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Images about Matlock, with Riber, Snitterton, Starkholmes and Willersley Castle -
on pages of their own, many with local history and biographical information

Albums & Booklets

Tourist Booklet of Matlock, Matlock Bath and District, about 1900
Small booklet of twelve views. The photos were probably taken between 1892 and 1900.
"The AutoChrome Album of Matlock & District"
This page is new, but the album has been elsewhere on the site since 2002.
Published in the first decade of the twentieth century. Twelve views, including Crown Square before the tram shelter, and two pages of adverts. Four additional images from a later edition


Matlock: Hodgkinson's Matlock & Historic Almanack, 1945
(War Edition), 65th year.
Includes several pages of local officials, etc.

Matlock Bank

Matlock: Allen Hill Farm
Allen Hill, the home of one branch of the ancient Derbyshire family of Woolley, was demolished in 1934

Matlock Bank and Bridge, 1900-02.
Three images, including two seemingly different images of the same photograph, one from a Ward Lock Guide. Plus information about the development on some of the roads.
Matlock Bridge and Bank, 1903-04
Coloured postcard, called Matlock Bridge but of both Matlock Bridge and Matlock Bank
Matlock Bank, Summer 1904
A trichromatic postcard of the Bank from Masson Hillside. Now with enlargement of the Orme's building, the County Bridge and the Hall Leys.
Matlock Bank, Summer 1904 (2)
Part of the County Bridge was closed and difficulties for drays with heavy loads.
Matlock Bank, about 1906
A view from the Masson hillside

Matlock Bank, 1911 - 1914
Matlock was beginning to experience problems with motor vehicles on both Bank Road and in Crown Square, with a number of accidents reported in the local press. Plus information about the early development of Edge Road.
Matlock: Crown Square & the Bank, 1919-27
Taken before the tram was closed in 1927 but after the shops at Park Head had finally been demolished in 1926

Matlock: Crown Square & the Bank After the Tram, 1928-39
A dangerous lorry, parking on the Hall Leys, traffic in Crown Square and Bank Road straightened
Matlock Bank from the Derwent, 1903
From an oil painting by Henry Hadfield Cubley
Matlock: Looking towards Hackney, early 20th Century
Early 20th century card, including Allen Hill and the Dimple and info about the previous name of Woolley Road
Matlock Bank from High Tor, 1920s *New*
There was still not a great deal of development in the area around Woolley Road and Imperial Road in the early 1920s.
Matlock Bank from Masson, with Masson Farm
Taken from the top of the Victoria Tower on the Heights of Abraham, with enlargement of Masson Farm
Matlock from the Heights of Abraham
The Bank looks as if it is a relatively gently sloping hillside

Bank Road

Matlock: Bank Road (1), 1907
Bank Road seen from Crown Square. Apart from the tramcar the only other vehicles are horse drawn.
Matlock: Bank Road (2) from Crown Square, about 1910
An unusual view of the world's steepest tramway, looking straight up Bank Road. Now includes an advertisement for John Beard's drapery.
Matlock: Bank Road, (3) 1923-27
Elevated view of Bank Road, taken from Park Head, taken in the last years of the tramway.
} Matlock: Bank Road (4)
} These views looking down Bank Road were taken from one of the upper rooms in Central Buildings on Smedley Street,
} where the photographer Charles Colledge lived.

} Matlock: Bank Road (5)
} Two more pictures of Matlock, looking down the hill from the top of Bank Road and towards High Tor and Masson,
} taken by the Smedley Street photographer Charles Colledge.

Matlock: Bank Road (7), 1901-1905 *New image and info*
Bank Road, with a view of Masson. Includes Yew Tree House
Matlock: Bank Road (8), with Masson Hill, early 1930s
The shops and houses on Bank Road, just above the Orchard Road turning where Bank Road is at its widest

} Matlock: Bottom of Bank Road and The Lido
} An Art Deco swimming pool built in the late 1930s.
} Six images and two advertisements. Now included a photo of attendees at the opening ceremony in 1938. *New image*

Matlock Bridge

Matlock: The Old Bridge
Events leading up to the widening of Matlock's mediaeval stone bridge in 1903-4. Postcard of a painting by Henry Hadfield Cubley

Matlock: The Bridge (1)
Two views of Matlock Bridge, not long after it was widened. What happened during the extension project

Matlock: The Bridge (2), two Edwardian Postcards
Edwardian postcard of Matlock's mediaeval stone bridge over the River Derwent, with both coloured and sepia versions.
Matlock: The Bridge (3) *New*
The traffic was changing in the first decade of the twentieth century. There were cars, some driven too fast, as well as horses and carts or wagons and the bridge was sometimes congested.
Matlock: The Bridge (4), and the Broad Walk. *New*
Old trees were felled in 1904 and the broad walk was replanted. Two years earlier Charles Parlato entertained the crowds from a stage on the Hall Leys.
Matlock: The Bridge (5), late 1940s. *New*
A post war picture of the County Bridge and the stories of a few incidents connected with it
Matlock Bridge: Bank House, formerly Riversdale House, about 1902 *New*
Classical Georgian building in the centre of the town that has been a private residence, a school for young ladies, a temperance hotel and finally became a bank. It was even the Head Office of Derbyshire Stone for a time.

