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Burnage, Lancashire
19th Century Lancashire Directory Transcript
Lancashire Directory, 1858 Volume III p.1400
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Kelly's 1891 Derbyshire Directory
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Burnage is a small township and in the parish of Manchester, from which it is about 3 miles north-north-east, in Chorlton Union, South Lancashire. It contains several highly respectable and well built residences. W. T. Egerton, esq., M.P., is the chief land owner. The soil is chiefly clay ; crops are wheat, oats, potatoes and grass. The population, in 1851, was 563 ; and the area is 658 acres. Here was a Roman settlement.

Private Residents

Alexander Josiahs B. C. esq. The Acacius, Burnage lane
Andrew Frederick esq. Tichfield house
Broadie John esq. Grove ho. Cringle wd
Cheetham Mr. John Hurst, Hope house
Crabtree Henry esq. Oakleigh house
Degatau Henry esq. Burnage lodge
Dyer Jsph. Cheeseborough, Burnage lodge
Eaton James esq. Hamden cottage
Hattersley Richard esq. Oakleigh house
Holehouse Mr. William
Hope Mr. John, Rose cottage
Horner Thomas esq. Cringle villa
Howarth Mr. John
Johnson Thomas esq. Tamworth house
Kenworthy Mr. Robert, Hope house
Kelvington Mrs. Violet, Holme farm
Massey William esq. Milton cottage
Menzies Mr. William, Rose cottage
Middleton Mr. Christopher Greaves, Burnage house
Mottram Miss Elizabeth, Tanyard house
Parr George esq., Brook house
Rawlinson Mr. Robert, Yewtree cottage
Slater William esq. Shawbrook lodge
Slingsby Wm. esq Cattrick hall, Fogg lane
Stringer Samuel esq. Cringle villa
Stroyan Mr. William, Burnage villa
Watts Samuel esq. Burnage hall
Watts Mr. William
Webb Mr. Samuel


Bibby John, farmer, Hyde fold
Bibby William, farmer, Brook cottage
Brown Joseph, shopkeeper
Cheetham John, farmer, Tan yard farm
Chorlton Maria (Mrs.), day school
Clarke Thomas, tailor
Firth David, shopkeeper
Green Robert, beer retailer
Hamnet Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer
Hay John, builder & joiner
Heywood Thomas, shopkeeper
Kifford Stephen gardener
Langford Richard, farmer, Yew Tree
Mottram Hugh, farmer, High farm
Noden John, farmer, Lady barn
Norris Henry, farmer, Picker green
Reddish John, painter, plumber & glazier
Rudd John, farmer, Green end
Rudd Thomas, farmer
Watson Jas., beer retailer, Lady barn

[End of transcript. Spelling, case and punctuation are as they appear in the Directory.]