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Nov 2016 New pages:
1. Matlock: Thomas Stephen Bridge & his Family, 19th & 20th Century. The Bridge family of Lime Tree Lane and Bank Road, some of whom emigrated to Canada. With thanks to Bob Morton and Debbie and Barbara, nee Bridge, who are Tom's grand-daughters.
Additions to:
1. The Victoria Prospect Tower, Matlock Bath. The original Salisbury Ball card has been replaced by a larger version and a second card added, both cards dating from the early twentieth century.
2. Matlock Bath: Victoria Tower, Heights of Abraham, 1907 -25. A second coloured views of the Prospect Tower on the Heights of Abraham.
Oct 2016 New pages:
Items 1 and 3 with many thanks to Susan Tomlinson.
1. Matlock: Chesterfield House Hydro Brochure, 1906-17. Lovely early twentieth century illustrated brochure, originally produced for Arthur Hitching, with changes by the new owner in 1917.
2. Matlock Bank, Summer 1904 (2). Part of the County Bridge was closed and difficulties for drays with heavy loads.
3. Matlock: Crown Square & the Bank, 1919-27. Taken before the tram was closed in 1927 but after the shops at Park Head had finally been demolished in 1926.
4. Matlock: Crown Square & the Bank After the Tram, 1928-39. A dangerous lorry, parking on the Hall Leys, traffic in Crown Square and Bank Road straightened.
Additions to:
1. Matlock Bank & Bridge, 1900-02. A third image added and additional info, especially about the development of some of the roads.
2. Matlock Bank, Summer 1904. A section of the main image has been enlarged to provide a better view of the Orme's building at Park Head, the County Bridge which was being rebuilt and part of the Hall Leys.
3. Matlock Bank, 1911 - 1914. Matlock was beginning to experience problems with motor vehicles on both Bank Road and in Crown Square, with a number of accidents reported in the local press. Plus information about the early development of Edge Road (title changed from Matlock: General View - of the Bridge and the Bank - about 1914).
4. Matlock from the Heights of Abraham. Enlargement added.
5. Matlock: General View of Matlock Bank and Bridge, 1911-14. Re-written, to include the older properties on Derwent Avenue. Includes enlargement of part of the main image.
Links added:
1. To the Old Matlock Pics group on Facebook, added to Links to images on either individual web pages or to web sites that have a Matlock connection.
It is independent of this site.
Where applicable, some users of that site have been asked to remove all previous postings they have made, so both historic and recent, of images from this website by that site's Moderator and this co-operation is welcomed as a means of preventing further misuse.
Sep 2016 New pages:
1. Matlock: Bank Road (1), 1907. Bank Road seen from Crown Square. Apart from the tramcar the only other vehicles are horse drawn.
2. Matlock: Bank Road (3), 1923-27. Elevated view of Bank Road, taken from Park Head, taken in the last years of the tramway. With thanks to Ray Ash for the image.
3. Matlock Dale: Views of High Tor, by Local Photographers. Two pictures taken by locals (Potter and Henshall), with a 1783 description of High Tor by Bray.

Later in September:
4. Matlock: Dale Crescent, about 1908. A rare late Edwardian image, when some Dale Road addresses were known as Dale Crescent. With advert for the Bon Marché. Many thanks to Ray Ash.
5. Matlock: Dale Road, 1909-19. By 1919 Matlock was emerging from the effects of the First World War. Amongst the most important events in the town in 1919 were the Peace Celebrations. Plus, in 1917, the formation of a society to support disabled and returning soldiers. With thanks to Susan Tomlinson.
6. Matlock: Masson from Dean Hill, 1921 - 1930. With views of Matlock Green, Knowleston Place, Stoney Way, Matlock Town and Starkholmes.
7. Matlock: Castle View, Looking Towards Riber & Starkholmes. View of Riber Castle, Starkholmes and High Tor from Cavendish Road. It also shows one of hydro's bridges across Smedley Street.
Additions to:
1. Matlock: Smedley's Hydro, 1908-14. Salisbury Ball card added.
2. Matlock: Bank Road (2) from Crown Square, about 1910. Advertisement added for Beard's drapery.
3. Matlock: Smedley's Memorial Hydropathic Hospital. A second image added. With thanks to Ray Ash.
4. Matlock Bath: Floral Fête on the Promenade, 1908. Matlock Bath's first Floral Fete has been re-written and two enlargements have been added.
5. Names on Matlock's War Memorial : Second World War Casualties. Walter Stanley Bowler has been added. With thanks to Guy Hudson for pointing out that he was omitted.