Matlock: The Derwent, about 1910, & the Sewerage Scheme.
Two views from the bridge, with information about the implementation of the Matlock Sewerage Scheme.

Matlock Bridge & Bank

Matlock: General Views, Early 20th Century
The railway crossing the river, Matlock Bank and Steep Turnpike. The Council on ashbins. Similar viewpoint to the card immediately below. Two images
Matlock Bridge and Bank, 1907
An unusual view of Matlock Bank and Bridge, photographed from just past the Holt Quarry. Plus Steep Turnpike and Mr. Nuttall's field.

Matlock: General Views of Matlock Bank and Bridge, 1911-14
Two postcards of Matlock Bank and the Hall Leys, and part of Dale Road (Matlock Bridge). With information about the older properties on Derwent Avenue
*Additional images and new info*

} Matlock Bank, the Hall Leys and Dale Road, 1912-14
} Two almost identical cards, taken from slightly different places
} Updated

Early 20th century miscellany

Matlock at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century
Basquil the tailors, the Crown Hotel's advertisement, an interior view of Hall and Co. and Hall & Co's advertisement

Causeway Lane

Matlock: Marchant Brooks Sale Rooms, Causeway Lane, 1946
The 1946 and 1951 sales of Lea Hurst and the earlier twentieth century sales of the estate.
Matlock: The Cinema House, 1922
Photographed shortly after it was built

Cavendish Road

Matlock: Cavendish Road, Claremont and Mr. Rowland
Charles Rowland built Rockside and Claremont on Cavendish Road

Churches, various but not St. Giles' (see St. Giles', below)

} Matlock: Church Organ Recitals given by Harry Douglas, 1906-36
} Many were at the Congregational Church
Matlock: Primitive Methodist Church, Membership Cards
Given to the Lill sisters in the first decade of the twentieth century
Matlock: Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1879 - plan
Plan, consisting of 5 drawings, for the Wesleyan Methodist Church that was to be built on the Bank
Matlock: Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1906 - the new spire
Design for the new porch and tower of the Wesleyan Methodist Church at Matlock Bridge


Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (1), Surnames A - D
Part of a series of pages showing letterheads found on stationery used by Matlock and Matlock Bath businesses from 1900 to the shortly after the Second World War
Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (2), Surnames E - H
Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (3), Surnames I - M
Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (4), Surnames N - R
Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (5), Surnames S - T
Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (6), Surnames U - W
Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1950-1966 (7) *New*
Matlock: Derbyshire Stone's Christmas Card, 1955 *New*
Several images of the company's Christmas greetings card
Matlock: Memorial Cards for Internments at St. Giles' and elsewhere (1), Surnames A-B *New*
Small collection of cards printed between 1889 and 1925, surnames Alsop, Bannister and Byard
Matlock: Memorial Cards for Internments at St. Giles' and elsewhere (2), Surnames C *New*
Small collection of cards printed between 1889 and 1925, surname Cooper
Matlock:Memorial Cards for Internments at St. Giles' and elsewhere (3), Surnames D-R *New*
Small collection of cards printed between 1889 and 1925, surnames Davis, Derbyshire, Fox, Hursthouse, Ridley
Matlock: Memorial Cards for Internments at St. Giles' and elsewhere (4), Surnames S-W *New*
Small collection of cards printed between 1889 and 1925, surnames Smith, Wildgoose, Wood, Woodhouse and Wooding

Council and Medals

Matlock District Council Coronation Medal, 1937
A medal that was struck in 1937 on behalf of Matlock Urban District Council to commemorate the Coronation of the new King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth
Matlock: The Council's Steam Roller, early 1900s
In 1896 Matlock Urban District Council ordered a 12 ton steam road roller

Crown Square

Matlock: 1 Crown Buildings, Crown Square, early 20th century *New*
Peter Holmes' advertisement, which provides a good view of both side of the building on the corner of Crown Square.
Matlock: Crown Square, 1901
A very rare photograph, and possibly a unique image, of Crown Square showing the shops at the top of what is now the Park Head
Matlock: H. G. Hartley's shop in Crown Square, about 1904
Hartley's sold almost everything. Mr. Hartley was the Chairman of the Council.
Matlock: Crown Square from Causeway Lane, about 1910
Crown Square in the days of horse drawn vehicles.
Matlock: Crown Square from the County Bridge, 1928-30
Crown Square after the tramway had gone. With Orme's advertisement.

