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A selection of photographs and postcards of a Surrey country town
Eashing Bridge, 1898

The old double stone bridge spanning the river Wey at Eashing was probably built in the thirteenth century. John Janaway suggests the builders could have been the monks of Waverley Abbey[1].

It was given to the National Trust in 1901, after top picture was taken. The modern National Trust sign near the bridge refers to it as Eashing Bridges.

The opposite side of the bridge, from a painting by A de B.

1. "Eashing Bridge", published by F. Frith & Co. Ltd., Reigate, No.41806. Printed in Saxony. First published in 1898. Not posted.
2. "Eashing Bridge, Nr. Godalming". Eyre & Spotiswoode's Woodbury Series, No.4067 [pre1918]. Not posted.
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[1] Janaway, John "The Story of Godalming" (1983) Local Heritage Books, Newbury ISBN 1 86368005 4.

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