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Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (2)
Matlock : Twentieth Century Photographs, Postcards, Engravings & Etchings

A series of letterheads found on stationery used by Matlock and Matlock Bath businesses from 1900 to the shortly after the Second World War that range from very simple to more ornate designs. They cover a wide range of local commercial enterprises, from hydros and hotels, to architects, banks, builders, butchers, chartered accountants, chemists, the Co-op, decorators, doctors, estate agents, garages, a gas company, grocers, greengrocers, hair preparations, insurance agents, jewellers, laundrys, manufacturing (hosiery), masons, mills, opticians, plumbers, poulterers, pubs, quarry owners, registrars, solicitors, surveyors, timber merchants, undertakers, valuers and wine merchants. In other words, everything you would expect to find in a Derbyshire country town and village at that time.

There are estimates, invoices, letters, memos, notes, receipts and statements, although only the letter heading is shown here. Amongst the collection are also three unused cheques, a shopping reminder and a returns list for bottles. The full sheet has been provided in a few instances, but the body is blank.

The images are almost exclusively from Glynn Waite's collection, with the exception of Matlock 1950-69 where they are all from the Maureen Smith' collection.

Some names, but not all, are listed in the on site Twentieth Century Trade Directories

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Joseph Hodgkinson (later Hodgkinson & Son) (5) | Hopkinson
Edge Bros

Edge Bros., 1925 - Fruit and Potato Merchants
Member of the National Federation of Fruit and Potato Trades Associations.
The Edge Brothers were a family firm, starting out as greengrocers
on Lime Tree Hill (see the 1901 census)

Charles James Else, 1940 - Painter & Decorator
The company had been awarded contracts by the War Department and Railway Companies

George Nuttall Else, 1904 - Assistant Overseer and Collector to the
Matlock UDC. He was based in the Town Hall.
See the 1891 census | Kelly's 1891 Directory | Kelly's 1895 Directory | Kelly's Directory 1899 |
the 1901 census |son on Matlock War Memorial | MI

Else & Son, 1909 - Auction & Estate Agents and Insurance Agent.
John Else was listed in the 1871 census.
He was involved in the Great Matlock Will Case (see court report | article).
Alfred Charles Else: Kelly's 1891 Directory | the 1891 census (still living with parents)

E. Evans, 1939 - Plumber, Gas and Hot Water Engineer

W. Evans & Son, 1920 - Watchmakers, Jewellers & Silversmiths.
He had also become a Freeman of the City of London.
There is more about the shop, "The Projecting Clock", on Dale Road, Matlock (1909)
and a second picture is on Matlock: Dale Road, About 1904

W. Evans & Son, 1939 - Jewellers, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths
Charles Walter Evans had taken over the family business.

Farmer Bros., 1939 - motor garage.
Their Wellington Street Garage was established by 1925 (Kelly's Directory).

William Sealy Fisher, no date - Registrar & Acting High Bailiff
His office was on Dale Road in Kelly's 1891 Directory / Officials (1891)

Frederick William Gill, 1913 - Solicitor
He was also the Clerk to Matlock Bath Urban District Council and had offices in
Hunter's Buildings on Dale Road

James Henry Goodwin, 1926 - Chartered Accountant
See Rockside, 1925-35 | Rock Cafe Letterheads

Greatorex & Son, 1928 - Limestone Quarries & Tarmacadam Manufacturers.
See Stone Quarrying | Harvey Dale Mountain Limestone Quarry, Dale Road
Artists' Corner from Pic Tor | The Quarry, Dale Road

T. Greaves & Co. Ltd., 1947 - Furniture.
Thomas Greaves had started his furniture business in Clay Cross about 1994.
The Bank Road store was listed in Kelly's 1941 Directory.
Haydn Stanley eventually bought the business in 1982.

Charles Gregory and Sons, 1937 - Timber Merchants

Kenneth Bramwell Hadfield, 1939 - Chemist & Optician.
This was a family business, originally James E Hadfield on Dale Road.

Robert Hall, 1903 - Incorporated Accountant, Insurance Agent and Estate Agent.
See 1891 census | Kelly's 1891 Directory | Kelly's 1895 Directory | Wills Calendar

Robert Hall, 1913 - Incorporated Accountant
Hall & Co

Hall & Co., 1903 - Plumbers Merchants, Heating Engineers, Gas & Hot Water Fitters ...
Hall & Co. are first found in Kelly's 1899 Directory
Hall & Co

Hall & Co., 1929 - Plumbers Merchants, Heating Engineers, Gas & Hot Water Fitters ...
See 1910 advertisement
In April 1967 the London Gazette announced a Meeting of Creditors prior to liquidation.
Hall & Co. had been in business on Dale Road for over 65 years.
Hall & Co

Hall & Co., 1939 - Plumbers Merchants, Heating Engineers, Gas & Hot Water Fitters ...
Hathersage & District Gas Company Limited

Hathersage & District Gas Company Limited, 1919
The registered office was on Dale Road, with Robert Hall (see above) acting for them.
Heather Laundry

The Heather Laundry, 1922 - Proprietress A. L. Atkinson [R.l.Jones, crossed though]
The laundry used a former Chapel building. See Churches, Other Places of Worship
(look under Wesleyan Chapel, Matlock Bridge / Kingdom Hall)

Heny & Heny, 1903 - Solicitors
Alfred and Charles Granville Heny were father and son
(See Alfred in Kelly's Directory, 1891 - Duffield elsewhere on this site)
CGH moved to Matlock from Worcester between 1901 and the date of this letter.
He also acted as Clerk to Bonsall UDC

Heny & Heny, 1921 - Solicitors
Alfred Heny died on 9 April 1918 (with thanks to Cheryl Giacchetti for the date).
The Duffield practice was no longer mentioned.

Joseph Hodgkinson, 1903 - Auctioneer & Valuer
His parents were Lindsey and Mary Hodgkinson of Holt Lane
Joseph was living at Holt House in 1901

Joseph Hodgkinson, 1903 - Auctioneer & Valuer

Joseph Hodgkinson, 1913 - Auctioneer & Valuer

Joseph Hodgkinson & Son, 1921 - Auctioneers, Valuers, Land & Estate Agents
Joseph died in 1923. See Wills Calendar

Hodgkinson & Son, 1928 - Auctioneers, Valuers, Land & Estate Agents

Frank Hopkinson, 1917 - Slater & Builder
He first advertised in Kelly's Directory, 1891
He was living on New Street in the 1881 census | the 1891 census | the 1901 census

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