} Matlock: Crown Square, 1937-39
} The roundabout in the middle of the square had been enlarged.

} Matlock: Crown Square, 1945-52
} Crown Square in the late 1940s and early 1950s had changed only slightly from the Crown Square
} of the late 1930s.
Matlock: Crown Square, looking south west, 1945-52
Matlock: Burgons, Crown Square, about 1952
View of Crown Square looking toward the Park and Riber.

} Matlock: Joseph Allen and Sons Garage, Crown Square
} The Allens owned the large garage, with shops and living quarters, from 1916 and their cab, taxi
} and funeral business operated from there.

} Matlock: Furniss's Garage, Crown Square
} William Furniss was the first to open a garage in Crown Square. The family ran a coach business,
} with charabancs and buses, in both Matlock and Matlock Bath.
Matlock: Hand's Garage, Crown Square
Henry Hand and his son William ran what began as a successful livery stables and later included a garage and bus service connecting Matlock and Cromford.

Dale, the Boat House, Bridge and Quarries

Matlock: Dale Road, Boat House Hotel and River, early 1900s
The first advertisement for the Boat House Hotel was printed in 1780. It was later advertised with land for quarrying or lime burning.
The building is no longer an hotel.

Matlock: Dale Road, Boat House Hotel and River, about 1908. With Licensees.
The Boat House Hotel has been at the north entrance to Matlock Dale for over two centuries. With two advertisements and list alphabetical of known licensees, 1775 - 1950s.

Matlock: Dale Road, Boat House Hotel & Quarry
Early twentieth century photo, with information about and an additional photograph of the footbridge which spans the river.
Matlock: River Derwent near the Boat House Hotel, about 1904-5
The Boat House Hotel has its own private waters for fishermen.
Matlock: Dale Road, Boat House Hotel - Stables and Scout Rooms
The former meeting place of the 4th Matlock Scout Troop.

Matlock: Dale Road, Railway Bridge, South Side, 1906
With the stories of two nineteenth century tragedies.
Matlock: Dale Road, Railway Bridge, North Side, before 1914
Built in the 1840s for what was then the Manchester, Buxton, Matlock & Ambergate railway.
Matlock: The Quarries, Dale Road
This view of the quarries on Dale Road was perhaps a water colour sketch.

Matlock: Harvey Dale Mountain Limestone Quarry, Dale Road.
Rare photograph of Greatorex and Son's quarry on Dale Road, with advertisement for both the quarry and the Great Masson Cavern.
Matlock: The Dale, The Heights, High Tor & the Quarry, 1920s *New*
View of the entrance to the dale. 2 images, one an enlargement of the main image.

Dale Road

Matlock: Dale Road at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century *New image*
Lovely early Edwardian cards, shows a view of Dale Road still easily recognizable today. Also discusses Mr. Barnwell's shop.

Matlock: Dale Road & the Queen's Head Hotel *New images and added to*
This stretch of Dale Road was mostly developed between 1880 and 1900. A short history of the hotel up to the first world war.

Matlock: Dale Road & Marsdens, 1928 & Early 1950s
From Marsdens, the first shop in Matlock to be lit by electricity, to the Old English.
Matlock: J. Wilby of Dale Road, early 1900s.
James Wilby had a tailoring business on the premises.

Matlock: Dale Road & Moore's Bakery
Peter and Eliza Moore arrived on Wellington Street about 1846. Their son set up his own bakery and his descendants continued the family firm until 1973.
Includes the cafe they ran in Whitworth Park. *New*

Matlock: Dale Road & The Old English Hotel
Two postcards, including the photo with the very long ladder, plus a modern photograph. Find out who kept the hotel at the beginning of the twentieth century and who the shopkeepers were.
Matlock: Dale Crescent, about 1908
A rare late Edwardian image, when some Dale Road addresses were known as Dale Crescent. With advert for the Bon Marché.
Matlock: Dale Road, 1909-19
By 1919 Matlock was emerging from the effects of the First World War. Amongst the most important events in the town in 1919 were the Peace Celebrations. Plus, in 1917, the formation of a society to support disabled and returning soldiers.
Matlock: Dale Road, about 1904
Statham's Studio and Gessey's Confectionery.
Matlock: Dale Road, 1909
Evans the jewellers, the Old English, etc.
Three photographs of the Old English have now been added as well as an advert for Evans jewellers.
Matlock: Dale Road, 1949
The view from the Picture Palace, now includes advert for Wallis's.
Matlock: Holt Lane and Dale Road, about 1900
Thomas Green, one of Matlock's longest living residents, lived at the Rock Inn.
Matlock's Market Hall, Dale Road
This building on Dale Road is quite significant in Matlock's history and its opening was a grand occasion. It was built as a market hall and opened in 1868.

