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Broughton High School, Salford in 1931
Broughton High School for Girls, Salford, LAN

Broughton High School for Girls was on Bury New Road. The younger girls were educated at Broom Lane Preparatory School which was over the road from Broughton High in a house called 'The Stables'. The webmistress's mother was a pupil at both Broom Lane and Broughton High and matriculated from here. She loved this school, despite the large amounts of homework (nothing has changed in that respect). As a reminder of what was at home her schoolfriend Lily posted this card to her in the summer of 1931 when she was on a family holiday in Llandudno.

My mother was very fortunate to attend the school and be so well educated; her father had died in 1919 whilst serving in the Army so the education of both her and her sister was paid for by the Linen Trade. This was because of the post he would have held if he'd have survived.

Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews Intended for personal use only

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