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Lists of pre-1858 Wills and Wills proved within Derbyshire 1858 - 1928
  Wills & Administrations, 1858 - 1928* : Surnames H - L
*Not every Matlock will from this period was proved within Derbyshire
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Part of a Copy of a Grant of Probate of a Matlock resident   Abbreviations used below:
Adm = Administration (of Will) / Letters of Administration where individual died Intestate
DDR = Information from Death Duty Registers
Exec = Executor / Executrix of Will

Information below is organised by:
SURNAME, Christian Name(s), Date of Probate, Abode
Wills & Administrations, Surnames H
HACKWOOD Richard Warwick 1900 Matlock Bath
HADFIELD Luke 1883 31 Oct Riber nr. Matlock, farmer
Died 7 June at Riber. Execs Charlotte Hadfield widow and Walter Hadfield, farmer and nephew
HADFIELD Mary Ann Masson Nr Matlock, spinster. Adm 1863 24 Jun (Adm 209).
Died 1 Jan 1849 at Masson. Adm to Isaac Hadfield of Matlock Dale the Father and Next of Kin
HALL Ann 1876 Lums Hill, Matlock
HALL Mary 1870 Knowleston Place, Matlock
HALL Philip 1923 Hackney, Matlock
HALL Robert 1922 Matlock (Dale Road). Died Feb 1922.
Beneficiaries, wife, sister Mary Hall, brother in law Samuel Skidmore, two married daughters Hannah Marion Wilson and Irene Margaret Hubbard. Trustees to carry on any of his business interests and to employ his managing clerk William Frederick Dakin in winding up affairs.
HALL Sarah 1893 Matlock
HANCOCK William 1904 Matlock
HAND Emma 1907 20 March Matlock (wife of Henry Hand).
Died 8 Feb 1907. Execs: Edwin Henry Hand railway clerk; George Capes Hand, bathman
HAND Henry 1909 Matlock (national probate calendars say of Whittington). Exec: George Capes Hand, hand masseur and head bathman
HANSON Mary Ellen 1874 Willersley Farm, Matlock
HARDSTAFF George 1871 Matlock Bath
HARDY Sarah 1910 Matlock Bath
HARDY Sarah Wilhelmena 1922 Matlock
HARDY William Henry 1918 Starkholmes, Matlock
HARPER Emma 1912 Hackney, Matlock
HARPER Lucy 1913 Matlock
HARRIS Charles Henry gentleman, Matlock 1915 7 Apr
d. 29 Jan 1915. Exec: Thomas Whitmore Whitmore-Jones, barrister-of-law of Wimbledon.
HARRIS Louisa Sophia "The Rocks", Matlock.1908 25 Jul
Wife of Walter Noel Harris. d. 17 Jan 1908 at Bournemouth. Exec. Mrs. Alice Leacroft, wife of Edward Ranulph Leacroft.
HARRIS Walter Noel "The Rocks", Matlock, Solicitor. 1911 21 Nov
d. 1 Sep 1911. Execs Charles Henry Harris, gentleman, of Matlock and Thomas Whitmore Whitmore-Jones, barrister-of-law of Wimbledon.
HARRISON Margaret 1918 Matlock spinster. Execs Charles Granville Heny solicitor and Horace Loveday bank manager
HARRISON William 1896 Dean Hill House, Matlock. Exec Margaret Harrison spinster
HARTLE Robert 1876 (elder) Matlock Museum Proprietor. Exec daughter Susan Hartle spinster
HARWARD Arthur 1880 Matlock Bath Solicitor. Exec Mary Jane Harward widow and relict
HATFIELD Ann 1909 Matlock Bank widow. Exec William Knowles gardener
HATFIELD Francis 1882 Matlock Bank. DDR: Exec Ann Hatfield of Matlock Bank
HAWKRIDGE Mary Ann 1865 Matlock Bath Spinster. Exec Thoms Walker Museum Proprietor
HAWLEY George 1858 Matlock blacksmith.
Mentions Occupier William Holmes; wife Mary; son James; William Yeomans Tansley, farmer; William Yeomans Senior, witness; James Blood witness; Samuel Potter witness; Will made 1856
Execs: Willaim Yeomans, Wakebridge, Servant; James Hawley, Matlock Bank, Labourer, son.
