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Eighteenth and nineteenth century tour guides about Matlock Bath and Matlock
Advertisement for Smedley's
Hydropathic Establishment, Matlock Bank. p.9

The Villa, an illustration in Days in Derbyshire
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The transcript below was done in 2004, but it has been decided to retain it in case anything on the image above is hard to read.

Hydropathic Establishment,


£10,000 HAVE been expended in addition to the previous large
outlay in completing this Establishment, and it is now
unrivalled as a temporary home for the Invalid in summer, or in the
coldest winter weather.

The extensive Saloons command the beautiful scenery of the Matlock
Valley; they are all connected with the Bed-rooms and the extensive
new Bath-houses, so that the Invalid need not set foot out of doors in cold
or wet weather, and, with ample space for air and exercise.

The Saloons are glazed the whole extent of the front, and contain
recesses with couches, and a table in the centre of each. Invalids can
repose in comparative, privacy, free from draughts, and at the same time
have the advantage of the public room. These recesses are a novel
feature in the construction of rooms, and will no doubt be copied in large
Establishments, as they afford great privacy even amongst a large company.
The Bath-houses are distinct buildings, each. 25 feet wide, 20 high, and
100 feet long, warmed with steam, and contain separate boxes for each
individual to have the treatment privately. Each box is supplied with
hot and cold water, steam, and all necessary apparatus for the baths.
There is a covered promenade 200 feet long, open to the South West
only, which will be found very convenient to patients who can take but
little out-door exercise. Also, alcoves and smooth walks in the grounds,
suited for bath chairs.

Terms :-6s. per day ; under 14 years of age, 8s. per day; including
board, lodging baths, and advice. No doctor's fees or servant's fees
whatever. Infants treated under careful nurses at lodgings, 15s. to 20s.
per week, all charges included.

Mrs. Smedley has the medical care of the ladies and young children, to
whom ladies may write for information.

Divine Service in Chapel in the house, also at the Parish Church near,
and at several Chapels at convenient distances.

Visitors and their luggage conveyed to and from the Railway Station
free. A carriage meets every Tram at Matlock Bridge Station, which is

Some larger Rooms, 10s. 21s. extra.
Prospectuses, with more particulars, and routes, to be had by post.

PRACTICAL HYDROPATHY: including plans of baths, remarks on diet and habits
of life. By John SMEDLEY, Lea Mills, near Derby. With 160 Anatomical Engravings
and Physiological Explanations. 5th Edition. 25th Thousand. Crown 8vo.,
handsomely bound in cloth. Price Two Shillings and Sixpence; or Post-free for 36 stamps.
MANUAL OF PRACTICAL HYDROPATHY, 2nd Edition, for Ladies and Children.
By MRS. SMEDLEY. Price One Shilling and Sixpence.
London: JOB CAUDWELL, 335, Strand.

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*Transcribed by Ann Andrews in November 2004 from:
Hall, Spencer Timothy (1863) "Days in Derbyshire ..." With sixty illustrations by J. Gresley (artist), Dalziel Brothers (illustrators). Simpkin, Marshall and Co, Stationers' Hall Court, London, and printed by Richard Keene, All Saints, Derby.
With my grateful thanks to Ray Ash who provided photocopies for me to OCR.
Image scans Copyright Ray Ash, published here 2020 and intended for personal use only.