer, Wellington street
Goodwin Marie L.R.C.P. & S.I. & L.M.I. physician & surgeon, Rockside hydro
Grafton Arthur, commercial traveller, St. Joseph's st
Grattan Charles, grocer & beer retailer, Dimple road
Greatorex J. & Son, limestone merchants, tar paving manufacturers & limestone quarry owners, Dale road. T N 45 ; T A " Greatorex & Son
Greatorex Thomas, wheelwright, The Green
Gregory George Ludlam, farmer, Meadow Wood farm
Gregory John Henry, shopkeeper, Church street
Gregory Mabel (Miss), draper, The Green
Gregory Peter, furniture broker, Dale road
Hadfield James E. chemist, Dale road
Hall A Co. ironmongers, seedsmen, electrical, mechanical, motor & general engineers, heating engineers, grindstone merchants, plumbers, glaziers & decorators, Dale road; garage, Crown square
Hall Robert F.S.A.A. incorporated accountant & assessor & collector of King's taxes for Cromford & Matlock, Matlock Bath, Darley, South Darley & Tansley & sec. to the Matlock & District Gas Co. Dale road
Hand William, jobmaster & motor proprietor, Gate livery stables
Hardy Joseph, butcher, Crown buildings
Hardy Samuel, grocer, Smedley street west
Hart J. Beaty, apartments, Steep hill
Hawkins Sydney, farmer, Lowes farm, Riber
Hawley Albert, grocer, The Moor
Healey Lionel, manager of Williams Deacon's Bank & treasurer to the North Darley & South Darley Urban District Councils, The Bridge
Heath Annie (Miss), apartments, Clevedon, Henry aven
Helliwell Ada (Mrs.), confectioner, Bank road
Heny & Heny, solicitors, Regent chambers, Dale road
Heny Charles Granville (firm, Heny & Heny), solicitor & commissioner for oaths, & solicitor to Matlock Urban District Council, Regent chambers, Dale road
Hodgkinson Joseph & Son, auctioneers, Bank chambers
Hodgkinson Geo. printer & bookbinder, Holt rd. TN 4XI
Hodgson William, tobacconist, Bank road
Hogg Jane Ann (Mrs.), apartments, Rosebery ho. New st
Holling Albert, Boat House hotel, Dale road
Holmes Walter & Son, cabinet makers, Dale road
Holmes Emma (Mrs.), aparts. Ashleyhay house, Dale rd
Holmes Samuel, farmer, Moorside
Holmes Saml (Mrs.), farmer, Broomhill fm. Starkholmes
Hopkinson Frank, builder & slater, New street
Houghton Francis C. Daysmill boarding ho. Henry aven
Hunters The Teamen Limited, grocers, Dale road
Hurd & Sons, nurserymen, Portland Grange nurseries
Hyde Ada (Mrs.), apartments, Smedley street
Hydropathic Hospital (Smedley Memorial) (The) Miss H. Hodgkinson, sec. & treasurer, Miss Anne Jackson, matron), Bank road
Institute (The) (Charles Housley, hon. sec), The Green
International Tea Co.'s Stores Limited, Dale road
Jaffrey William, architect & surveyor, Bridge chambers
Johnson Brothers (Dyers) Limited, Dale road
Johnson T. Crowder, hand made hosiery manufacturer & insurance agent, Wellington street (T N IY2); I branch blouse depot, Smedley's buildings, Smedley st
Keeling Arthur, water inspector, Reservoir house
Keetley Harold P. sub-postmaster, Smedley street
Keyte George & William, shopkeepers, The Green
Keyworth William, agent for the Singer Sewing Machine Co. Limited, Bank road
King Joseph, tobacconist, Smedley street west
Kingsley Edward V. W. Bynnes A.C.P. boys board & day school, Cavendish school, Smedley street
Kirk Grace (Mrs.), Heatherbank
Kirkham Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Crown square
Kirkland William, plumber, Dale road
Knowles Wm. & Son, musical instrument dlrs., Smedley st
Lee Mary Ann (Mrs), apartments, Stanley villa, New st
Lee Robert Edmund, grocer, Dale rd
Lennards Limited, boot makers, Dale road
Leslie Marion Josephine (Miss), apartments, End view, Church street
Lewis John Harry, builder, Dimple road
Liberal Club (William Abrahamson, hon. sec), Town Hall buildings
Lill William, boot & shoe maker, Smedley street
Lilybank Hydro, Chesterfield road
Linnell M.E. & Co. (Misses), poultry farmers, Wellington poultry farm, Chesterfield road
Liverpool Meat Co. Bank road
Lockwood A. I., dealer in antiques, oil paintings, ----, china, glass, lace & silver; collections valued, Bank road
Lomas Fred, hardware dealer, Bank road
Lomas James, farmer, Greenhills, Masson
Lomas John, farmer, Snitterton Hall farm
London Central Meat Co. Limited, butchers, Dale road
London City & Midland Bank Limited (William Henry Worthington, manager), Dale road ; draw on head office, 5 Threadneedle street, London E C
Loveday Horace, joint manager to Parr's Bank & treasurer to the Matlock Urban District Council, Dale road
Loverock & Son, Drapers, The Manchester stores, Dale rd
Lowe William Henry, farmer, High leas, Riber
Ludlam Brothers, bill posters, New street
Lymn Frederic Charles, solicitor & commissioner, & clerk to the North Darley Urban District Council, Crompton chambers; & Fountain villas, Matlock Bath

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