General Views From ...

Matlock: Masson Hill from Chesterfield Road
Probably taken shortly after WW1.
Matlock: Masson from Dean Hill, 1921 - 1930
With views of Matlock Green, Knowleston Place, Stoney Way, Matlock Town and Starkholmes.

Matlock: General View from Jackson Tor, 1904-10, & Jackson House*Updated*
The picture shows Jackson House Hydro, Tor House Hydro, All Saints and The Terrace on Woolley Road which had connections to the Pre-Raphaelite Movement. With 2 adverts, one for the Abbey Hotel (formerly Jackson House).
Matlock: Seen from the Look-out, Jackson Tor
Possibly taken before the first world war.
Matlock: Looking south from Jackson Tor, 1928
View of central Matlock, including the station goods yard, Poyser's mill and his Curtis Cultivator.

Matlock from Matlock Bank, 1904-06
1904-06 postcard includes the newly built Co-op buildings and Smedleys, with information about the Co-operative Society. 1964 photo from the same viewpoint.
Matlock: Castle View, Looking Towards Riber & Starkholmes
View of Riber Castle, Starkholmes and High Tor from Cavendish Road. It also shows one of hydro's bridges across Smedley Street.

Matlock: Views from the Memorial & Memorial Hill, 1920s
Postcard showing Causeway Lane, the Hall Leys, the recently built (Ritz) Cinema House and the Bank.
Includes a picture showing people watching sheep-dog trails on the Hall Leys in the 1930s.

Matlock from Riber, 1914
Matlock Bank was still relatively undeveloped. With a little about Dean Hill Fields. Five images.
Matlock from Riber, late 1920s
A little about the revived cattle market and special fairs

Matlock Green

Matlock: Matlock Green and Riber Castle, 1911 *New*
A party to celebrate the Coronation of George V on John Else's field. We can also see Malthouse Row and the former Corn Mill.
Matlock: Knowleston Gardens, Matlock Green, 1907 *New*
The ornamental gardens of Knowleston Place were bought by Matlock UDC from the estate of Henry Knowles.

Hydros (some of), Hotels and Holiday Centres

Matlock: Belle Vue Hydro, about 1903
Established as a Hydro in 1860, Belle Vue used John Smedley's mild water cure treatments.

} Matlock: Poplar Cottage & Jeffs' Poplar Hydro (Chatsworth Hydro), 1857-1912.*New - original page replaced*
} Poplar Cottage was opened by Ralph Davis in 1857 and was later run by other members of the family. It changed hands in 1900
} and became Jeffs' Poplar Hydro. Two images and two advertisements.

} Matlock: Poplar Hydro, later Chatsworth Hydro, 1900-05
} These unusual postcards of the recreational activities available to the guests of Poplar Hydro
} provide a fascinating glimpse into hydro life before the Great War.

} Matlock: Chatsworth Hydro, 1912-46 *New - original page replaced*
} A hydro, a clothing company's UK headquarters and a teacher training college. Jeffs Poplar Hydro underwent a change of name
} before the first war and the newly named hydro was often advertised as being close to the golf links. It had a number of owners
} between the wars, was bought by C & A and eventually sold in 1946 to become part of the Teacher Training College.
} Four images and an advertisement
Matlock: Chatsworth Hydro "Tariff Souvenir" Brochure, about 1931-2 *New*
Early 1930s 16 page souvenir published by the hydro's new owners.

} Matlock : Chesterfield House Hydro
} Ralph Davis and John Smedley were the first two people to open hydropathic establishments on Matlock Bank
} Chesterfield House was Davis's third venture.
Matlock Chesterfield House Hydro Brochure, 1906-17
Lovely early twentieth century illustrated brochure, originally produced for Arthur Hitching, with changes in 1917 that were to be made by the new owner.

} Matlock House Hydro, Early Twentieth Century
} Promotional card, a 1903 advert and a multi view, with more about the hydro

} Matlock: Derby & Derbyshire Convalescent Home (NALGO House)
Where Rossetti stayed on Lime Tree Lane (later Road) in 1857, when it was owned by Mr. Cartledge.
} It later became a school before becoming a Convalescent Home.*Additional image and info*
Matlock: Bank House & Church View Hydro, New Street
Henry Ward built Bank House before 1871, took over the adjacent Church View in 1874 and remained there until not long before the first world war. The property was bought by Ernest Henry Bailey.
Dale View Holiday Centre, Matlock
A large house on Sitch Lane, Oker

