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Matlock Bath: Holme Road area, 1910-1920
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Properties on the hillside above North Parade
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1870s stereoview

Matlock Bath and the Heights of Abraham, 1890s

Dale Road, 1895

Clarence Terrace

Clarence Villas

Former Vicarage, Brunswood Road

This panorama shows the houses of Masson Road, Brunswood Road and Holme Road, which are the properties on the hillside above North Parade. The very top road is Masson Road.

The houses with the large X's pencilled on the roof tops are part of Rockvale Terrace. In 1922 and 1925 Mrs Annie Bond was listed as having an apartment house at No. 5 and in 1925 Mrs. Mary Anne Smedley was at No.3[1]. Neither advertised in later years. Several Rockvale Terrace houses have been the homes of various members of the Smith family over the years, too. These properties were built on the site nineteenth century Skating Rink and it is believed that evidence of the rink can be found in their cellars, beneath the concrete[2].

Behind Rockvale Terrace, and partly obscured by it, is another terrace of eight houses - Rockvale Villas - with fronts that face onto Holme Road. The Barnes family owned both rows at one stage. As their backs face each other Rockvale Terrace partly screens the backs of Rockvale Villas from view. Next to them, and ascending the hill, is Clarence Terrace, a row of five taller Victorian Gothic houses on the left of the photograph that were built in 1879. The backs of these houses face the camera. All three terraces have stone frontages and brick sides and rears, a ploy used by the various builders to cut down on their costs.

Although the card was not posted, "Mrs J. H. Richards, 3 Rockvale Terrace" was written on the back[3].

Enlargement of another version of the card.

The enlargement above concentrates on the Brunswood Road area; you can just see the fork in the road above and to the right of the word "collection" on the image. On the far left, in the middle of the picture, is a side view of The Laurels. On the opposite side of Holme Road, with the side wall facing the camera, are two semi-detached Victorian villas at the bottom of Brunswood Road that were called Holme Villas. The closest of the pair had a small shop facing onto Holme Road; the window is still there today but the shop is not used as such any more. The Edmonds family lived here from the end of the 1920s until the mid-1930s before moving to Portland House and Mrs. Edmonds sold walking sticks and other items from the shop under the house.

There are two more pairs of semi detached houses next to the first pair. Minnie Henstock, a spinster with private means, lived at the detached property known as Lyndhurst in 1939 but post-war it became the vicarage for a time. Richmond Terrace, a row of three three-storey houses is next and then another pair of semis, inhabited in the late 1930s by the Olivers and Allens, completes the row.

Behind the Brunswood Road houses is another row of properties, Clarence Villas; numbers 4 and 5 were semi-detached and numbers1-3 formed a small terrace. The web mistress was born at no.4. The final house in that row is the large detached house (with 15 rooms in 1911). It is covered in stucco, which is a dense and solid render. In 1911 it was the home of Miss Pearson but became the home of Richard ("Dick") King.
The Clarence Villas houses can also be seen in the "Just" images section: 5. Matlock Bath - High Tor (No.2).

Valley Steps

Rockvale Terrace is at the top of Valley Steps, photographed in 2008

1. "Matlock Bath" postcard and photograph of Valley Steps in the collection of, provided by and © Ken Smith.
2. Enlargement from a postcard © Christine Leila Hill collection.
Images scanned for this website and information researched and written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links go to transcripts or information elsewhere on this web-site):

[1] "Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Rutland", pub. London, 1922 and 1925. Mrs. Bond also had apartments at 7 Hope Terrace a bit further up the hill.

[2] The Skating Rink was referred to in The London Gazette of 1878. Thanks to Ken for reminding me of its location.

[3] Presumably this was the same Mrs Richards who was living on Matlock Bank in the 1901 census.