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Nov 2012 New pages:
1. Matlock Bath: Southern end of the village, from the river, early 20th century. The riverbank below the Masson Mill weir but upriver from Willersley
2. The Popular Album of Matlock. Published by the Sheffield Telegraph sometime between 1891 and 1898
3. Matlock: Rockside Hydro, Interior. The lounge and ingle nook fireplace. With thanks to Ray Ash
Additions to:
1. Matlock Bath: Upper Tower, Heights of Abraham A second Edwardian postcard, showing the Tea Rooms. With grateful thanks to Ray Ash
Oct 2012 New pages:
1. Matlock Bath: The Grand Pavilion, 1920s. Two of the three cards include the Fish Pond Hotel. With thanks to Ken Smith for providing two of the images.
2. Matlock Bath: The 1881 Water Fountain. The fountain has been restored several times. Read about the link to the Scouting Movement. Thanks to Ken for the photographs
3. Matlock Bath: The Royal Hotel - the Royal or Radium Well. The first spring discovered in Matlock Bath in 1696 was found in the grounds of the Royal Hotel. Another Ken image.
4. Matlock Bath: Great Scout Parade, Royal Hotel, 18th March 1917. Local troops were inspected by Baden Powell during the first Scout Conference
5. Matlock: St. Giles Parish Church, Lych Gate.

Photographs on the two following pages have been sent by Bernard Gale. Thank you:
6. Matlock Ladies Choir (Choral Group), July 1959. Photographed on the steps of Matlock's Methodist and United Reformed Church on Bank Road
7. Matlock Training College staff and students 1955. On the lawn of Rockside Hall of Residence

8. Matlock Bath: Pantomime in the Parochial Hall, 1951 A large number of children took part, including the web mistress
Additions to:
1. Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society. Now includes a list of productions 1907-1968, with some covers
2. Canon Kewley and His Sisters. The page has been update and more information added
3. Pedigree of Nightingale. The webmistress has compiled a second, short, pedigree linking it to the original "Bryan" pedigree
4. Matlock Bath:The Royal Hotel. Another image added
5. Matlock Bath: The Royal Hotel and garden. Now includes a photo of the grounds and a second postcard (from Ken Smith)
6. Matlock: Scout & Cubs Rally, Sunday, 7 September 1946 (1). New key added for the names
7. Matlock Bath: Derwent Gardens - The Switchback, (1) Rise and Fall. Another image added, dating from around 1900.
8. Matlock Bath: North Parade (Derwent Parade), 1950s. A second, slightly later post card added (from Ken Smith).
9. Matlock Bath's Glove Factory The photograph of the workers has been enlarged and some new information added
10. Books & Other Publications. Another book, about those who died in WW2, to be launched in November 2012
Sept 2012 New Pages:
1. Matlock Dale from Long Tor. This page replaces The Dale, Matlock Bath, 1926
2. Matlock Dale: High Tor & Artists' Corner (4). Postcard from the 1890s of Tor Cottage and other buildings at Artists' Corner. Image from Pat Insall, with many thanks. (Note: although this is in image dates from the 1890s it is currently in the Matlock Dale section as it is part of a sequence)
3. Matlock Bath: North Parade & Ferry from Bridge, 1892. Also from Pat Insall
Additions to:
1. Matlock: Willersley Castle An early twentieth century image of the castle added to the page
2. Matlock Bath: Rider Point, Via Gellia A second, slightly earlier, image has been added and the page has been re-written, now providing information about the family who lived in the cottage.
3. St. Giles' Church, Matlock, about 1903 has also been re-written and now contains information about the extension a few years before.
July 2012 New Pages:
1. Matlock: Bank Road (4). Views looking down Bank Road, taken from one of the upper rooms in Central Buildings on Smedley Street, where the photographer Charles Colledge lived.
2. Matlock: Bank Road (5). Two more pictures of Matlock, looking down the hill from the top of Bank Road and towards High Tor and Masson, taken by the Smedley Street photographer Charles Colledge.
Images on both pages with thanks to Ken Smith.

3. Matlock Bath: Visitors to the Royal Hotel, August 1909. Matlock Bath's premier hotel attracted wealthy guests in the Edwardian era. With thanks to Lynda Grange.

