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River Derwent from Lovers Walk, Matlock Bath, 1926
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Postcard of the River Derwent from Lovers Walk, Matlock Bath. Used card posted from Matlock on the 25th July 1926. Card produced by Milton.
Donated by Photo-Ark © 2003
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Lovers' Walks and River Derwent, Edwardian card

Switchback, Rise & Fall

Adrenalin Rush

This photo on this scalloped edged card was taken from high up, looking downwards into the valley formed by the River Derwent; this view looks southwards towards Cromford. The silhouette of the Black Rocks is on the skyline. Masson weir is downstream, just past the bend. Cat Tor is on the left of this picture and the field on the right, with the track at its base, is what used to be known as the Cumberland field.

In the Derwent Gardens on the banks of the river you can see the southern end of the Switchback Railway and the shed where the cars were turned round so that passengers could begin their return journey of their ride. Holy Trinity Church, the bottom of Clifton Road and the New Bath Hotel are also in this picture.

'The Derwent Pleasure Gardens are pleasantly situated on
the banks of the River Derwent and are furnished with seats
and shelters in the form of grottoes and in the hot water
ponds are fish of various species'.

Boden & Hardy, Derwent Gardens amusement ground
  Although somewhat later than this postcard, the quote and advert from Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire (1941) on the left is interesting. By then the switchback, which had given pleasure to many thousands of visitors over the years, had been taken down.

A coloured version of the same view was published by G. Marsden of Wirksworth. It is in the "Just images" section of the site.

"River Derwent from Lover's Walk, Matlock Bath". Published by Milton and posted in Matlock on 25 July 1926.
Image kindly donated by Photo-Ark © 2003.
Researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.
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