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Lists of pre-1858 Wills and Wills proved within Derbyshire 1858 - 1928
  Wills & Administrations, 1858 - 1928* : Surnames T - Z
*Not every Matlock will from this period was proved within Derbyshire
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Part of a Copy of a Grant of Probate of a Matlock resident   Abbreviations used below:
Adm = Administration (of Will) / Letters of Administration where individual died Intestate
DDR = Information from Death Duty Registers
Exec = Executor / Executrix of Will

Information below is organised by:
SURNAME, Christian Name(s), Date of Probate, Abode
Wills & Administrations, Surnames T
TAVERNER John 1893 Matlock
TAYLOR Ann 1879 London and Matlock Bank. DDR: Exec J M Challoner of Hyde and others
TAYLOR Eliza 1893 Matlock. DDR: of Matlock Bridge, d 17 Nov 1893, exec A J Greatorex
TAYLOR Ernest William 1925 Matlock
TAYLOR George 1861 Matlock, farmer and beer retailer.
Mentions John Trickett son of my wife Mary Taylor; Mary wife of Geo Allen dau of my said wife by her former husband; friend Thomas Spencer Tansley; friend Benjamin Twigg Tansley farmer; Melville Holmes Incumbent of Tansley witness; Thomas Mortimer Sidall Solr Hallfield Gate nr Alfreton witness
TAYLOR Gervase 1904 Matlock
TAYLOR Henry 1926 Matlock
TAYLOR James 1887 Matlock Bath. DDR: Exec Mordecai Cardin
TAYLOR James 1921 Matlock Bank
TAYLOR Jane 1862 (Adm) Tapton, died Matlock. Mary Taylor of Matlock sister
TAYLOR John 1866 Bow Wood, Matlock, farmer and cattle dealer.
Mentions wife Sarah; son Herbert Saint Taylor; William Yeomans, Holloway Agent Exec.; Robert Turner, Barn Close farmer, witness; Samuel Barker witness
TAYLOR John 1893 Matlock Bridge. DDR: d 21 Oct 1892, exec T Taylor *New*
TAYLOR Mary 1864 of Castle Top, Matlock.
Mentions dau Mary Ann Taylor living with me "six Windsor Chairs"; son Henry now living with me; dau Selena Taylor; son Wm; son John; David Kidd Cromford grocer and ironmonger; John Wildgoose farmer witness; Samuel Wright servant witness
TAYLOR Peter 1890 Matlock. DDR: of Matlock Bridge, d 31 May 1890, exec John Taylor
TAYLOR Samuel 1903 Matlock Bath. DDR: d 12 Aug 1903, exec J Taylor *New*
TAYLOR Sarah Ellen 1927 Matlock
TAYLOR Timothy 1903 Matlock
TAYLOR William 1862 Castle Top, Matlock. DDR: Exec Thos Alsop of Kingshill and others
TAYLOR William 1919 Matlock
TAYLOR William 1923 Matlock Bath
THICKETT Annie 1904 Matlock Bath
THICKETT Mary 1900 Matlock Bath. DDR (1899): died 20 Mar 1899. Exec. A Thickett
THORPE Sarah 1874 (Adm) Matlock Bath. Mentions Samuel Thorpe Billiard Marker Shrewsbury
TODD Alexander 1897 Matlock
TOMLINSON George Edward 1919 Matlock
TOMLINSON Hannah Sophia 1923 Matlock
TOMLINSON Mary Ann 1890 Matlock
TOMLINSON Mary Ann 1916 Matlock
TOMLINSON Matilda 1928 Matlock
TOPLIS Hannah Maria 1909 Scarthin, Cromford
