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Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1950-1966 (7)
Matlock : Twentieth Century Photographs, Postcards, Engravings & Etchings

A series of letterheads found on stationery used by Matlock and Matlock Bath businesses from 1900 to the shortly after the Second World War that range from very simple to more ornate designs. They cover a wide range of local commercial enterprises, from hydros and hotels, to architects, banks, builders, butchers, chartered accountants, chemists, the Co-op, decorators, doctors, estate agents, garages, a gas company, grocers, greengrocers, hair preparations, insurance agents, jewellers, laundrys, manufacturing (hosiery), masons, mills, opticians, plumbers, poulterers, pubs, quarry owners, registrars, solicitors, surveyors, timber merchants, undertakers, valuers and wine merchants. In other words, everything you would expect to find in a Derbyshire country town and village at that time.

There are estimates, invoices, letters, memos, notes, receipts and statements, although only the letter heading is shown here. Amongst the collection are also three unused cheques, a shopping reminder and a returns list for bottles. The full sheet has been provided in a few instances, but the body is blank.

The images are almost exclusively from Glynn Waite's collection, with the exception of this page, where they are all from the Maureen Smith' collection.

Some names, but not all, are listed in the on site Twentieth Century Trade Directories

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lh - boden

Walter Boden (1888- Feb 1967) was a master decorator. He can be found as a boy
in the 1891 census and the 1901 census transcripts. The first listing for his Crown Square
shop was in Kelly's Directory of 1941.
lh - briddon1

Harry A Briddon (1920-). His first shop was in the former coach house of the High
Tor Hotel in the Dale but he moved into larger premises near the railway bridge on Dale Road
relatively quickly. He displayed a large array of fireplaces there, on the lower ground floor. When
Marsden's drapery, close to the County Bridge, became available he moved for the third time;
it is probably the shop that most people remember.
Also see:
1. High Tor & Artists' Corner (6) show the shop unit, though a long time before
Mr. Briddon was there.
2. Dale Road & Marsdens, 1928 & Early 1950s.
3. Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, 1956.
He was a member of both Chesterfield and Matlock Amateur Operatic Societies.
lh - briddon2

James Thomas Briddon (1909-83) was an older brother of Harry Briddon, above. They
were two of the sons of John A Briddon and his wife Louisa of Tansley.
In 1939 James was running the Korna Stores on Nottingham Road
lh - briddon2a

James Thomas Briddon was still living on Church Street at the time of his death.
lh - coleman

D. C. Coleman, 1957.
Please get in touch if you know who he was.
lh - farmer

C. Farmer, 1960.
The interior of the Causeway Lane showroom featured in "One Man's Photographic Memory"
(scroll down to the television photo at the bottom of the page).
lh - farmer2

Farmers Garage Ltd., 1960.
There is an earlier invoice (1939) for Farmers Garage.
They still have (2021) a car showroom on Smedley Street although it is on the opposite
side of the road from their original premises.
lh - greatorex

Thomas Greatorex & Sons Ltd, 1966.
The business was started by Thomas Greatorex in the 1890s
(see Kelly's Directory 1895 | the 1901 census). They had diversified by 1928 (Kelly's Dir)
and had become "wheelwrights, carpenters & undertakers, motor lorry builders & mangle
rollers supplied". Two sons, Thomas Raymond and Roland, continued the business. The
company name remains although the Jepsons of Middleton-by-Wirksworth took over in 1980.
lh - hall and co1

Hall & Co., 1956.
In 1941 they advertised as being of Crown Hardware Stores on Dale Road
and Market Place Wirksworth
There are a number of earlier invoices for Hall & Co., both as Robert Hall and Hall & Co.
lh - hall and co2

Hall & Co. 1958.
See: Matlock at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century
Hall & Co., (Matlock) Ltd., was voluntarily wound up in 1967,
with the final meeting in the process taking place in April 1970.
lh - holmes1

W. Holmes & Sons (F. J. Holmes), 1959.
W. Holmes & Sons was begun by Walter Holmes, a joiner and cabinet maker who was
christened at St. Giles' on 23 Dec 1858. See him in the 1881 | 1891 and 1901 census returns.
By 1911 he had moved to Dale Buildings and was both a furniture dealer and maker.
Walter's two sons, Arthur Edward and Ernest Henry, carried on the family business.
In 1933 Holmes bought the business of T. Sharp & Sons, also of Dale Road. They
agreed to continue the Sharp name and to use Sharp's premises.
lh - holmes2

W. Holmes & Sons (F. J. Holmes), 1966.
Although there were no credit cards in the 1950s and 1960s, the firm would charge 5% per
annum on overdue accounts. Their advertisement in the Operatic Society Programme of 1952
stated that Holmes were "the premier furnishers, removers and storers (with properly
heated depositories)", as well as undertakers.
The F. J. Holmes on the letter heads was Walter's grandson Frederick Jarvis Holmes,
"house furnisher and cabinet maker".
lh - horse shoe

The Horse Shoe, Matlock Green, 1960.
Before it was sold in 1949 the Horse Shoe Hotel, a fully licenced free house, had been
in the hands of the Evans family for the previous 98 years.
Roland (Alfred R. J.) Oliver (1918-2002) took over and ran it with his first wife Cora
and later with Mabel (nee Trounson).
An early 20th century photo of the Horse Shoe is in the Vernon Lamb Archive. See VLA5016.
lh - manchesterstore1

Manchester Store (1), 1959.
Advertisements for Manchester Store were published in trade directories from 1895.
See Kelly's 1895 Directory (under Loverock & Son).
An early advertisement was published in
Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, The Mikado, 1908 (scroll down).
lh - manchesterstore2

Manchester Store(2), late 1950s.
Also see: Dale Road & Marsdens, 1928 & Early 1950s.
The proprietor, C. Rowell, was possibly Charles Rowell.
lh - marchantbrooks

Marchant Brooks, 1960.
There are seven earlier letterheads for Marchant Brooks.
In 1946 the firm owned by John Marchant Brooks (1896-1988) was involved in the sale of
Lea Hurst. See: Marchant Brooks Sale Rooms, Causeway Lane, 1946.
In 1950 they had sold the Warney Mill estate.
Robert E. Spark followed on from Mr. Marchant Brooks.
lh - matlock building supplies

Matlock Building Supplies Ltd., 1963.
Matlock Building Supplies Ltd of Causeway Lane were first listed in Kelly's Directory of 1941.
Their advertisement in the 1952 Operatic Society programme stated that
they were fireplace specialists and claimed they had the largest selection in the district.
lh - rawson

A. V. Rawson, 1957
Albert V. Rawson had a background in Telecommunications as he had worked as a
Post Office Engineer before he opened his Smedley Street shop.

Gervase Smith, 1957.
The first trade directory entry for Gervase Smith & Sons was published in Kelly's 1912
edition. The family business of Gervase Smith & Sons was eventually wound up in 1988.

Woolliscroft Silver Service Coach Hire, Compliments Slip 1957.
J. H. Woolliscroft was granted a road service licence in 1932 (ordinary service routes) and its
buses went between Bakewell and Matlock, passing Haddon and going through Stanton,
Winster, Wensley and Darley. The garage was close to the junction of Old Hackney Lane and
the A6. In 1990, after operating for almost 70 years, the family business was bought by local
businessmen. The new company was owned by Kingsman Services Limited.

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