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Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Tennis Court & Bowling Green
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Tennis Court & Bowling Green
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Oldham House Hydro & Woodlands School

Oldham House and Prospect Place Hydro, 1903 Advertisement

Oldham House Hydro

Oldham House Hydro, Wellington Street, 1924

Oldham House Dining Room

Vernon Lamb Archive



The tennis court and bowling green for Oldham House Hydro used to be on Cavendish Road, close to the junction with Wellington Street. To the left is a vegetable garden, presumably belonging to the hydro. Similar pictures of the tennis court date from during and just after the First World War.

The advertisement below is one of a series that were placed in newspapers in the 1910 season.

Derbyshire Courier, 25 June 1910

Accommodation for 100 Visitors.
Hydropathic Treatment a Speciality.
18 Hole Golf Links near. Tennis. Bowls.
Terms; 35/-, 38/6. 42/- per week, inclusive.
Telephone 56. Apply Manager.

See samples of their notepaper on Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (4), N - R
The Vernon Lamb Archive, Hydros and Convalescing, Index has 15 photos of the hydro's staff and guests

"Oldham House Hydro, Matlock, Tennis Court and Bowling Green"
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