TOPLIS John 1923 Matlock
TOPLIS Lydia 1927 Matlock
TOPLIS Marcus 1897 Matlock Bank
TOWLE George 1883 Matlock Bath
TOWLE Hannah 1912 Matlock
TOWNDROW Bessy 1917 Matlock Bath
TOWNDROW Phoebe Ann 1914 Matlock Bath
TURNER Arthur 1879 Matlock
TURNER James 1899 Matlock
TURNER John 1898 Matlock
TURTON Ellen Elizabeth 1928 Matlock
TWELLS Thomas 1925 Lea, Matlock
TWIGG Benjamin 1874 Tansley, Matlock
TWIGG George 1903 Matlock Bank. DDR: d 14 Jan 1903, exec J H Twigg
TWYFORD Mary Jane 1920 Matlock
Wills & Administrations, Surnames U
UNWIN Elizabeth Swallow 1880 Sheffield and Matlock
UTTLEY Clara Louisa 1925 Matlock
Wills & Administrations, Surnames V
VERLING Patrick 1866 Roman Catholic Priest, Matlock Bridge
Mentions Susan Theobald; sister Mary LEARY; Sabina Verling wife of Bartholomew; bro Bartholomew; John Else Auctioner and Valuer ,Matlock; Alice Matthews widow; Josiah Cash L.R.C.P. and M.R.C.S Matlock Bridge witness; Wm Geo Wheatcroft Matlock Bridge witness
VERNON Joseph 1894 Matlock
VERNON Joseph 1896 Matlock. DDR: d. 10 May 1896, exec E Lindham
VERNON Mary 1894 Matlock. DDR: d 29 Jul 1892, exec E Ludlam
VON ELLRODT Elizabeth Eleanor 1920 Matlock
Wills & Administrations, Surnames W
WADSWORTH Joseph Michael 1894 Matlock Bath. DDR: died 25 Apr 1894, adm to M Wadsworth *New*
WAGSTAFF Daniel 1905 Matlock
WAGSTAFF Joseph 1888 Matlock Bank
WAGSTAFF Mary 1923 Matlock
WAGSTAFF Thomas Richard 1914 Matlock
WAKEFIELD Joseph 1917 Matlock
WALKER Ann 1860 (Adm 190) Matlock - to John Walker, Atherstone, hatter
WALKER Eliza 1889 Middlesex and Matlock. DDR: died 25 Dec 1888. Exec Richard Walker. Affidavit No. 5055
WALKER George alias WOODDIS, Matlock 1646 14 Nov PCC- PROB 11/198/128
WALKER George 1873 Matlock Bath. Exec. Lydia Walker
WALKER James 1923 Starkholmes, Matlock
WALKER Job 1894 Matlock. DDR: died 9 May 1893. Exec J. Walker. Affidavit No. 6105
WALKER Lydia 1890 Matlock Bath. DDR: died 26 Jun 1890. Exec George Roper. Affidavit No. 9106
WALKER Sarah Ann 1858 Lea Wood, nr. Matlock. Adm to W. Walker, Matlock
WALKER Thomas 1870 Matlock Bath, Museum Proprietor. Died 9 Oct 1870. Execs: Maria Skipper Walker, widow of Matlock Bath; Richard Wall the Younger of Wirksworth Fellmonger; Arthur Harward of Wirksworth, Gentleman (and solicitor)
WALKER Thomas 1877 Starkholmes, Matlock. Exec. Job Walker
WALKER Thomas 1900 Matlock Bath. DDR: died 19 Feb 1900. Exec J. Walker. Affidavit No. 3032
WALKER William 1869 Lea Wood
Died 3 Oct 1868. Exec William Walker, son
WALKER William 1901 Matlock Bath. DDR: died 8 Feb 1901 Exec R Walker
WALL Ann 1907 Riber
WALL George 1865 Riber, Matlock. Exec. Mary Wall and others
WALL George 1902 Matlock Bank. DDR: died 21 Jul 1902. Exec E. Wall. Affidavit No. 3004
WALL George 1906 Riber
WALL George 1913 Starkholmes, Matlock
WALL Gillah 1914 Matlock
WALL Henry 1861 Riber, par. Matlock, farmer.