Later in September:
6. Matlock : Dale Road & The Old English Hotel. Additional postcard, from Susan Tomlinson, and more information about the licensees.
7. Dale Road, Matlock, 1909. With contemporary advertisement for Evans, the jewellers.
Aug 2016 New pages:
1. Matlock: Telephone Exchange, 1956 - the Night & Sunday Staff. The exchange above the Bank Road Post Office had opened in 1930. With thanks to Harry Salt.
2. Matlock Bath: River Derwent and Heights - a CDV from the late 1800s taken by William Potter. A lucky escape from drowning and a long lived resident who enjoyed fishing.
3. Matlock Bath: Lovers Walks, about 1901. The ferry crossing. Includes Pilkington's 1789 description of this section of Lovers' Walks.
4. Matlock Bath: Masson Mill's Water Wheel, about 1930. Photographs of the 1847 Wren and Bennet water wheel taken shortly before it was replaced by turbines.
5. Matlock Bath: South Parade, the Summer of 1914. The blowing up High Tor fiasco to the early days of war.
Additions to:
1. Matlock Bath: Steps and Woodland Walk on Lovers' Walks, Matlock Bath now includes a 1783 quotation from William Bray.
2. Matlock Bath's South Parade, 1909, & Boden's Baker & Confectioner. Now has three postcards. The view of South Parade from opposite the Fish Pond to just past the Pitchings. Includes the Heights of Abraham.
3. Matlock Bath: South Parade, 1910 - the Roads & Boden's Restaurant. Now includes an additional image, an advertisement for and more information about Boden's restaurant. Plus council dismay about the state of Matlock Baths roads.
4. Matlock Bath: South Parade, early twentieth century. Now includes the names of some of the shopkeepers and an enlargement of a section of the Parade.
5. Matlock Bath, South Parade & Heights of Abraham, 1914-18
6. Matlock Bath, River Derwent, with fuller extract about the village from the book where the engraving was published.
7. Photographers. A CDV of High Tor by William Potter has been added.
8. Matlock Bath: Fish Pond Stables, 1907. Find out what happened to Mr. Briddon's fish when the stables were demolished.
9. Matlock Bath: South Parade & Fishpond, before 1840 now includes an enlargement of the Fish Pond Stables
10. Matlock Bath: Fish Pond Hotel, about 1910 with an enlargement of the photographic studio on the hillside behind the hotel.
11. There have been some changes to the Vernon Lamb Archive, with thanks to Michael Briggs. The changes are to pages with soldiers on them.
12. Matlock: The Wishing Stone. A third postcard added, with grateful thanks to Ray Ash.
13. Mr. Chippett's School at Riber Castle. Now includes two enlargements of the main picture and details of some of the people in the photo.
July 2016 New pages:
1. Matlock: Bottom of Bank Road and The Lido. An Art Deco swimming pool built in the late 1930s. Four images and two advertisements.
2. John Smedley Ltd., Lea Mills, Matlock. Advertisement for Lea Mills reproduced from Matlock and District Industrial Exhibition catalogue
3. View of Lea and Bow Wood across the Derwent Valley. Includes the Cromford Canal, the High Peak Junction, Leawood Pumphouse, Wigwell Aqueduct, Cromford Goods Wharf and the hat manufactory at Lea. 3 images
4. Matlock Bath: Pig of Lead and Via Gellia Road. The road close to the Pig of lead was widened in the early years of the twentieth century. The work was part of Via Gellia Improvement Scheme
Additions to:
1. Matlock Bath: The Royal Pavilion - the Palais Royal has been completely re-written. Three more images have been added.
2. Postcard of the Old Pavilion & Royal Hotel, Matlock Bath, 1903. Now includes an enlargement of the Old Pavilion (Palais Royal).
3. Matlock Bath: Derby Road, Woodland House. Now with 1930s advertisement
4. Matlock Bath from Cat Tor. Now includes an enlargement of some of the properties on Derby Road - Woodland Terrace and House etc.
5. Dale View Holiday Centre, Matlock. A little more info.
