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Organized by century. Some lists contain less than five names, so are grouped on one page of Shorter Lists.

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16th Century Lists & Before
Shorter Lists:
{ 14thc Lay Subsidy
{ A List of "Alehouses, Innes, and Tavernes," in the Year 1577
{ Lists containing less than five names: High Constables | Petty Constables | The County Forces : General Musters | A Muster for Spanish Invasion
17th Century Lists
Shorter Lists:
{ Vills & Freeholders of the Wirksworth Hundred of Derbyshire, 1633
{ Matlock Glebe Terrier, 1673 *New*
{ Lists containing less than five names: Derbyshire Visitation, 1611 | The Conventicle Acts | Religion Under the Commonwealth
Ayd to King Charles I - the "Forced Loan", 1627
William Walker's Charity, 1634-35. A pre-Civil War charitable bequest to relieve the poor of Matlock. *New*
Free and Voluntary Present, 1661 - Contributions to the gift to King Charles II
Collection for poor relief, June, 1665. A collection from the parishioners of the Bank in the reign of Charles II to provide relief for the poor of the parish. *New*
Thomas Johns' Will - Bible Recipients, 1668 - he gifted 40 bibles to Matlock people in his will. *New*
Hearth Tax Assessments, 1670 - Often referred to as Chimney Tax
Charles II's Poll Tax, 1678 - to fund a war against the French King. Many names, including some wives.*New*
Recusant Fines, 1681-2 - Those who didn't conform to the Anglican church
18th Century Lists
Shorter Lists:
{ Licences for badgers, drovers, hucksters and swailers etc.
{ Lists containing less than five names: The Toleration Act | Meeting Houses
Land Tax, 1712, with some 1711 additions.
The final sheet for 1712 is unavailable at present so the last part of the tax collected in 1711 has been included. *New*
Matlock Glebe Terrier, 1722 *New*
Statute Labour, 1761. Surveyor list of persons liable to do statute work. Every inhabitant was required to help the parish maintain its roads.*New*
Court Quarter Sessions, 1773 - 1800
Poor Charge, 1778. Payments made to the needy within the parish by the Overseer of the Poor. *New*
Land Tax, 1780 (part extract only). Whilst no addresses are provided the names of people listed indicate this covers mostly Riber, Matlock Town and Starkholmes, properties in the Lea part of the parish as well as what is Willersley today. *New*
Parish of Matlock Poor Rate, 1784 (part 1) *New*
Property valuation of the better off in the parish. This was done in two sections. Owners sorted by first letter of their surname.
Parish of Matlock Poor Rate, 1784 (part 2) *New*
The second part of a property valuation of the better off in the parish. Owners sorted by first letter of their surname.
Game Duty Lists, Gentlemen's and Gamekeepers' Certificates, 1785 - 1799
Horse Tax Register, 1785
Association of the Inhabitants of the Parishes of Ashover, Bonsall, Darley, & Matlock, For the Prosecution of Felons, &c., 1799. Includes Snitterton and Lea Wood, Rowley, Tansley and Wensley *New*
19th Century Lists
Shorter Lists:
{ List of Subscriptions for the Erection and Support of the Intended DERBYSHIRE INFIRMARY, 1805
{ Lists containing less than five names: Derbyshire Militia Return, 1812 *New* | Deserter Index Extracts | Derbyshire County Councillors | Lunacy Returns, 1828
Volunteer Infantry Lists: Roll I. Militia (1809) | Matlock, Dethick and Lea Volunteers | Wirksworth Battalion (1803-8)
Matlock School Charity, 1814, with list of pupils
Matlock, All Saints' School: Admissions Register, sample of entries 1895-8 | School Log Book, sample of entries 1875-9
Arrivals at Matlock Bath, 1820-1850: European Royal families and nobility, British politicians, academics, clergy, members of the British aristocracy and upper and middle classes of society.
Proposed House of Industry, 1831-2. A Workhouse was being considered for Matlock parish. *New*
Petition of behalf of Thomas Bunting. Applicant for the post of master, 1835.. This was sent to the Trustees of the Matlock Free School. *New*
Before the Board at Bakewell, 1838 - 1841
Manorial Records, Extracts from 1851
Items delivered to Matlock Railway Station, 1851
Subscription for the relief of the Cumming children, 1852
Contributions to the Patriotic Fund, 1854
Matlock Cricket Club, 1857 - 1900, players and officers *New* (Now with a medal awarded to a player in 1897).
Owners of Land, 1873
Church Fundraising, 1859, 1886 - 1895
Rebuilding Derby General Infirmary - Fundraising in May, 1891
Game Duty Lists, Gentlemen's and Gamekeepers' Certificates, 1800 - 1852
Keeping Law and Order :
New Constables for Matlock, 1844 | Magistrates for the County | J.P's | Sheriffs | Deputy-Lieutenants | County Police
Vaccination Cases - August 1898
20th Century Lists
Matlock Bath Men Serving King and Country, 1914
Matlock Station Staff, 1911 - 1966, A - J
Matlock Station Staff, 1911 - 1966, K - Y
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