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Matlock: 4th Matlock Scout Camp at Barmouth, 1949/51
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Setting out from Matlock Station
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Scout leaders listed in 1945

Where the Scout room was

The above photograph shows a group of local scouts from the 4th Matlock Troop at Matlock Station, waiting to board the train for Barmouth. They were to say at a camp site at Orielton Gardens, Barmouth, which was in a lovely wooded position. It was in the grounds of a large house owned and run by the Cooperative Holiday Association.

In the picture are:
Brian Hobbs, near left side; David Carter, Scoutmaster; Les Geeson, Group Scoutmaster on the right, near the steps.

1. Preparing to go

The pre-camp preparation was done in the scout room above the old livery stables of the Boat House Hotel, Matlock.
This will be a familiar sight to any scout who has helped get ready for camp.

Sorting out the kit

Sorting out the kit.
David Carter, Les Geeson and Brian Hobbs. Others unknown

Checking the equipment

Checking tent pegs.
Graham Spencer, Les Geeson and David Carter. Others unknown

2. Camp activities


Three Matlock scouts cooking, complete with stick to help create a flame.
From the left:
Unknown scout | Graham Spencer (in the middle), his father was the signalman at Matlock Bath | Unknown scout

Inspecting the patrol

Tent and patrol inspection
David Carter, Scoutmaster, 4th Matlock Troop inspecting patrol.
Scouts are (from the tent): Graham Spencer | Ken Smith | Two unknown | [Mr. Carter] | one unknown scout (half hidden) | Brian Slater | then David Fearn who is behind the ropes, hands on hips

Men of Harlech

Troop visiting Harlech Castle

Packing up

Packing up
No names known

Also known to have attended this camp:
Bernard Gale
Mrs. Marjorie Geeson and her two sons, Jamie and John.
Ken Smith

Please email the web mistress
if you were either at the camp or can identify anyone. Thank you :-)

Photographs, names and information provided by and © Bernard Gale, who scanned the images. Intended for personal use only