Jun 2016 New pages:
1. Matlock: Smedley's Hydropathic Institution, 1890s. Grandeur had come to Smedleys in the post Smedley era and there were major alterations to the building.
2. Matlock: Smedley's Hydro, early 1900s. From insignificance to one of the largest hydros in the kingdom. Includes a postcard previously on a page about the hydro in 1914 but the date proved to be incorrect.
3. Matlock: Smedley's Hydro during the First World War. Smedley's functioned normally in the War and the hydro's permanent residents were largely undisturbed. Includes a comment from a patient who was there in the early stages of WW1.
Changes and additions to:
1. Matlock: Smedley's Hydro, 1906-7. Has been re-written.
2. Matlock: Smedley's Hydro, 1908-14. Also re-written and advertisements added.
3. Matlock: Smedley's Hydro, The Inter-War Years. The name has been changed from The Terrace 1927, another postcard has been added as well as two advertisements and more information. The photo of the terrace in the snow has been moved to this page.
4. Smedley's Hydro, Public Drawing Room. Now includes a quotation from the preface, a letter from a grateful patient and more about Smedley's appointee, the physician Dr. W. B. Hunter.
5. Smedley's Hydro, Grand Dining Room now includes notes about what materials were used when it was built.
6. Mrs. Robert Wildgoose now includes a tribute to her husband from Florence Nightingale.
7. Bank Road & the Steep-Gradient Tramway. Explanation of why Bank Road is wider above Edge Road.
8. Dale Road, Matlock Bath, about 1895. Enlargement of a section of the main picture added
9. Matlock Bath and the Heights of Abraham, 1890s. Rewritten, to include more details of the early licencees of the County and Station. An enlargement of the hotel has also been added.
10. Matlock Bath: County and Station Hotel, Dale Road, 1900-1930. Also largely rewritten.
11. Matlock Bath: Holme Road area, 1910-1920 Additional image and more info.
12. Lea Mills, Derbyshire - Nineteenth Century Engraving. Info added about the mill's early years.
May 2016 New pages:
1. Lists Through the Centuries: The Nineteenth Century : Arrivals at Matlock Bath, 1820-1850. European Royal families and nobility, British politicians, academics, clergy, members of the British aristocracy and upper and middle classes of society.
2. The Lady with the Lamp filmed at Lea Hurst, 2-3 July 1951. Ten photos of Anna Neagle and Herbert Wilcox, taken before and during shooting the film's last scenes. With thanks to Susan Tomlinson, who has a collection of newspaper articles and photos of the event.
3. Coats of Arms of Matlock Families, 1817 and before. The information has been removed from the Miscellany page and a new page has been created in the Pedigrees section, with more names and material.
Additions to:
1. Building the Railway Line to Matlock Station. A black and white photo of the main building has been added.
2. Matlock Dale: The Weir and the High Tor Tunnel. A mid nineteenth century engraving has been added and yet more information has come to light.
3. Matlock Bath: High Tor, 1785. New information has been added.
4. Matlock: Smedley's - Great Britain's Greatest Hydro, 1950. Additions, including C. F. White's bombshell in 1950 and a notice of a public meeting.
5. Matlock : Smedley's Hydro & Grounds, 1952, & the Hydro's Closure. A slight change to the page title as information about the closure has been added. With the letter Henry Douglas wrote informing clients about the closure.
6. Matlock House Hydro, Early Twentieth Century. A multi view card has been added. It dates from before the first war.
7. Matlock: Dale Road, 1949. Now includes advert for Wallis's.
8. Matlock: Willersley Castle. Another early twentieth century image has been added.
Apr 2016 New pages:
1. MIs - Inscriptions Found on Memorials elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