Mentions wife Elizabeth; son in law Henry Redfern; Richard Walthall property deal; son in law Thomas Redfern; dau in law Mary wife of Adam Knowles Matlock miner; dau in law Lydia wife of John Smith Over Hackney flax dresser; dau in law Charlotte Gregory wife of Philip of Derby, joiner; Jas C. Newbold Solr Matlock, witness; William Green Clerk to Messrs Milnes and Newbold Solr, Matlock. Made 1851
WALL John 1905 Riber
WALL Thomas 1894 Matlock Bank. DDR: died 22 May 1893. Exec. J T Wall. Affidavit No. 2561
WALTERS Ann 1899 Matlock Bath
WALTERS Charles 1900 Matlock Bank. DDR: died 22 Jan 1900. Exec J. Slater
WALTERS Elizabeth 1875 (Adm) Matlock. Mentions Mary Anne Wright, Matthew Wright of Bradford, YKS
WALTHALL Sarah 1910 Matlock Bath
WALTON Alice 1915 Matlock [please note that there is no Alice Walton of Matlock in National Probate calendars 1914/15/16]
From the Derbyshire Courier 31 July 1915:
Mrs. Alice Walton, of 18 Highfield Road, Chesterfield, formerly of Thornton House, Matlock.
Exec: Mr. Samuel Skidmore, of Smedley Street, Matlock - probate renounced by her son, Mr. Herbert William Walton.
WALTON Anthony 1895 Matlock farmer and innkeeper. DDR: died 11 Dec 1894. Exec A. Walton
WALTON Elizabeth 1891 Matlock Green. DDR: died 5 May 1891. Exec M. Marples
WALTON George 1868 Matlock. DDR: Exec Geo Harrison of Matlock
WALTON George 1901 Matlock. DDR: died 10 Jul 1897. Exec J. Walton
WALTON Hannah 1868 Matlock. DDR: Exec William Walton of Matlock
WALTON James 1919 The Cliffe, Matlock gentleman. Died 29 June. Execs Jessie Manknell, William Arthur Witheford, Frederick John Bowles
WALTON John 1909 The Myrtles, Upper Hackney, Matlock. Died 9 Feb Exec Alice Walton
WALTON John Rupert 1895 Matlock commercial traveller. DDR: died 11 Dec 1894. Exec H. G. Hartley
WALTON William 1883 Matlock. DDR: Exec James Harrison of Matlock
WARD Catherine 1885 Matlock Dale. DDR: Exec. Hannah K Ward. Affidavit No. 5037
WARD George 1892 Matlock Bank. DDR: died 6 Apr 1892. Exec. H Ward. Affidavit No. 6352
WARD George 1898 4 Nov the "Duke of Wellington" Inn, Matlock Bank.
Died 13 Aug 1898. Execs Samuel Orlando War and Thomas Evans Innkeepers.
DDR: Affidavit No. 3565.
WARD James 1896 Matlock Bank. DDR (1895): died 6 Dec 1895. Exec. W. Gregory. Affidavit No. 11881
WARD Martha 1909 Matlock Bath
WARD Samuel 1866 Matlock miner
Mentions wife Susannah; dau Ann Ward; garden next to John Farnsworth's house; son James; son William; dau Mary Edwards; Wm Slater Matlock Bank marble worker; Hanah Slater witness; John Else witness. Testator died 1861
WARD Thomas 1885 Matlock Bank. DDR: Exec. Wm. Hursthouse. Affidavit No. 8608
WARD Valentine Rev. 1895 Matlock Bank. DDR (1894): died 6 Nov 1894. Exec. E Ward. Affidavit No. 14347
WARD William 1877 Matlock Bath
WARD William Henry 1914 Matlock
WARDLEY Anne Allen 1919 Matlock Bath
WARDLEY James 1892 Matlock Bath. DDR: died 27 Nov 1891. Exec. Ann A Wardley. Affidavit No. 1133
WAREING Esther 1911 Matlock
WATKINSON Anna Maria 1896 Matlock (Town). DDR: died 3 May 1896. Exec. W Kirkland. Affidavit No. 2833
WATKINSON Mary Ann 1896 Matlock. DDR: died 16 1896. Exec. W Kirkland. Affidavit No. 2303
WEBSTER George 1917 Matlock Cliffe
WEBSTER John 1867 Riber, Matlock
WESTON Anthony 1891 Matlock. DDR: died 3 Mar 1890. Exec. Harriet Weston. Affidavit No. 3940
WHEAT Susan 1899 Matlock Bath. DDR: died 11 Mar 1899. Exec. W H Proctor. Affidavit No. 724
WHEATCROFT Edward 1882 Matlock Bath. J W Wheatcroft an executor
WHEATCROFT Evelyn Anne 1898 Matlock. DDR: gives abode Derby died 7 Jan 1898. Exec. J A Wheatcroft. Affidavit No. 401
WHEATCROFT Harry 1907 Wellfield Cottage, Matlock, gas stoker. Adm to Sarah Ann Wheatcroft, widow.
