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Matlock Bath Men Serving King and Country, 1914
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High Peak News, Saturday 26 September 1914

"Matlock Bath

The list of Matlock Bath residents and natives now serving their King and Country is as follows

J. Gregory,
A. Reeds,
J. Finney,
R. Finney,
Reg Ward,
R. Coates,
Fred Dalton,
Colin and W. Brooker,
Reg Atkinson,
L. Jacques,
C. R. Lymn,
A. Hall,
S. Close,
and the son of Mr. Lewis Pearson.

Those who had a talk with Sergt. Reg Atkinson, on furlough last week, must have been proud of the splendid men Matlock Bath has sent to serve. He speaks in high terms of the work of the Derbyshire Yeomanry, and particularly what the Matlock Troop are doing, and he wished us to thank those who has so kindly sent gifts to the Troops of shirts, socks, tobacco and cigarettes."

The High Peak News of 26 Dec 1914 reports that Lance-Corporal Arthur Reeds (son of Peter) and Lance-Corporal Jack Gregory were the first two Matlock Bath Residents to enlist.

Extracted by the webmistress June 2007 from The High Peak News at The National Newspaper Library, Colindale. Text changed into a list for ease of searching
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