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Matlock Bath: The Bonsall Bus, 1930s
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Hands bus 1928-30

Buses held up by Choir Parade 1935

Matlock Bath Buses
1912-33 (Part 1)

Matlock Bath Buses
1912-33 (Part 2)

A North Western Leyland bus travelling along South Parade on its way to Bonsall. Unfortunately the number plate is unreadable. North Western had a monopoly over the local routes, having taken them all over by mid 1933. The bus here is very similar to one owned by Hands, linked right, although seems to have slightly wider tyres. More buses of the same design can be seen in the 1935 photograph of the choir parade (also linked right).

Just above the two cars on the left is a shop sign on one of the Parade buildings. Frederick Bentley had a china shop and fancy repository there[1] and his daughter designed knitting patterns[2].

"South Parade & Heights of Abraham, Matlock Bath". B. & D.'s KROMO Series, No.20 309, Pict Postcard Pioneers, London E. C. Unposted
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Pauline Jordan.
Written and researched by and © Ann Andrews. Intended for personal use only


[1] Kelly's Directory 1928, 1932 and 1941.

[2] Recollections of the late Frank Clay.