Lea Hurst, Lea Mills & Lea Wood

Florence Nightingale and Lea Hurst, Near Matlock
"As one of the lovely spots of the county of Derby, Lea Hurst stands naturally high, but as the home of Florence Nightingale, it possesses an historical interest that will always remain."
Includes 8 images of the house and grounds, from 1855 until c. 1950
Matlock: Lea Mills, Lead Smelting Works & Coumbs Wood
Smedley's Mill at Lea and a Smelting Works, both on the parish boundary
John Smedley Ltd., Lea Mills, Matlock
Advertisement for Lea Mills reproduced from Matlock and District Industrial Exhibition catalogue
View of Lea and Bow Wood across the Derwent Valley
Includes the Cromford Canal, the High Peak Junction, Leawood Pumphouse, Wigwell Aqueduct, Cromford Goods Wharf and the hat manufactory at Lea.


Matlock: Lilybank Hydro (Dalefield)
Dalefield was opened as a hydropathic establishment by George Bernard Barton. It changed its name to Lilybank. With information about the Barton family. Three images.
Matlock: Mr. Barton's Dalefield Hydro (Lilybank), 1904
There was no mistaking George Bernard Barton's Dalefield Hydropathic on Matlock Bank. Two images.
Matlock: Lilybank Hydro, Sun Lounge, 1930s

Matlock: Lilybank Hydro, 1930s
Painting published as a postcard and two advertisements

Matlock: Lilybank Hydro, Ballroom
Numerous clubs and societies who hired Lilybank's ballroom for their annual dinner dances and balls in the 1950s. Three images.

Matlock: Lilybank Hydro, 1950s
Multi view postcard and an advertisement

Matlock: Lilybank Hydro - Menus, 1958 - 60
A dinner menu and the two menu covers

Lime Tree Hill, Lumsdale and Lynholmes

Matlock: The Lime Tree, Lime Tree Hill, 1920s
A large lime tree stood on Matlock Bank for several centuries.

Matlock: Lumsdale, about 1900 *Additional images*
Matlock's oldest industrial area, where mills were powered by water from the Bentley Brook.
Includes several postcards and photos of the brook today.

Matlock Bank. Path to Lumsdale, early 20th century.*New*
Edwardian postcard and recent photos of the path, which has replacement steps.

Matlock: Lumsdale Ponds.*New*
Tansley Mill, later Scholes Mill, was built for Samuel Unwin at the end of the seventeenth century.
The ponds were a haven for trout fishermen.
Four images.
Matlock: Lynholmes Road and the early days of the Hurst Farm Estate
Two photographs of the Riber hillside, the first taken at the beginning of the estate's development and the second taken in 1947 and shows part of the Drill Hall.

Multi Views

} Matlock: Multiviews from the late Nineteenth Century to 1914 *New*
} Six postcards, showing the town in the very early years of the picture postcard.


Matlock & Matlock Bath : Multiviews from the late Nineteenth Century to 1914 *New*
Four postcards published by Jackson and Son: a coloured and sepia multiview of the same card, each with 11 images,
a 4 image postcard and one of 6 views.

} Matlock: Decorative Multiviews, 1906 and 1907 *New*
} Two very unusual postcards with messages in large print and only small images of the scenery.
Matlock: Multiviews from the Inter War Years. *New*
One postcard, showing changes and improvements to the town.

} Matlock: Multiviews from 1945 onwards. *New*
} Three post World War Two multiview images.

Old Matlock (Matlock Town)

Old Matlock
Postcard of a painting by Henry Hadfield Cubley.
The artist's biography has been moved to the Biographies section of the site

Oldham House | Prospect Place | Woodlands School

Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Prospect Place & Woodlands School (Miss White's)
The hydro on Wellington Street, that had been run for many years by the Davis family, was bought by two sisters after WW2 and turned into a private school which closed in 1965. With 1863 advertisement for 1 Prospect Terrace.
Matlock: Oldham House and Prospect Place Hydro, 1903 Advertisement
From Abel Heywood's Guide
Matlock: Oldham House Hydro
Oldham House Hydro, Matlock - with a number of people in the photograph

} Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Wellington Street, 1920s
} Lubin George Wildgoose, a grandson of Thomas Davis, was running the hydro.
Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Dining Room, 1908
The dining room had been built in 1899.
Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Lounge, 1920s-1930s *New*
Central heating had been installed
Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Tennis Court and Bowling Green
Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Multi-view *New*
Jackson and Sons postcard dating from early twentieth century, with five images of the hydro.