4. Matlock Bath : Bath Terrace Hotel, 1891-3. The oldest photograph of the former hotel
5. Matlock Bath : Bath Terrace Hotel, Tariff of Charges, 1891-3. Beautifully illustrated booklet dating from Robert Watson's time as the proprietor.
Images on both pages with thanks to Lorraine Ball.
Additions to:
1. Matlock: Bank Road & the Steep-Gradient Tramway. The page about Matlock's Cable Tramway has been largely re-written, with the addition of several more images. I am indebted to both Ken Smith and the Alfred Seaman Archive for the use of their images on the page. The page title has also been changed from "Bank Road and the Tram".
2. Matlock Modern School: Monthly Letter, March, 1935. Colin Goodwyn has kindly sent a photograph of a blazer badge.
June 2012 New Pages:
1. Stereoview of Matlock Bath and Holme Road, 1870s. The earliest development on either side of the relatively newly built Holme Road, on the hillside below the Heights of Abraham. Thank you to George Pek for providing the image.
2. Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Grammar School, April 1950. Pupils and Staff. A panoramic photograph that has been split into eight sections. Thank you to Pauline Jordan.
Additions to:
1. Photographers. More about Charles Colledge, who published postcards of his photographs. With thanks to Ken Smith for the additional image and who checked his collection once again
2. Ernest Bailey's Production of "Lady Precious Stream", 1950. Thanks to Michael Jolley for providing more names
3. Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Speech Day, 1951 Additional names from Phil Wigfull. Thank you.
May 2012 New Pages:
1. Percy Rowbottom, artist and photographer (of Matlock Bath), with thanks to Ken Smith for the photo
2. John Allen Potter and family. A coachbuilder from Darley Bridge, J.A.P. lived for a time in Matlock before emigrating. A collection of family photographs, taken by several local photographers. This is a new page, but some of the material has been moved from another page (i.e. from the Photographers page). It has been considerably expanded.
3. Holy Trinity Church, Matlock Bath, 1940s, again with thanks to Ken for the image

The next four pages have images from Pauline Jordan. Thank you Pauline.
4. Ernest Bailey's Production of "Lady Precious Stream", 1950.
5. Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Speech Day, 1951, with extracts from the 1954 programme.
6. Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Cricket Team, 1953
7. Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Fifth Form, 1953. Two photographs. One is of the girls only and the other is of both boys and girls.

The following two pages feature images provided by George Pek. Thank you George.
8. Matlock Bath: Stereoview of Lovers' Walk, 1859-62
9. Stereographic Photo of Matlock Bath Station, 1860. A hold-to-light tissue stereographic photo, with an element of surprise.
Additions to:
1. Photographers. An illustrated account of the photographers who lived in or had studios in Matlock and Matlock Bath from the earliest times until just after the Second World War. A major update, with samples of their work and biographical notes. Special thanks to Ken Smith, who went through his collection to check for missing names, and Rosemary Lockie.
2. Matlock: Smedley's Hydro Drawing Room, 1906 Now includes another view of the drawing room, taken a few years earlier, from a carte de visite by the photographer Frederick Barber
3. Museum Parade and The Pitchings, Matlock Bath, 1909. Advert added for Smith's hairdressers & tobacconists
4. Stereoview of Matlock Bath Station, Nineteenth Century. An incident from 1877 has been added
5. Matlock Bath's arms. Photograph of china war memorial added. With thanks to Bernard Gale.
6. The War Memorials: Commemorative China Souvenirs. Slight redesign and two new images from Bernard Gale.
Mar 2012 New Pages:
1. Matlock: Smedley's Hydro, early 1900s. Rewritten June 2016.
2. Smedley's Hydro & Grounds, Matlock, 1926, with excerpts - from "Truth" (a supplement published for the hydro) and a list of baths available
3. Smedley's Hydro Grounds, Matlock, 1926 - from Truth. The Hydro had eight acres of park-like grounds in 1926
4. Matlock Modern School: Monthly Letter, March, 1935. Newsletter for the parents, pupils and staff of a progressive school in the inter war years. With grateful thanks to Robin Yates

