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Matlock Bath: From the Eato Family Album
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Matlock Bath group, about 1932
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Boat House Hotel

The two photographs on this page are from the album of the late Catherine Taylor, nee Eato, who was born in Matlock Bath in 1914. Her family had moved to Matlock Bath a few years before when her father became the licensee of the George Vaults[1]. Frank Eato, who was born in South Normanton[2], was the oldest man from Matlock Bath to join up in the First World War[3] and his family had to leave the George[4]. Frank had been President of Matlock & District Licensed Victuallers' Association[3]. When he died in 1936 he was described as being one of the oldest members of the association[5].

The group picture above shows Catherine Eato aged about 18 so was probably taken about 1932. She is seated 4th from the left on the front row and her sister, Lilian, is possibly next to her (3rd left). The photograph looks like either a work's party or a post-concert party but we are unsure where it was taken, other than in Matlock Bath. It might have been at Masson Mill[6]. There is a young woman in a black dress (2nd row, centre) standing behind a seated man who seems to be wearing a false nose. She is on the wedding photograph of the web mistress's aunt, and has been identified as Ethel Moore.

When they left the George Hotel the Eato family moved to Temple Walk / Orchard Road[7]. Frank probably went to work at the quarry of what until recently (2019) was the Boat House Hotel in Matlock[6]. One of his daughters, Alice Louisa, married the Canadian soldier Sergeant Carl William Goodman at Holy Trinity in 1919. They met whilst he was a patient at the Canadian Hospital in the Royal Hotel building from late 1917 until not long after the end of the First World War.

The photograph below shows a Pierrot a group dressed up for a concert. Mrs. Eato kept Melbourne house for a time and the Pierrots stayed there, which is probably how Catherine met them and why she had a photograph of them. As a girl Catherine danced a great deal and was always taking part in concerts and plays, usually performing in such places as local church halls. Other venues were Matlock Bath School and the Assembly Rooms at the Fountain Baths (now the Aquarium)in Matlock Bath. The Assembly Rooms were quite big and it is possible the top photograph was taken there, rather than at Masson Mill[5].

Catherine was also a strong swimmer and won a cup inscribed "Derbyshire Individual Championship 1927"[6]. She would have learned to swim at the Fountain Baths.

Pierrot group

Please email the web mistress if you can identify any of the other people in either photograph or provide an exact date. Thank you :-)

Image supplied by and © Christine Rigley.
Written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links go to on site transcripts):

[1] George Hotel: the Eatos were in listed Kelly's Directory of 1912 and Kelly's, 1916

[2] 1891 and 1901 census: Frank Eato, born in 1875, was listed as a Railway Engine Stoker

[3] Beresford, Charles "The Bath at War, A Derbyshire Community and the Great War" (2007). Country Books/Ashridge Press. ISBN 978 1 901214 91 8. Frank Eato was about 40 when he joined up in 1916, p.246. President of Matlock & District Licensed Victuallers' Association, p186.

  • Note: Frank Eato's Medal card at the National Archives Corps Regiment No Rank provides two numbers for him
    Royal Engineers 256794 Corporal 2nd
    Royal Engineers WR269233 Corporal 2nd

[4] Information provided by the late Frank Clay who knew the family when they lived in Matlock Bath

[5] "Derby Daily Telegraph", 22 April 1938. Funeral of Matlock Hotel Proprietor.

[6] Catherine worked very briefly at Masson Mills and was also "In Service" for a friend of the family in Derby, but following that until her marriage in 1936 she worked at "The Cinema Cafe", Matlock, and may also have helped at the Boat House when her father was not well.
Christine Rigley, his granddaughter, says Frank Eato died at the Boat House.

[7] Trade directory references to the Eatos include:

  • 1922 Eato, Mrs Florence apartments, Orchard Mount
  • 1928 Eato, Frank, shopkeeper, North Parade
  • 1932 Eato, Frank, boarding house, 4 Clarence Terrace, Holme road