Operatic Society

Matlock and District Amateur Operatic Society, Productions 1907-59
List of productions 1907-1969 (with programme covers where available), with information of how and when it began.
Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, The Mikado, 1908
The programme cover, cast, society's officers and advertisers

Park, the Hall Leys

Matlock: Hall Leys, about 1912
Some people are playing tennis

Matlock: Hall Leys, 1914
The tennis courts on the park now had nets. Croquet was also being played.
Matlock: Hall Leys Park - The Broad Walk, about 1920
Old tram cables were used in the fencing
Matlock: Hall Lees, early 1930s

Matlock: Hall Leys, Tennis, Boating Lake & Paddling Pool, late 1930s to 1950s
Two postcards and a photograph.
Now includes information about the Matlock tennis tournament of 1946. *Added to*

} Matlock: Hall Leys, Boating Lake
} Five postcards of the Jubilee boating lake, and its opening in 1935.
} Includes two photographs of the boating lake today
} *Added to and new image*
Matlock: Hall Leys Park in Winter, 1940s
The boating lake in Hall Leys Park was used for ice skating, when conditions allowed
Hawe Lees, Matlock, showing Bandstand and New Pavilion
Early 20th century crowd listening to a Scottish band
Matlock: Park Band Stand, Hall Leys
Matlock: The Bandstand, Hall Leys Pleasure Grounds, 1950s.
Screens were erected on Matlock's Bandstand.
Matlock: The Park and Tram Shelter
The shelter and its clock were donated by Mr. Robert Wildgoose

Matlock, The Park, 1952
The Hall Lees in 1952, with contemporary description.
Includes a photograph of the park today.

Matlock: Hall Lees Park, Boating on the Derwent, 1930s
Four images, including the 1930s landing stage
Matlock: The Miniature Railway on the Hall Leys
The 1950s engine and three photos of today's train
Matlock: Sparrow Park, Smedley Street East, 1940s
Matlock Council did not want to spoil the view.

Pic Tor

Pig Tor, Matlock, 1903 - 1905
Photographed shortly after the walkway was opened. The Council discussed the name.

Matlock Bridge, Pic Tor Walk 1909
Two postcards of a lovely riverside walk. There were two temperance hotels on this stretch of the Derwent.
Matlock: Pic Tor, 1920
The attractive Pic Tor Walk

} Matlock: Pic Tor Promenade
} Two early twentieth century postcards of Matlock's Pic Tor promenade. *Added to*

} Matlock: Pic Tor and the River Derwent, early twentieth century
} Two early twentieth century images of the Pic Tor Rock and the River Derwent. *Added to*
Matlock: The Pic Tor
From a painting by H H Cubley

} Matlock: Pic Tor and Riber Castle, with War Memorial, 1935
Matlock: Pic Tor and Riber Castle, 1928
Read about a brass band contest
Matlock: Pic Tor, the Cycle Track and Matlock Green
Postcard of Pic Tor looking towards Matlock Green and Tansley. Two sections of the card, showing the temperance hotels on Dale Road and both the almshouses and Knowlston Place, have been enlarged.
*Added to*
Matlock: Pic Tor, the Cycle Track and Matlock Green, 1909
Charles Colledge's card is a slightly earlier picture than the one above and shows more of the cycle track.


Matlock: Rockside Hydro
From the opening of Matlock's second largest hydro to the outbreak of the first world war.
*Additional image*
Matlock: Rockside Hydro, 1903

Rockside Hydro, Matlock, 1908
Just a couple of years after the twentieth century refurbishment, much of which was in the Art Nouveau style.
Matlock: Rockside - View from South
Rockside remained open for business for most of the First World War, until it was commandeered by the R.A.F.
Matlock: Rockside Hydro, Interior
The lounge and ingle nook fireplace.
Matlock: Rockside Hydro, One of the Tennis Courts
Tennis was just one of the activities that visitors to Rockside had been able to enjoy since 1880.

} Matlock: Rockside Hydro, 1925-45
} A high class hydropathic establishment, advertised as being 800 feet above sea level.
} It all ended at the outbreak of the second world war. Now with three images of the hydro.

Matlock: Rockside - Teacher Training College, 1945-88.
After the War Rockside was bought by Derbyshire County Council and was converted into a teacher training college.
*Additional image*

Matlock: Training College Brochure (Rockside & Chatsworth), about 1946-47. *New*
A booklet that would have been sent to prospective students not long after the college opened.
Matlock: Rockside, the Former Hydro and its ups and downs
Photographs of Rockside in a very sorry state of repair, some pictures of the redevelopment in progress and photographs of the restored building (including the interior).


Matlock: Ernest Bailey Secondary School Prospectus, 1930s. *New*
A booklet that would have been given to prospective pupils or their parents

Matlock Modern School: Monthly Letter, March, 1935
Newsletter for the parents, pupils and staff of a progressive school in the inter war years.
Plus 934 advertisement and blazer badge
Matlock Modern School Prospectus, 1932.
Photographs and content from this progressive school's brochure for prospective parents.