New page, but material moved from another page (i.e. from Images: Scanned Books):
1. Smedley's Hydropathic Establishment Matlock, Brochure, about 1925 (this page is new, but the brochure has been elsewhere on the site since 2002). Smedley's Hydro brochure was designed for the hydro's many visitors in the inter war period. The thirty two pages of images and text provided information on the tariffs, baths and treatments at Matlock's premier hydro, etc.
2. "Souvenir of Matlock Bath", 4th edition (this page is new, but the booklet has been elsewhere on the site since 2003). Published by Boots Cash Chemists, date uncertain but possibly about 1908-1910. It contains pictures of Matlock Bath and the surrounding area.
3. "The AutoChrome Album of Matlock & District" (his page is new, but the album has been elsewhere on the site since 2002). Published in the first decade of the twentieth century. Twelve views, including Crown Square before the tram shelter, and two pages of adverts. Four additional images from a later edition
Additions to:
- Water Cures
Pages where the file name has been renamed:
1. Smedley's Hydro, Matlock, 1906-7 (was matlock_smedley.htm)
2. Smedley's Hydro, 1908-14 (was matlock_smedley_front1909.htm)
3. Smedley's Hydro Drawing Room, 1906 (was matlock_smedley_drawingrm1906.htm)
4. Smedley's Hydro, Matlock - The Terrace, 1927 (was matlock_smedley_terr.htm)
With apologies, but necessitated by a need to reorganise.
Feb 2012 New Pages:
1. Lindsey and Mary Hodgkinson of Holt Lane, Matlock. Lindsey Hodgkinson was a Grocer and the Postmaster for Matlock Bridge in Queen Victoria's reign. Holt House was the family home. With very grateful tanks to Jane Leslie
2. In Via Gellia, Matlock Bath, 1903. Beautiful Stengel card
Additions to:
- Matlock: Bank Road & the Steep-Gradient Tramway. Two more postcards and a general update to the page
- Tufa Cottage, Via Gellia, near Matlock Bath, 1905 has been re written
Jan 2012 Section moved:
- Matlock Dale has moved from the page about Matlock to Matlock Bath
Additions to:
- Matlock Some new images and some replaced, plus addition material
- Miscellany Some new images and layout changes
- Pedigrees. Some have been re scanned and others have more notes, including Nightingale, Wolley of Darley Abbey
- Church Organ Recitals given by Harry Douglas, 1906-36. Three small photos from the family album now included. With thanks to Jane Leslie.
- River Derwent & the Devonshire Hotel, Matlock Bath, 1892. Advert from 1950 added. The file name has changed but all links are updated.
- Matlock at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century. Images enlarged and a new advertisement for Hall and Co added
- Matlock: Pic Tor and Riber Castle with the War Memorial, 1935. Original image re-scanned and a second picture added (image name changed when website moved)
-Wills RAGG
New Pages:
- Pedigree of Leacroft, with additional notes

1. Building the Railway Line to Matlock Station
2. Matlock Railway Station buildings, 2004 and before. This includes a series of photographs of the early days of Peak Rail.
3. Matlock Bank, the Hall Leys and Dale Road, 1912-20. Two views, taken from slightly different places. From Ray Ash's collection, with many thanks
4. Matlock: Pic Tor and Riber Castle, 1928. Read about a brass band concert
5. Matlock: St. Giles' Church and Green, 1914. The tree outside the churchyard is just a stump.
6. Matlock: Willersley Castle, 1927 - at the time of the sale. The main entrance. The photograph is from the sale catalogue.
7. Matlock: Willersley Castle Contents Sale, 1927 - Notice
8. Matlock: Willersley Castle Contents Sale, 1927 - Bedroom 15
9. Starkholmes Village Maypole Day, 1950s. With thanks to Margaret Tinkler and Jean Baloo
10. Matlock Bath: Fish Pond Stables, Providence Mine & the Mud Heap. A tale of a major squabble before the Kursaal was built. With very grateful thanks to Doreen Buxton for her photograph.
11. Matlock Bath: North Parade, about 1913, a card published by Stengel & Co.
12. Matlock Bath: North Parade (Derwent Parade), 1950s. Taken either at the end of the second war, or shortly afterwards. With thanks to Pauline Jordan.
13. Matlock Bath: Royal Hotel and the Church. Lovely b&w card from the Ray Ash collection.
14. Matlock Bath: Floral Fête the Promenade, 1908. Also from Ray Ash.
15. Matlock Bath: Dale Road & The Heights of Abraham, about 1948. Another from Ray's collection.
16. Matlock Bath: from the Temple Hotel
17. Matlock Bath: Arkwrights of Masson Mill, Advertisement, 1946. Aimed at school leavers
18. Matlock Bath: The Grand Pavilion (Kursaal), 1910-12. Three postcards of the earliest years of the Grand Pavilion and how it all came to be built. From Ken Smith's collection, with many thanks
19. Matlock Bath: Holy Trinity Church, 1905