Changes to the Wills section. The Pre-1858 wills single page no longer exists and new pages have been created:
2. Pre 1858 Wills & Administrations in various UK archives, Surnames A - B
3. Pre 1858 Wills & Administrations in various UK archives, Surnames H - R
4. Pre 1858 Wills & Administrations in various UK archives, Surnames S - V
5. Pre 1858 Wills & Administrations in various UK archives, Surnames W - Z

6. Pathways to Riber Castle, passing Riber House Farm, Matlock. The footpath up the hillside goes right past the farm's gate. The home of the Wilsons and Farnsworths, the latter famous in the district for their family choir.

Additions to:
1. MIs Overseas - CLAY, in Malta. Photo from David Clay.
2. St. Giles' Churchyard, area J. New Commonwealth War Grave for ALLEN and WILDGOOSE, with photo. Photo from Celia Dyson.
3. St. Giles' Churchyard, area R - BOWN, with photo. Photo from Susan Tomlinson.

4. Pedigree of Wolley of Allen Hill. Additional notes.
5. Pedigree of Wolley of Riber. Additional notes, with 1674 quote from Leonard Wheatcroft.

6. Riber Castle, Four Mid-Nineteenth Century Engravings
7. Riber Castle
8. Matlock : Riber Hall engraving.
9. Matlock: Riber Hall. Much has been re-written
10. Matlock: Allen Hill Farm. Additional info and a further image.
11. Matlock Dale: The Weir and the High Tor Tunnel. An additional postcard, dating from before 1900, and more information.
12. Matlock Dale: High Tor & the Suspension Bridge over the Derwent. More about the river bed.
13. Matlock Bath: View of High Tor, by F. Chantrey, 1822. Further comments added.
14. Matlock Bath: Fountain Baths, Swimmers From Riber School now includes a 1903 advertisement.
15. The Grand Pavilion (Kursaal), 1910-12, Matlock Bath now includes a rare picture of the Pavilion during construction. Image from Susan Tomlinson.
16. The Grand Pavilion, 1920s, Matlock Bath. Council disagreements in the latter part of the decade have been added.
17. Holy Trinity Church and the Switchback Railway, Matlock Bath has an additional image and additions to the text.
18. Matlock Bath: Aviaries & Monkey House, Lovers' Walks. Two amusing newspaper cuttings have been added.
19. Matlock: Views from the Memorial & Memorial Hill. A third picture, showing people watching sheep-dog trails on the Hall Leys in the 1930s. Image from Susan Tomlinson.

20. Matlock & Matlock Bath References - Books & Other Publications. Two more titles, by Margaret Oakes and Peter Naylor, have been added to the New and More Recent Books section.

Mar 2016 New pages:
1. Matlock: Looking south from Jackson Tor, 1928. View of central Matlock, including the station goods yard Poyser's mill and his Curtis Cultivator.
2. Matlock from Matlock Bank, 1904-06. 1904-06 postcard includes the newly built Co-op buildings and Smedleys, with information about the Co-operative Society. 1964 photo from the same viewpoint.

Susan Tomlinson has very kindly provided images for the following:
3. Matlock: General View from Jackson Tor, 1904-10, & Jackson House. The picture shows Jackson House Hydro, Tor House Hydro, All Saints and The Terrace on Woolley Road which had connections to the Pre-Raphaelite Movement. With advert for the Abbey Hotel (formerly Jackson House)
4. Matlock from Riber, late 1920s. A little about the revived cattle market and special fairs.
5. Matlock: Football Club Committee, 1950s. Photo of three of the committee, who re-formed the Club after WW2.