WHEATCROFT Henrietta 1879 Matlock Bath. William Bryan an executor
WHEATCROFT John 1905 Matlock Bath DDR: died 23 Oct 1905. Execs: Priscilla Corris (wife of John Henry C) and Mary Whittaker, widow.
WHEATCROFT Maria 1916 Matlock Bath
WHEATCROFT Mary Ann 1858 Willersley, Matlock. Adm granted to Nathaniel Wheatcroft the yngr. Willersley Cottage
WHEATCROFT Nathaniel 1862 Chapel Hill, Cromford. Exec. Joseph Wheatcroft of Wirksworth
WHEATCROFT Nathaniel 1882 Willersley, Matlock. Thos Newton, Wirksworth an executor
WHEATCROFT Sidney Frederick 1907 Matlock Bath, hotel proprietor.
WHEATCROFT William 1863 Matlock, Mine Agent. Execs: Edward Wheatcroft and Thomas Kershaw of Bolton, LAN
WHEELDON Ann 1886 Matlock. Geo W Wright an executor
WHEELDON John 1895 Matlock. Died - Feb 1895. Exec. L? Wheeldon
WHEELDON John 1905 Wensley and Snitterton, Matlock
WHEELDON Joseph 1890 Matlock Moor. DDR: died 24 Jun 1890. Exec Olive Wheeldon.
WHEELDON Joseph 1905 Matlock
WHEELDON Moses 1860 Matlock. Exec George Staley of Tansley Crich
WHITE Charles Frederick 1924 Matlock
WHITE Lydia 1869 Matlock Bank, spinster
Mentions son Samuel. Francis Hatfield shopkeeper witness; Titus Carline Matlock fwk, witness.
Made 1863. Testator died 3 Sep 1863
WHITE Mary Elizabeth 1922 Hackney, Darley Dale
WHITTAKER Edwin 1880 Lanes Anglesey and Matlock. Exec. M. A. Whittaker of Matlock.
WHITTAKER Henry 1895 Matlock [Crich]. DDR: died 9 Mar 1895. Exec F Clifton. Affidavit No. 4960
WHITTAKER Mary 1922 Matlock Bath
WHITTAKER Millicent Mary Matlock 1895. DDR: died 9 Mar 1895. Exec F Clifton. Affidavit No. 4131 *New*
WHOLEY Ann 1881 Riber
WHYMARK Charles 1918 Darley Bridge, Matlock
WIGGLESWORTH Isabella 1878 Matlock Bridge
WIGLEY Fanny 1870 10 Dec of Matlock Bath, Spinster
d. 27 Oct 1870 at Matlock Bath.
Execs: Joshua Wigley, Bonsall Farmer; John Boden of Matlock Bath Confectioner, nephew
WILCOCKSON Eliza 1863 (Adm 243) Matlock. Mentions George Wilcockson of Derby
WILDGOOSE Anthony 1868 Matlock Bank. Exec. Ralph Wildgoose and others
WILDGOOSE Betsey 1889 Matlock
WILDGOOSE Lt E H [Ernest Henry] 1918
(War Will) 2nd Lt RE 104 Field Coy RE BEF France. Mentions wife Doris Wright Wildgoose
WILDGOOSE Francis 1858 (Adm) The Hurst, Matlock. Mentions Laurence Wildgoose
WILDGOOSE George 1864 (Adm 077) Matlock - Labourer died Dove Holes.
