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Apr 2017 New pages:
1. Matlock Bath: High Tor by Thomas Allom, about 1836. Engraved by J. W. Lowry from a drawing by Thomas Allom.

With thanks to Brian Marsden:
2. Matlock Bridge: Bank House, formerly Riversdale House, about 1902. Classical Georgian building in the centre of the town that has been a private residence, a school for young ladies, a temperance hotel and finally became a bank. It was even the Head Office of Derbyshire Stone for a time.
3. Matlock: 1 Crown Buildings, Crown Square, early 20th century. Peter Holmes' advertisement, which provides a good view of both side of the building on the corner of Crown Square.

With thanks to Jean Douglas and Jane Leslie:
4. Matlock: The Douglas Brothers. A photograph of the brothers as boys and another of two of them in uniform at the outbreak of war.
5. Harry Douglas & Fellow Officers, Empire Hotel Buxton, Dec 1914. Photo of Harry Douglas in the uniform of a second lieutenant at the start of WW1 and another with fellow officers at Buxton.
Additions to:
1. Matlock: Dale Road & Marsdens, 1928 & Early 1950s. Details of a major fire in 1899 to buildings on this part of Dale Road have now been added and an extra image.
2. Matlock Bridge, Pic Tor Walk, 1909. There is more information about the two temperance hotels that were on the riverbank, with two advertisements and a section of one image enlarged.
3. Building the Railway Line to Matlock Station. Information about the inadequate facilities at the station in the 1880s and 1890s has now been added.
4. Matlock: Pic Tor, the Cycle Track and Matlock Green. Postcard of Pic Tor looking towards Matlock Green and Tansley. Two sections of the card, showing the temperance hotels on Dale Road and both the almshouses and Knowlston Place, have been enlarged.
5. Matlock Bath: Charlotte Farnsworth, Poetess (1889-1971). A postcard of the landing stage and kiosk where she worked, with thanks to Ray Ash, more information and a newspaper article of her memories.

6. Several individuals/families/groups have been identified in the Vernon Lamb Archive. See VAL4933 | VLA4969 | VLA4980 | VLA5057 | VLA9841 | VLA9868

7. Miscellaneous Memorials and Inscriptions - in the Matlocks. Names on WW1 Memorials placed in the Congregational Church Conservative Club.

8. The War Memorials. In recent times new First World War material has come to light and has been added to the names of the Casualties, especially the Pic Tor Memorial in Matlock and Starkholmes. Information about several soldiers has been improved, including about George Wisher Crowder, Owen Bunting, Herbert Checkley, Wilfred Eakin, Frederick Nixon, Harold Smith and Sydney Alfred Smith to name but a few. Matlock's WW1 Casualties Not Listed on the Memorial has also had names added or more information about some of those already listed.
Mar 2017 New pages:
1. Pedigree of Bowne of Matlock, descending from John Boune and his wife Troth
Feb 2017 New pages:
1. Matlock Bath: CDV of North Parade, 1870s (3). The Derwent before Jubilee Bridge was built and the Parade before the promenade was developed

With grateful thanks to Tony and Lesley Curnock for the following:
2. Matlock: Memorial Cards for Internments at St. Giles' and elsewhere (1), Surnames A-B. Small collection of cards printed between 1889 and 1925, surnames Alsop, Bannister and Byard
3. Matlock: Memorial Cards for Internments at St. Giles' and elsewhere (2), Surnames C. Small collection of cards printed between 1889 and 1925, surname Cooper
4. Matlock: Memorial Cards for Internments at St. Giles' and elsewhere (3), Surnames D-R. Small collection of cards printed between 1889 and 1925, surnames Davis, Derbyshire, Fox, Hursthouse, Ridley
5. Matlock: Memorial Cards for Internments at St. Giles' and elsewhere (4), Surnames S-W. Small collection of cards printed between 1889 and 1925, surnames Smith, Wildgoose, Wood and Woodhouse
Additions to:
1. Postcards of Matlock Bath, about 1890. The River Derwent and Derwent Terrace, Matlock Bath, probably from the railway bridge. Now with three images, the original having been re-scanned. One is an enlargement showing the Fountain Baths. Plus more information.
Jan 2017 New pages:
1. Matlock Bath: Derwent Gardens, before 1909. The gardens not long after the grounds were laid out, turning Orchard Holme into somewhere visitors could either sit on the seats provided or just walk around the paths near the river.
Additions to:
1. Matlock Bath from the Heights of Abraham, 1892. Visitors to Matlock Bath in 1892 were determined to enjoy themselves even when the weather was bad. The Royal Hotel had some well known guests, too. The page has been changed considerably, with more information and two new pictures.
2. Matlock Bath: Victoria Tower, View from Masson, 1907-09. A sepia image has been added. With grateful thanks to Ray Ash.