Smedley's Hydro & Memorial Hospital

Matlock: Smedley's Hydro, early 1900s
From insignificance to one of the largest hydros in the kingdom

Matlock: Smedley's Hydro, 1906-7
The text has changed significantly and now includes information about some of the staff of the day.

Matlock: Smedley's Hydro, 1908-14
A garage had been built the previous year. Includes two adverts from Hodgkinson's Guide.
Matlock: Smedley's Hydro during the First World War
Smedley's functioned normally in the War and the hydro's permanent residents were largely undisturbed.
Includes a comment from a patient who was there in the early stages of WW1.

Matlock: Smedley's Hydro, The Inter-War Years
Second to none in Europe. Incudes advertisements.
The image of the Terrace and Winter Garden in the snow has been moved to this page.

Matlock: Smedley's Hydro Drawing Room, 1906 *New image
Edwardian picture of the drawing room, dominated by two huge portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Smedley.
Now includes another view of the drawing room, taken a few years earlier
Smedley's Hydropathic Establishment Matlock, Brochure, about 1925
This page is new, but the brochure has been elsewhere on the site since 2002.
Smedley's Hydro brochure was designed for the hydro's many visitors in the inter war period. The thirty two pages of images and text provided information on the tariffs, baths and treatments at Matlock's premier hydro, etc.
Smedley's Hydro and Grounds, Matlock, 1926 - from "Truth".
Includes excerpts from Truth and a list of baths available
Smedley's Hydro Grounds, Matlock, 1926 - from "Truth".
The Hydro had eight acres of park-like grounds in 1926
Matlock: Smedley's Hydro Bath Book, about 1928
Patients were given bath books to record their treatment
Matlock: Smedley's Hydropathic Establishment, Brochure, 1939. *New*
It had the misfortune to be published just before the outbreak of war, when Smedley's was requisitioned.
Matlock: Smedley's Hydro, Grand Dining Room.
A pre 1914 war photo. Includes the 1900 Banquet menu and a little about the Banquets.
Matlock: Smedley's Hydropathic Establishment - Smoking Room *New*
Whilst John Smedley disapproved of smoking, eighteen years after his death the hydro's management installed a smoke room.
Matlock: Smedley's - Great Britain's Greatest Hydro, 1950
An advertisement published in "The Derbyshire Countryside", and C. F. White's bombshell.
Matlock: Smedley's Hydro & Grounds, 1952, & the Hydro's Closure
A centenary card, and the hydro's last struggle. With the letter Henry Douglas wrote informing clients about the closure.

Matlock: The Winter Garden, Smedley's Hydro
The Winter Garden, with its fernery and ballroom, was magnificent when it opened in 1900.
*Additional image

Matlock: Smedley's Memorial Hydropathic Hospital
Smedley's Memorial Hydropathic Hospital on Bank Road was founded by Mrs. Caroline Smedley in memory of her late husband.
The building had originally been South View Cottage, a hydro first run by Ralph Davis.

Smedley's Christmas and New Year Menus and Programmes

} Matlock, Smedley's Christmas Banquet Menu, 1925

} Matlock: Smedley's Christmas Banquet Menus, 1928 and 1929
} Smedley's Hydro's Christmas menus for 1928 and 1929, includes list of music played. Also the Events programmes.
} for the Christmas and New Year Festivities.
} *Additions to

} Matlock: Smedley's Christmas Banquet Menus, 1926 and 1927
} Also includes list of music played in 1927.
} Now includes the 1927 Programme of Christmas Festivities.
} *Additions to

} Matlock: Smedley's Menus, 1930, 1931, 1932 and 1934. *New
} Four Christmas menus, the New Year Dinner Menu for 1930 and three programmes of the celebrations throughout the Christmas
} period.

} Matlock: Smedley's Menus, 1946, 1947, 1948 and 1949
} Three Christmas menus (1946, 1947 and 1948) and the New Year Dinner Menus for 1947, 1948 and 1949
} *Additions to

St Giles' Church

Matlock: St Giles' Church, about 1903
A few years after the church had been enlarged for Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

Matlock: St. Giles' Parish Church, before 1908
Matlock's Parish Church, with a short description by J. Charles Cox written in 1915.
Now with a little about the bells that were cast or recast in 1904.
Matlock: St. Giles' Church in the First Decade of the Twentieth Century
Having been enlarged in the late 1890s, work on the church continued in the early twentieth century.
Matlock: St. Giles' Church and Old Matlock, early 20th Century
Postcard of St. Giles' Church and surrounding buildings.
Matlock: St. Giles' Church and Green, 1914
The tree outside the churchyard was just a stump.

Matlock: St. Giles' Parish Church, Lych Gate
The Parish Church, with the newly built lych gate. Three images.

