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Matlock: Lilybank Hydro, Sun Lounge, 1930s
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The photograph of the sun lounge at Lilybank in the inter war years shows the room filled with cane furniture, which had become popular in Edwardian times. After the war as the lounge was refurbished and given a new roof constructed with Vita Glass[1]. Vita Glass was the first ultraviolet ray glass and had been developed in the 1920s. It allowed the hydro's visitors to tan without venturing outside, so the lounge became "The Suncastle".

You can see the exterior of the sun lounge, with the red and white panels, on Matlock: Lilybank Hydro (Dalefield).

There is more about Dalefield / Lilybank / The Gables

Lilybank Hydro (Dalefield)

Barton's Dalefield Hydro 1904


1950s multi view, with advertisement

1930s, with advertisement

Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (3) - Lilybank

Dinner menus
from the late 1950's

Mrs. Marian Wildgoose, who owned "The Gables"

Sally Mosley's article about the school (Newspapers section)

"Matlock. Lily Bank Hydro, Sun Lounge". Published by Photochrom Co. Ltd., London & Tunbridge Wells. No. 71503.
Postal date unclear (19-2) but is has George VI stamps introduced in August 1941; these stamps were replaced by ones of a different colour in 1951.So the card was most probably posted in 1942.
Postcard in the collection of and provided by and © Ray Ash.
Written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only

[1] "The Matlocks", 1950