Mentions John Knowles, friend. Five minor children named
WILDGOOSE John 1899 Matlock Bank Stone Mason
Died 10 June 1898. Exec William Fox
WILDGOOSE John 1903 Matlock
WILDGOOSE Lawrence 1869 Hurst Farm, Matlock. Exec. Thomas Wildgoose of Macclesfield and others
WILDGOOSE Lawrence Thomas 1921 Matlock
WILDGOOSE Richard 1895 Matlock
WILDGOOSE Robert 1900 Matlock
WILDGOOSE Thomas 1902 Matlock
WILKINSON Joe 1927 Matlock
WILLGOSS Ruth 1887 Matlock Widow
Died at Matlock 12 Sep 1886.
Execs Emma Waller of Newbold and Anna Marshall of Masson Mount Matlock, widows
WILLIAMSON Charles 1896 Matlock Bath
WILLIAMSON Mary Ada 1899 Matlock Bath
WILSON Ann 1915 Matlock
WILSON Luke 1865 9 Oct Yeoman Matlock. Died 15 Aug. Execs Abanathan D Statham and Luke Wilson Labourer son
WILSON William 1888 13 Jul Farmer Matlock.
Died Mickleover 5 June. Exec Thomas Wilson of Stonebroom
WILSON William 1905 Matlock Bank
WINGFIELD Sarah 1870 Rockland House, Matlock Bath
WOOD Mary 1919 Matlock
WOODCOCK Charles Cleever 1869 Dalefield House, Matlock Bank
WOODFIELD William, spar and marble dealer of Milton House, Matlock Bath 1901 30 May
DDR: died 3 May 1901 Execs Thomas Sharp cabinet maker and Martha Woodfield widow
WOODHEAD Joseph 1877 Gamersal, Matlock and Rowsley
WOODHOUSE Alfred 1889 Matlock Bank DDR: died 9 Jul 1889 Exec. Joseph Woodhouse
WOODHOUSE James 1868 Matlock Bank DDR: Exec. George Wall and others
WOODHOUSE James Henry 1918 of Tansley Wood Mills nr Matlock
(War Will) Private 204407 5Tth Res Bn Notts and Derbys. (later 2nd 8th SF D Coy. 15 Platoon);
sister Elizabeth Leedham. Made 22 Jul 1917 (See Matlock War Memorial)
WOODIWISS Henry Matlock Bridge 1888 10 Apr
Execs: Abraham Woodiwiss of Derby and Alfred Woodiwiss of Paignton DEV
WOOLLEY Mary 1883 Matlock Bank
WORTHY John 1870 (Adm 510) Matlock.
Mentions Martha Worthy
WRAGG Ann 1879 Matlock
WRAGG Samuel 1881 Matlock Bank
WRAGG Sarah 1914 Matlock
WRAGG William 1903 Hackney
WRIGHT Charles 1858 (Adm) Matlock. Mentions Hannah Wright, William Wright
WRIGHT Charles 1869 Matlock earthenware dealer.
Mentions dau Ann; grandson Chas Knowles; Wm Geo Wheatcroft Solr Matlock Bridge; witness John Rouse Matlock carrier. Made 1866
WRIGHT Emmie 1927 Matlock
WRIGHT George 1866 Matlock, shoemaker.
Mentions wife Ann; son Henry; son Robert; dau Fanny Wildgoose; Richard Gregory gardner (maybe a surname, rather than occupation); Henry Marsden Schoolmaster
WRIGHT George Wheeldon 1891 Matlock
WRIGHT James 1865 Matlock
WRIGHT Sarah 1886 Matlock Bank
WRIGLEY Joseph 1906 Matlock
WRIGLEY Sarah Ann 1925 Matlock
WYVILL Benjamin Taylor 1920 Matlock Bath, grocer, provision merchant and wine and spirit merchant, probate 6 Dec
WYVILL William Herbert 1919 Matlock Bath, grocer, probate 31 Mar
Wills & Administrations, Surnames X
No Surnames at present
Wills & Administrations, Surnames Y
YOUNG Charles 1890 Matlock
YOUNG John 1908 Matlock
YOUNG Mary 1907 Spring Villa, Matlock Bank
YOUNG Richard 1897 Matlock
YOUNG William 1881 Matlock Cliff
Wills & Administrations, Surnames Z
No Surnames at present