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Brunswood Terrace, Matlock Bath
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View of Brunswood Terrace taken at the beginning of the twentieth century
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John Allen Potter & Family

Dale Road, about 1895

Holme Road from High Tor

View from Starkholmes 1908

A card of Brunswood Terrace on the road towards Matlock, taken by the Matlock Bath photographer William Potter. This picture was taken to Canada by John Allen Potter when he emigrated in 1913 and is part of a collection of photos of both his birthplace and relatives. John was born at the "Mill House", Darley Bridge. His grandson, Denis, who has very kindly sent the image, thinks this card may not have been looked at for almost 100 years. The trees have grown up in the meantime and the road is not quite so peaceful. It must have been taken from the iron bridge which crosses the river and connects to the station and the path to Starkholmes.

The reverse side of the photograph
of Brunswood Terrace

Mrs Robinson, whose name is written on the back of the card, kept apartments at 4 Brunswood Terrace although was to move there after 1911. In the census for that year the residents of Brunswood Terrace were: Mary Walker, a widow, who lived at number one with her grand-daughter; Elizabeth Robinson, a widow, who was living at number two with her two unmarried daughters and her unmarried son; the superannuated railway clerk Frederick Knowles was at number three with his wife and grand-son; Louis Pearson, a retired barytes manufacturer, his wife Sara were at at number four with an unmarried son and daughter. The first two properties were boarding houses whereas the other two were private homes. Not all the names household members are given here.

Number one is closest to the camera and later became the home of the two Miss Holmes, who rented out a flat in the upstairs rooms. These two ladies were members of the local church and two of the kindest women one would wish to meet.

William Potter set out as a Marble Worker's Apprentice. But by the 1881 census, when he was living in Matlock Dale, he was a draper's traveller and photographer. His wife, Louisa, was working alongside him as a photographer's printer although in 1891 she was the proprietor of a fancy repository on Derwent Parade. William kept up his photography business and became the collector to the Urban District Council and assistant overseer. He advertised in several trade directories.

Images kindly donated by Denis Potter © 2004.
Information researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

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