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Whittaker's Tordale Bottling Plant, Dale Road, Matlock Bath - Bottles & Siphons
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The three images above are of a 'RARE' 1930s Blue Soda siphon. M WHITTAKER MATLOCK BATH is acid etched on the glass, which is ribbed at about 45 degrees around the bottle . The chrome top has the words M WHITTAKER MATLOCK BATH on the neck.

Below are a number of Codd bottles, used by Mrs. Whittaker for the mineral water and carbonated drinks she sold. The bottles were supplied by Hiram Codd (1838-87), who had patented them, and manufacturers like Mary Whittaker were licensed to use them. Each bottle came with its own rubber ring and marble which sealed the top and prevented the drink from leaking out.

All the items shown here are highly sought after by collectors today.

Four 6 oz Codd bottles, from Whittaker's of Matlock Bath.
They have different patents.
Mrs. Whittaker also used 10oz. bottles.

Information about Hiram Codd and his patents:

"Bury Times", 19 July 1862.
Patents sealed during the week
F. R. Newton and Hiram Codd, of Westminster, for invention of an apparatus for indicating and measuring the flow of liquids; 8th March

"Birmingham Daily Post", 27 May 1871.
The following patents were sealed during the week ending May 25, 1871 -
Hiram Codd, London, improvement in bottles, and in the mode of stoppering or closing the seal. Dated November 21 1870.

"Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser", 14 November 1877.
Case of action for Slander.
Hiram Codd, is a mineral water manufacturer, and the patentee of invention for the manufacture of patent globe stoppered bottles.

"Birmingham Daily Post", 23 August 1878.
Prolonged Patents. Patents on which the Stamp Duty of £100 has recently been paid.
Hiram Codd, London, improvements bottles for containing aerated liquids, and in apparatus for filling such bottles. Dated August 22, 1871.

"Bury Free Press", 29 October 1881.
That Mr. Hiram Codd (of the firm of Codd and Bennett), who was, when a boy, employed the shop of Mr. Hoy, has shown his love for his native town by giving 10 guineas to the school fund. Mr. Codd a few years ago became the inventor of the patent glass stoppers.

"Birmingham Daily Post", 13 October 1882.
Hiram Codd, London, and Dan Rylands, Barnsley, York - bottles for containing aerated liquids, and in the manufacture of a such bottles, July 8 1882.

"Birmingham Daily Post", 2 June 1883
Prolonged Patents. Patents on which the Stamp Duty of £100 has recently been paid
Hiram Codd, Camberwell, Surrey - bottles for containing aerated liquids. May 24, 1876.

"Birmingham Daily Post", 24 October 1884 Prolonged Patents. Patents on which the Seventh year Renewal Fee had been paid
Hiram Codd of Camberwell, Surrey - bottles for containing aerated liquids, October 22 1877

"Birmingham Daily Post", 19 March 1886. New patents.
Hiram Codd, London - stoppering or closing bottles for containing aerated liquids. February 19, 1885.

The Glass Works of the Rylands Family and Hiram Codd.

Grace's Guide - Hiram Codd

There is more information about Mrs. Whittaker's businesses in Matlock Dale.

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