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Matlock Primitive Methodist Prize Choir
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Matlock Primitive Methodist Prize Choir
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Organ Recitals given by Harry Douglas - the Prize Choir took part in more than one

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Matlock Primitive Methodist Prize Choir was the forerunner of the present day Matlock Choir. This photograph is believed to date from around 1910/11. The choir competed at Crystal Palace in London in the category of best choir of up to 40 voices and they won. The choir's members are shown here with their trophies. The shield on the left is the Crystal Palace award and the framed picture (centre) is of the Great Hall at the Crystal Palace, where all the competing choirs massed to sing the Messiah.

Matlock has produced singers of a very high standard over the years, whether as individual soloists, members of choirs or as a member of the local Amateur Operatic Society. Matlock Bath's annual Musical Festival was a major event, too.

We know who some of the choir were and would like to hear from anyone who can fill in the gaps.

Front Row, seated on chairs

1st and 2nd from left - not known
3rd from left - ? Wildgoose (a sister of Frankie Wildgoose, first name unknown)
4th from left - Olive Wildgoose (daughter of John William Wildgoose and sister to Lawrence W (Billy) Wildgoose)
5th from left - not known
6th from left - Harold Wildgoose (son of Lubin George, who went on, in his turn, to become the conductor of Matlock Choir)

2nd from right - Mrs Marriott

Second Row, standing immediately behind the chairs

1st to 4th left - not known
5th from left - Fanny who was then, or later became, Mrs Fred Beddington (Fanny Dakin married Fred W Beddington in 1911)
6th from left - Mrs Brown
7th from left - Lubin George Wildgoose (centre, with conductor's baton)
8th from left - John William Wildgoose, LG's brother, who founded the building firm of the same name.
9th from left - not known
10th from left - ? Morton (a sister of Stanley Morton)
11th from left - Ellen (Nell) Massey, wife of John Massey

Third Row

1st left - not known
2nd left - E.L. Edwards
3rd left - Ernest Holmes
4th left - Ernest Farnsworth
5th left - William (Billy) Wright
6th left - Francis Hey (Frankie) Wildgoose
7th left - Charles Lill
8th left - George Wall (who had a plumbing business on Smedley Street)
9th left - 'Dazzle' Wildgoose (his proper name was John Henry Wildgoose)
10th left - ? Farnsworth
11th left (1st right) - Davis Mark Wildgoose

Back Row

2nd left - Mr Bunting
3rd left - Lawrence William (Billy) Wildgoose, son of John William Wildgoose, who was a very fine tenor soloist, much celebrated in the area.
4th left - Percy Farnsworth

" Matlock Primitive Methodist Prize Choir" from the collection of the Ash family, published here with kind permission of Ray Ash.
Image scan and information supplied by and Copyright Ray Ash and is intended for personal use only.
If you have any further information about the identity of anyone in the photograph we would really appreciate knowing ourselves. Please contact both the webmistress and Ray Ash

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Matlock District Council Coronation Medal, 1937 - Lubin George Wildgoose is named on the medal