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Jan 2020 New page:
1. Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Multi-view. Jackson and Sons postcard dating from early twentieth century, with five images of the hydro. © Maureen Smith collection
Additions, from the Maureen Smith collection, to:
1. Matlock: Bottom of Bank Road & The Lido. A W. N. Statham photo of attendees at the opening ceremony in 1938.
2. Matlock: Hall Leys, Boating Lake. A fifth postcard added, showing the newly opened lake.
3. Matlock: Riber Hall, 1926 - 1939. A second drawing of the Hall, and the owners in the first half of the twentieth century. It was also a museum for a time. Also a postcard back from Susan Tomlinson's collection has been added to this page.
4. Matlock: Rockside - Teacher Training College, 1945-88. A photograph of Rockside is now included.
5. Matlock Bath: The Fish Pond (1), 1911 - 14. Black and white card published in 1914 from Maureen's collection and a coloured version of the same image, from the Ann Andrews collection. The page has been rewritten.
6. Matlock Bath: The Fish Pond, late 1920s. A second image has been added, that was produced in both sepia and black and white.
7. Matlock Bath: Fluor Spar Cavern, Heights of Jacob. A rare image, of "Jacob's Cave", has been added.
8. Matlock Bath: Lover's Walk, Riverside Path. Postcard from the Nottingham Publishers C & A Lewis, who produced a large number of photographic cards in the 1920s.
9. The Promenade, Matlock Bath. Now includes an early picture of the tufa fountain that was removed when the road was widened.
109. Matlock Dale: St. John's Church, Cliff Road (1). Undated black and white photo of the church.