} Matlock: St. Giles' Church Interior, 1898-1969
} The church interior, showing the oak stalls, the organ case, its ancient font and the pulpit - and some surprising art work
} by A. O. Hemming on the walls surrounding the chancel's east window. *New images*
Matlock: Church, Memorial Gardens and Riber from the Hall Leys
Riber Hillside, photographed from the Hall Leys. Shows Matlock Parish Church, the churchyard and the War Memorial.
Matlock: Church from Hawe Leys, before 1904
From an oil painting by Henry Hadfield Cubley.


Building the Railway Line to Matlock Station
The railway arrived in Matlock in 1849, opening on 4th June and celebrated by lunch at the Old Bath Hotel in Matlock Bath. Here is a short account of the railway being built and information about the inadequate facilities at the station in the 1880s and 1890s.
Matlock Railway Station buildings, 2008 and before
This includes a series of photographs of the early days of Peak Rail.
Photos of the 2008 footbridge have now been moved here from another part of the site (2019).
Matlock Station Stone Yard: Messrs. Beck, Boden & Drabble *New*
Early 20th century photograph of the station yard, busy with masons preparing and finishing stone ready for sending on to destinations throughout the country.
Matlock Station: Smart's Quarry, 1928
Photograph of a raised rail track, with waggons on it about to empty their load into lorries waiting underneath

Wellington Street to Wishing Stone

} Matlock: Crowder Johnson's Handmade Hosiery Works
} A family run business on Wellington Street. Two images.

Matlock: The Wishing Stone
Matlock's Wishing Stone is a massive rock. Four postcards, plus a modern photograph.
*New image added*


} Matlock: Riber Castle *New image*
} Built as a family home, it became a boys' school, then a government food store and was later a zoo. Four images.

Matlock: Riber Castle & High Tor, Views from Masson *New*
Two views of Riber from different vantage points on the Masson hillside. In addition to the Castle we can see High Tor and the High Tor Recreation Ground as well as Starkholmes.

Riber Hall
The Elizabethan Riber Hall, originally the home of the Wolley family, with a little information about the families who lived there in the 18th and 19th centuries. Two images, including Henry Hadfield Cubley's painting of the Hall.

Matlock: Riber Hall, 1926 - 1939 *New image*
Two drawings of the Hall, and the owners in the first half of the twentieth century. It was also a museum for a time.
Riber Hill and Riber Castle, Matlock
View of the farms and dry stone walls below the castle. Now includes a little on 18th century Riber.

Pathways to Riber Castle, passing Riber House Farm, Matlock
The footpath up the hillside goes right past the farm's gate. The home of the Wilsons and Farnsworths, the latter famous in the district for their family choir.
Matlock: A Peep at Riber Castle
The view from Matlock Bath
Riber Castle, Matlock : A Classroom
A postcard produced by Rev. Chippett
Matlock: Riber, a Winter Scene, 1937
With the publisher's signature on the back


Matlock: Snitterton Hall, 1909 *Addition*
A stone built Elizabethan manor house and its owners, from just before the Civil War.


Matlock: Starkholmes and Riber from a Path to High Tor
With a little about Wards End and some of the people who lived there

Matlock: Starkholmes, Sheffield Works Societies' Convalescent Home
During the First World War the Sheffield Works Societies' had a Convalescent Home in Starkholmes.
Matlock: Starkholmes & the Coronation of King George VI, 1937 *New*
Starkholmes decided to hold its own celebrations on Coronation Day


} Matlock: Willersley Castle
} Four images, two early 1900s, another early 1930s and the fourth from about 1958
} Includes description from 1862 and some information about Willersley
} after the Arkwright family had left.
Matlock: Willersley Castle, early 1900s *Additions*
In 1905 a large party was held in the grounds

} Matlock : Willersley Castle, the Lodge and Gardens of the Arkwrights *New*
} Willersley Castle's gardens and its main Lodge, with information
} about those who worked for the family.
} Four images.
Matlock: Willersley Castle, 1927- at the time of the sale
The main entrance. The photograph is from the sale catalogue.
Matlock: Willersley Castle Contents Sale, 1927
Matlock: Willersley Castle Contents Sale, 1927 - Bedroom 15

Matlock: Willersley Castle Contents Sale, 1927 - Drawing Room *New*
A number of good quality fireplaces were advertised in the sale catalogue, including this one. With an image of the room after the Castle was sold.
Matlock: Willersley Castle Estate Sale, 1927
Sale of the estate, consisting of about 290 acres - last page of catalogue

} Matlock: Willersley Castle, 1928-1939 *New*
} The post Arkwright alterations were sympathetic to the character of the building.
} Some Victorian and Georgian features remained as the Castle transformed into a Holiday Centre.
Matlock: Willersley Castle and the Matlock Hills, from Cromford Hill