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"One Man's Photographic Memory"
For more than 50 years, Harry Gill was a professional photographer who recorded thousands of events - from those of national importance to the homespun familiarity of local weddings.
By Michael Fay, October 2003
Matlock Lido - "Liquidating a Former Tourist Assett"
Matlock built one of the most ambitious and popular lidos of them all, but now as a survivor of an endangered species for it, too, exists on borrowed time.
By Michael Fay, February 2002
The End of a Long and Winding Road
The changing face of one of Derbyshire's busiest roads, the A6 between Rowsley and Matlock, as recorded by Harry Gill during the years from the late twenties to the early 1960s.
By Michael Fay, January 2005
The Enduring Folly of Riber Castle
There have been several occasions in the building's chequered and, for the most part, rather poignant history when it once teetered on the brink of demolition but just managed to survive.
By Michael Fay, March 2002
Riber Castle School - "A Lesson in Matlock's History"
A school in a castle, one with towers and battlements set high on windswept Derbyshire hillside might be an ideal make-believe setting for fantastical adventures in the Harry Potter mould.
By Michael Fay, May 2004
Rockside Hydro - "Watered-Down Future for a glorious icon of the age of the hydro"
Rockside Hydro, has been thrown a lifeline - but only just in the nick of time.
By Michael Fay, October 2003
Joseph Whitworth - "Lives Which Hung by a Thread"
Most will remember him for his development of the standardised Whitworth thread and for his local philanthropy. What is less known, however, is his work on the development of armaments and, in particular, the rifle implicated in many of the 600,000 lives lost in the American Civil War. It was known as the Whitworth sharpshooter.
By Lawton Slaney, May 2004

Below the article is an additional long comment from an expert on the rifle.

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The Varied Fortunes of a Derbyshire Spa
This first appeared in "Country Life" on August 15, 1963. It is a lively and stimulating article about the Matlocks, complemented by the lovely b&w photographs of Frank Rodgers.
By Roy Christian.
Smedley's Hydro
By Geoffrey Saunders, under the pseudonym of Demdike.
Published in "Umbrella" of Coventry in 1958.

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Phoebe Bown (under images, so not interlinked with other articles)
One of Matlock's more unusual characters, Phoebe stood out from the crowd. She could play the flute, the violoncello, and harpsichord and was largely self educated.

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* "Reflections", who have allowed publication of Michael Fay's articles, is Derbyshire's largest-circulation targeted lifestyle magazine, serving Dronfield, Chesterfield, Matlock and Bakewell areas. The articles listed in this section were written over two decades ago and are here with the very kind permission and written agreement of the authors, Michael Fay and Lawton Slaney, and Bannister Publications Ltd. Full publication information is at the bottom of individual webpages.