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Matlock Bath: Pantomime in the Parochial Hall, 1951
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Scouts Pantomime 1934

Past Matlock & Matlock Bath photographers

"Jan of Windmill Land", performed in the Parochial Hall in December 1951, clearly had a Dutch theme[1]. Harry Gill, who was taking photographs for the Matlock Mercury, took pictures of both the full cast and small groups. One group of performers, the Baby Bulbs, is reproduced lower down the page.

1. Photograph of the full cast (above).

Back (Fifth) Row, left to right:
Pat Robinson | Brenda Buckley | Gillian Murgatroyd | Jackie Baker | Dilys Allen | Alan Beaumont | Ian Dyson | Margaret Bryan | Unknown

Fourth Row, left to right:
Pat Smith | Ann Morris | Marion Bird

Third row, left to right:
Gina Stoddart | Nicholas Murgatroyd | Geoffrey Smith | Rodney Larwood | Unknown | Unknown | Noel Aspey | Dudley Smith | __ Smith?

Second Row (mostly kneeling) , left to right:
Geoffrey Hardy | Laine Mitchell | Norma Davies | Gillian Slater | Yvonne Robinson | Maureen Bird | Mary Gregory | Pamela Loydall | Lesley Smith | Unknown | Unknown | Jeffrey Larwood

Baby Bulbs (front row), left to right:
Jennifer Dyson | Ann Clay | Pauline Preece | Dawn Mitchell | Gillian Wilson | Alison Larwood | Angela Murgatroyd | Marian Allsop

2. Photograph of the Baby Bulbs (below).

Baby Bulbs

Baby Bulbs, left to right:
Pauline Preece | Gillian Wilson | Jennifer Dyson | Angela Murgatroyd | Dawn Mitchell | Alison Larwood | Marian Allsop | Ann Clay

The ages of the little girls ranged from just under three years old to about five or six years old. We wore brown dresses and were all supposed to have white socks for the dress rehearsal, when these pictures were taken, but if I remember correctly it was a very slushy day, following snow, and at least one of us had gone to the Parochial Hall in wellies.

Mrs. Beaumont and other Matlock Bath ladies made the costumes.

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Photographs by Harry Gill, Bardley House Studio, Dale Road, Matlock.
in the collection of and provided by, and research by and © Ann Andrews. Intended for personal use only


[1] "Jan of Windmill Land. A Dutch Operetta for boys and girls" was written and composed by C Ward by Clementine Ward in 1908. With thanks to Marian Barker, who also provided the pantomime's title and date it was performed in the Parochial Hall.