HAWLEY George 1885 Matlock. Execs: George Fox of Meadow Wood, Matlock, Farmer; William Yeomans of Lea, Land Agent
HAWLEY James 1892 Matlock Gentleman. Execs: John Slater insurance agent; William Hawley joiner
HAWLEY John 1911 Upper Hackney, Darley Dale. Execs: Walter Wragg, quarryman; Eliza Jane Crofts (wife of Charles Crofts0
HAWLEY Walter Francis 1914 Upper Hackney, Darley Dale, joiner. Exec Alice Hawley widow
HAYNES John 1876 Matlock Bank labourer.
Mentions wife Margaret; dau Emma wife of Edward RAWSON; Geo BARTON Hydro keeper and owner; Daniel VAWDREY Rector of Darley; Wm KNOWLES joiner Matlock Bank
HAYNES John 1916 Oaker, Matlock. Execs: George Edward Haynes, compositor; Kate Hadfield Haynes spinster.
HAZZLEDINE Edgar 1898 of Darley Villa, Matlock Bridge gentleman. Exec Arthur Hazzeldine, society's secretary
HEAD William Beachey 1877 formerly of the Imperial Hotel,Claremont Park, Blackpool but late of Matlock Bridge, Matlock. Exec William Heard accountant
HEALD Horace 1921 Matlock
HENDREY Abraham 1869 (Adm 305) Matlock.
Mentions Mary Hendrey
HENDRY David 1869 Matlock
HENDRY Mary 1875 Matlock
HENSTOCK Copernicus 1900 Matlock
HENSTOCK James 1923 Matlock Bath
HEWITSON Henry 1924 Upper Hackney
HIGGOTT Elizabeth 1886 Chapel Hill, Matlock Bath
HIGGS Elizabeth 1904 Matlock Bath
HIGGS Rev John 1895 Matlock
HIGTON Mary 1898 Matlock Bath
HILL Isaac 1888 Sheffield and Matlock
HILL John 1906 Matlock
HILL William 1907 Matlock Bank
HINCKLEY Jane 1896 Matlock
HINCKLEY Philip 1896 Matlock
HIRSTHOUSE Ann 1899 Matlock
HOBSONS Anne 1890 Matlock
HODGKINSON Agnes of Glenroy Matlock spinster 1909.
Died 1 June 1909. Exec: Frederic William Neale esquire
HODGKINSON George 1921 Matlock
HODGKINSON James 1874 Matlock. DDR: Exec Samuel Hodgkinson
HODGKINSON John James 1922 Matlock
HODGKINSON Joseph 1882 Matlock Bridge. DDR: exec John S Hodgkinson, Matlock
HODGKINSON Joseph 1923 Matlock
HODGKINSON Lindsey 1893 Matlock. DDR: d.19 Apr 1893, exec G Hodgkinson
HODGKINSON Mary Jane 1904 Matlock
HODGKINSON Thomas 1910 Matlock Bath
HODGSON Herbert 1928 Matlock
HODKIN Anne 1928 Matlock
HODKINSON George 1921 Matlock (possibly Hodgkinson)
HODSON John 1889 Middlesex and Matlock
HOLE George Matlock farmer 1896 18 Sep [of Asker farm]
d. 11 Aug 1896
Execs Joseph Barker farmer & Joiner and John Bradley blacksmith.
HOLE Henry Matlock farmer 1891 19 Jun
d. 23 May 1891
Execs George Hole the brother and Francis William Shaw both of Ashover, Joseph Barker farmer & Joiner of Ashover of Kelstedge
HOLLIS Jemima 1899 Matlock
HOLLOWAY William Henry 1884 Matlock Bath
HOLMES Ann 1871 (Adm 26) Matlock.
Mentions James Holmes
HOLMES Esther 1925 Matlock
HOLMES Hannah 1913 Matlock
HOLMES James 1904 Matlock
HOPE Joseph Jackson 1899 Matlock Bath. DDR: d 2 Aug 1899, exec S E Hope
HOPE Mary 1912 Matlock
HOPE Sarah Eleanor 1906 Matlock Bath
HOPKINSON William 1874 Nottingham and Matlock Bath (Adm).
