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Matlock Bath: New Bath Hotel Stereoview
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Engraving of Matlock Bath, from the Wild Cat Tor

The nineteenth century stereoview of the New Bath Hotel can't be dated exactly but will have been taken at some stage in the twenty plus years of management of the hotel by Ivatts and Jordan. Their names are in large letters on the front of the hotel.

In 1856 "Messrs. Ivatts and Jordan" announced that they had moved to the New Bath from the Royal Station Hotel, Hull[1]. They had moved some months before the announcement as Henry William Jordan was buried at Matlock Bath in the April[2]. In the early years of their tenure the hotel was managed by Miss Mary Brown Ivatts and her niece Mrs. Emma Jordan (nee Leake), widow of Henry William[3]. Emma and Henry William had been married for only two years when he died[4]. Miss Ivatts died on 3 Oct 1863[5] and Mr. Ivatts became the Manager alongside Mrs. Jordan[6]. In late 1876 the New Bath was advertised as being to let "from Lady-day next"[7]. By 1881 Emma Jordan had moved to Wakefield and was living on an Income from Dividends; William Henry Ivatts had moved to the Royal Hotel[8] and Thomas Tyack was the new manager of the New Bath[7].

Francis White described the hotel in 1857 as being "situated on a plot of level ground, considerably elevated above the carriage road, with a verdant lawn in front, forming an excellent promenade [the Bath Terrace], and commanding the finest views of the picturesque scenery for which Matlock Bath stand unrivalled[9]". White mentioned the addition of a coffee room for ladies and gentlemen in the hotel's south wing. Interestingly, one of the windows in the stereoview on the ground floor is blank, presumably bricked up because of the Window Tax.

The group of buildings in the distance, which included Win Tor, were demolished about 1930.

Right hand side
Enlargement of right hand image

The front of the New Bath was to change considerably over the years, with the addition of painted stucco window mouldings instead of the hotel signs. A second portico was also added over the doorway behind the tree.

There is more about the New Bath Hotel

Stereoview from the collection of and © Ken Smith,
Information written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links are to transcripts and information elsewhere on this web site):

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