6. Matlock: Scout & Cubs Rally, Sunday, 7 September 1946 (2). Photograph at a rally attended by Matlock & District Cubs. With thanks to Anne Davidson.
Additions to:
1. Matlock: The Park, 1952. Photograph of the Hall Leys from Crown Square and additional info about the park in the 1940s and early 1950s has been added.
2. Matlock: Views from the Memorial & Memorial Hill. Additional image and more info.
3. Matlock: Seen from the Look-out, Jackson Tor. The file name has been changed to fit with other pages nd a little more info added.
4. Matlock: Derby & Derbyshire Convalescent Home (NALGO House). Another image and additional information about its early years under Mr. Cartledge and as a school.
5. Names on Matlock's War Memorial : WW1, Surnames A - J has additional information and photos of two further casualties, Samuel Henstock and William Edward Beard. With thanks to R. Bagshaw.
6. Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, Productions 1907-69. 1935 programme cover, from Susan Tomlinson.
7. Matlock Bath: Mr. Buxton's Royal Museum & the Great Petrifying Well. Coloured postcard added, again with thanks to Susan.
Links added:
1. To the Mace Archive of video clips on Flooding in the Matlocks and Images Section, Links
Feb 2016 New pages:
1. Matlock: H. G. Hartley's shop in Crown Square, about 1904. Hartley's sold almost everything. Mr. Hartley was the Chairman of the Council.
2. Matlock: Bridge & Bank, early 1890s. Property development at the southern end of Dale Road, the fire at the Old English Hotel and its subsequent re-building and re-furbishing.
3. Matlock Bank & Bridge, late 1890s. Includes the Bank's development, Council rubbish tips and Matlock's Conservative Club.
Additions to:
1. Matlock: Dale Road & Marsdens, 1928 & Early 1950s. From Marsdens, the first shop in Matlock to be lit by electricity, to the Old English. 1928 photograph of Marsdens and a rollover image that shows the building in 2016, with thanks to Susan Tomlinson, and more information. Plus a slight change to the page title.
2. Matlock: Dale Road and The Old English Hotel now includes a photo (from Susan) of the hotel taken in the 1990s.
3. Dale Road, Matlock, 1909 now includes three photos (also from Susan) of the hotel in 2016 and details of the carved stonework.
4. Chesterfield House Hydro, Matlock. Two more images (from Susan) and more information.
5. Matlock: Crowder Johnson's Handmade Hosiery Works. More information has come to light, which has now been added.
6. Matlock: General Views, Early 20th Century. A second image, with thanks to Susan, and additional information. The railway crossing the river, Matlock Bank and Steep Turnpike. The Council on ashbins.
7. Matlock Bank and Bridge - from near the Quarry, 1907. An unusual view of Matlock Bank and Bridge, photographed from just past the Holt Quarry. Plus Steep Turnpike and Mr. Nuttall's field. Now with two images and more information.
8. Matlock from Riber, 1914. A second postcard of the same vintage, and a recent photo. Information about the Dean Fields (now Dene Fields). The two recent pictures from Susan Tomlinson.
9. Matlock Bridge, late 1880's. Additional text added.
10. Matlock Bridge & Bank, early 1890s. With another image and information about Bridge House (Hall) Hydro.
11. The War Memorials. Navigation has been improved on most of the pages that list names of the war dead. Names on Matlock's War Memorial : WW1, Surnames A - J has additional information about several casualties, including those of Bagshaw (with many thanks to R. Bagshaw) and Clay. Names on Matlock's War Memorial : WW1, Surnames K - W also has additional information about some of the casualties.

Pages merged:
12. Matlock Bank & Bridge, 1900-02 has been created from Matlock Bank & Bridge, about 1900 (1) and Matlock Bank & Bridge, about 1900 (2) as what appeared to be two images were from the same photograph. With more information.
Jan 2016 New pages:
1. Matlock Modern School Prospectus, 1932. Photographs and content from this progressive school's brochure for prospective parents.
2. Matlock: Bank House & Church View Hydro, New Street. Henry Ward built Bank House before 1871, took over the adjacent Church View in 1874 and remained there until not long before the first world war. The property was bought by Ernest Henry Bailey.
3. Matlock: Lilybank Hydro, Ballroom. Numerous clubs and societies who hired Lilybank's ballroom for their annual dinner dances and balls in the 1950s. Three images. With thanks to Deirdre Connor.

Two new pages have been created from the former Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, 1908, wit additional material added.
4. Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, Productions 1907-69. List of productions 1907-1969 (with programme covers where available), with information of how and when it began.
5. Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, The Mikado, 1908. The programme cover, cast, society's officers and advertisers.

Also new is:
6. Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, 1930 - The Gondoliers. Photographs of Matlock and District Amateur Operatic Society's first productions of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera.
Changes to:

Now have enlargements of the original image.
1. Matlock County Infant School Band, about 1935/6/7.
2. Matlock Council School, 1936, Juniors (2)
3. Matlock Council School, 1938 (2)
4. Matlock Council Junior School, about 1939.
5. Matlock: Council School, 1939

6. Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, 1930s (part 2). More info about the shows and additional names for the 1938 and 1939 productions.

7. Water Cures now includes a new section - The First Hydro in the District. And it wasn't run by either Ralph Davis or John Smedley.

8. Matlock: Lilybank Hydro (Dalefield). Additional information and two more images.
9. Matlock: Mr. Barton's Dalefield Hydro (Lilybank), 1904. Additional information and another image.