Mentions Lucy Leman
HORTON John 1887 Matlock
HOULGATE Mary Ann 1888 Matlock Bath
HOWE Mary Anne 1916 Matlock Bath
HOWE William Elliot 1891 Matlock Bath
HOWITT Hannah Maria 1871 Temple Terrace, Matlock Bath, spinster.
Mentions bro Henry of Durham, Quarter Master; bro Edward of Birmingham; late sister Caroline Howitt; Agnes Freane ? Leach wife of John Comyn Leach of Stourminster nr Newton,Dorset surgeon; niece Ann Maria Howitt; Gratian Charles Barry Hart Surgeon, Chesterfield witness; H Archer Nottingham, witness
HOYSTED Rev Charles William 1916 Matlock
HUDD Joseph 1908 Matlock Bath
HURD Daniel 1921 Matlock
HURD Elizabeth 1902 Matlock Bath
HURD John 1868 Matlock Bank
HURD Sarah Jane 1924 Matlock
HURSTHOUSE John 1886 Lumsdale, Matlock
HURSTHOUSE Samuel 1895 Matlock
HYDE Rev James Bartlett 1926 Matlock
Wills & Administrations, Surnames I
IBBOTSON John 1890 Matlock Green
IVATTS Mary Brown 1864 Matlock Bath spinster.
Mentions deceased nephew Henry Wm Jordan, "to be buried in a good plain coffin and carried to my grave by my men servants", friend Frederick James Wood of Leeds, John Oldroyd Greaves of Horbury? YKS, sister Alice Leake, brothers Joseph, Robert, niece Annette Ivatts, niece Fanny Eliza Ivatts, nephew Wm Page Ivatts, nephew Albert James Ivatts, nephew Edmund Bachelor Ivatts, friends Mrs Wood, Mrs Fearnyhough, Mrs Greaves, Mrs Lindley ? and Miss Louisa Lindley ?, niece Emma Jordan, "diamond and emerald ring which formerly belonged to the grandmother of my great niece Annie Ivatts", "and especially my share of the china and couch used by her present majesty when at her visit to the town of Kingston upon Hull", great niece Alice Jordan lease of New Bath Hotel. Joseph Adam M.D. Matlock Bath witness; Harriett Abbott Matlock Bath witness
Wills & Administrations, Surnames J
JACKSON Anne 1923 Matlock
JACKSON Sarah 1907 Matlock
JEFFREY William 1928 Matlock Bath
JENNINGS Fanny Wyatt 1928 Starkholmes, Matlock
JERRAM Martha 1927 Matlock
JERRAM William 1917 Matlock
JOHNSON Margaret 1891 Matlock Bath
JOLLEY Esther 1905 Matlock
JORDAN Emma widow of Matlock Bath 1908 24 Jan
Died 4 Jan 1908.
Exec: Frances Annie Smedley spinster.
Wills & Administrations, Surnames K
KAY Henry 1899 Matlock Bath
KEETLEY Annie Emma 1913 Matlock
KEWLEY Margaret Jane, The Rectory Matlock, spinster died 30 Jan 1922. Exec: reverend canon James William Kewley.
KING Anthony 1869 Matlock Bath
KING James 1871 Matlock Bath
KING Lexcey 1920 Matlock Bath
KING Thomas 1885 Matlock Bath
KING William 1908 Matlock
KIRKHAM Elizabeth 1861 Burton Joice and late of Matlock spinster.
Mentions Thomas Simpson Flower Matlock, chemist and druggist; John Lymm Matlock shoemaker; sister Mary wife of John Lymm; Edward Brown witness; Wm Green witness; will made 1859
KIRKLAND Charles 1904 Matlock
KIRKLAND Emily 19074 Matlock
KIRKLAND Emma Ann 1925 Matlock
KNIFTON Mary Ann 1927 Two Dales, Matlock
KNIGHTON Benjamin 1916 Staveley and Matlock
KNOWLES Adam 1878 Masson Side, Matlock. DDR: exec Sarah Knowles, Wirksworth
KNOWLES Adam 1901 Matlock
KNOWLES Alice 1904 Matlock
KNOWLES Alice 1904 Matlock
KNOWLES Elizabeth 1885 Starkholmes, Matlock
KNOWLES Elizabeth 1918 Matlock
KNOWLES Elizabeth 1926 Matlock
KNOWLES Elizabeth 1927 Matlock
KNOWLES Frederick 1911 Matlock
KNOWLES George 1896 Matlock
KNOWLES Hannah Matlock widow 1921 12 July
d. 26 June 1921. Execs George Harper Knowles painter and Florence Wall (wife of George Harold Wall).
