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Dethick, Manor Farm

Three farms, Church Farm, Babington Farm and Manor Farm, cluster around the church at Dethick. The Manor Farm building contains remains of the old mansion of the Dethicks and Babingtons, so parts of the building are fifteenth century with sixteenth and eighteenth century additions. Manor Farm is Grade 2 listed and one of its outbuildings, as well as a couple belonging to the neighbouring Babington Farm, are also listed. The historian J. C. Cox said there was also an old barn, built by Sir Anthony Babington[1], still standing in 1915.

Thomas Tudor, writing in 1926, added that "the great kitchen is still there, with its turnspit and other curious things of Elizabethan days"[2].

Cellar Doorway, Dethick Hall (Manor Farm)
by J. Gresley, 1863-4.

In the late 1930s Alison Uttley wrote a fictional novel about the Babingtons called "A Traveller in Time". In her story Manor Farm was called Thackers and the plot was woven around the house and the local area[3].

Manor Farm also featured regularly on the BBC's popular children's programme Blue Peter when Simon Groom was one of the presenters. At the time (circa 1980) the BBC dramatised Alison Uttley's book for a children's serial and the production was filmed at Manor Farm.

Kitchen, Babington Manor House, 1926 sketch[2]
showing the triple arched hearth range.

A photograph, from a postcard, of the hearth range is shown below.
The card dates from a similar time to the sketch.
A pair of boots are tucked under the chair in the alcove where the cooking range is and a variety
of tools are hung above the wooden chest on the right of the same alcove.
Behind the range is some sort of recess; lined up along the bottom are a number of flat irons.
An oil lamp hangs from the ceiling.

Leonard Wheatcroft, parish clerk of Ashover as well as poet, tailor and schoolmaster, wrote the following verse about Dethick in 1672. It is part of a much longer poem:

(v.15) "To speak of Dedick what shall I do there,
Babbington's Treason hateful doth appear ;
Their house is down and they are gone to nought,
So will all those which ere rebellion sought.
Then pray to God for peace and unity,
That King and nobles all may well agree".

(Extracts from: Wheatcroft, Leonard (1672), An Elegy. Not published until it appeared in The Reliquary, Vol. VI. 1865-6, ed. Llewellynn Jewitt, F.S.A.)

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Images 1 and 4 in the collection of, provided by and © Susan Tomlinson.
Images 2 and 3 in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


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Dethick's Manor Farm is mentioned in Hall's "Days in Derbyshire", 1863, Chapter the Seventh. Riber, Dethick and Lea. There are engravings of both the church and the farm included.

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