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Matlock Bath: Jubilee Bridge, The Promenade, 1890
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About 1900


Band Stand

This view if Jubilee Bridge was taken only about thirteen years after it was constructed in 1887 and shows us a relatively undeveloped promenade. The bandstand had not been built on the opposite bank. That was erected in 1892-3, which agrees with Frith's original black and white photograph having been taken in 1890. The few people in the picture seem to be well wrapped up as the trees show us that it was relatively early in the season. There is what appears to be a permanent stand pipe with a wide hose attached to it in the road (lower right).

The card's message was written whilst a couple, on holiday in Matlock Bath in 1904, were sitting on a seat near the bridge listening to the band. Whether the pencilled X at the bend in the road shows where they were actually sitting or whether they'd hired seats and were sitting elsewhere is hard to know.

Postcard, "Matlock Bath, Promenade". Frith Series Postcard, posted in Matlock Bath on 30 May 1904.
In the collection of, provided by and © Susan Tomlinson
Further research shows the original black and white photograph of this card is numbered 24618 and was published by Frith's in 1890.
Researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.