KNOWLES Job Matlock farmer 1880 2 June.
d. 22 Apr 1880 at Matlock. Execs Thomas Walters of South Darley draper, John Bassett Gregory of Ravensnest Ashover farmer, John Goodwin of the Wold Matlock farmer
KNOWLES John 1906 Starkholmes, Matlock
KNOWLES John 1906 Starkholmes, Matlock
KNOWLES Joshua Riber, Matlock Lead Miner 1880 30 May.
d. 18 Mar 1880 at Riber.
Execs John Milner of Tinkersley Darley farmer, Hannah Knowles of Riber widow and relict.
KNOWLES Sarah widow Knowleston Place, Matlock 1871 29 Dec.
d. 11 Oct 1871 at Knowleston Place.
Execs Thomas Hassell Adcock of Haynes Bedford farmer nephew, Henry Knoles of Brookhouse Matlock Commercial Traveller and others
KNOWLES Thomas Riber Joiner 1886 17 June
d. 14 Mar 1885. Execs Samuel Knowles of Riber joiner the son, and others
KNOWLES William Matlock Bank Joiner 1902
d. 6 Feb 1902. Exec Hannah Knowles widow
KNOWLES William Smedley Street Matlock gardener and music dealer 1914 26 Jan
d. 5 Jan 1914. Exec William Knowles gardener.
Wills & Administrations, Surnames L
LADD Thomas Henry 1923 Matlock Bath
LAND Frederick 1922 Matlock Bath
LATHAM Edward 1883 Matlock Bath
LATHAM John Rev. 1879 Little Eaton and Matlock Bath
LEACROFT Augusta Caroline 1894 Matlock. DDR: died 14 Jul 1894 Exec. Catherine L. C. Leacroft Affidavit No. 10042
LEACROFT Catherine Carpenter 1907 Dale Cottage, Matlock, spinster. Died 20 Jan 1907, probate 4 Apr
LEACROFT Corbetta Sophia Frances 1893 Matlock Dale, widow, Died 26 April 1893. Exec. Walter N. Harris
LEACROFT Mary Ann 1869 Tor House, Matlock, late of Dale Cottage, Matlock, widow
Mentions property Soresby St. Chesterfield; dau Augusta Caroline Leacroft; dau Catherine Louise Carpenter Leacroft; William Grimwood Taylor Solr Derby; William Freeman Clerk to Messrs Simpson,Taylor, Simpson. Made 1865
LEACROFT Mary Ann 1870 (Adm 463) Died 1832.
Mentions Augusta Caroline Leacroft; Catherine Louisa Carpenter Leacroft Matlock; Richard Becher Leacroft
LEACROFT Richard Becher 1863 Matlock Esq..
Mentions wife Mary Ann; dau Augusta Caroline Leacroft; dau Catherine Louisa Leacroft; Henry Francis Gisborne Snr surgeon; Wm Freeman clerk to Messrs Simpson & Taylor Solr Derby
LEE Henry James 1927 Matlock Bank
LEEDHAM Maria 1887 Matlock
LEES William 1920 Matlock Bath
LENTHALL Eliza 1900 Matlock
LEROY George 1920 Matlock
LEWIS John 1888 Matlock
LOMAS John 1914 Matlock
LOUKES James 1884 Matlock Dale
LOWE Catherine Hannah 1911 Matlock
LOWE Francis 1918 Matlock Bath
LOWE Samuel 1923 Matlock
LOWE William Henry 1928 Matlock
LUDLAM Henry 1907 Matlock
LUDLAM Henry 1925 Matlock
LUDLAM Mary widow Matlock 1867 5 Nov
Adm with Will. Died 13 Jul 1867.
Probate granted to sons and only NoK William Ludlam farmer and John Ludlam quarryman, both of Matlock.
LUDLAM William 1869 Matlock Moor Farmer
Mentions wife Hannah; property Matlock Moor; dau Mary Ludlam; dau Sarah Ann Ludlam; John Goodwin Wold Farm; David Doxey Lumsdale; David Doxey witness; Luke Wilmot witness