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A warm welcome to the MOLS[1] section of our website. Its primary purpose is to help assign names to two group images of faculty, staff and postgrads taken in the summers of 1967 and 1968. It is thought that no name lists were produced at the time but if anyone can provide one it would receive a huge welcome.

With the help of over 20 "Friends of MOLS" over half the faces have now been given identifications but there is clearly some distance to go. For privacy reasons the names of identified persons will not be made public on this website. However, the ID numbers of those still unidentified are shown in the .pdf file below each image. So if you can fill a gap by supplying even a provisional name or two please send it to me (contact Andy) along with your full name, role and dates of being at Sussex; I will then add you to our email group of Friends and send you higher resolution copies of the images and the names of all those so far identified.

Also here is an image likely from 1965 when chemistry was still part of MAPS[2]. Most of the identifications have been provided by those involved in creating the excellent wiki about the History of Physics and Astronomy at Sussex[3], but some gaps still remain. Again, please send me any information you can and I will ensure it is added.

The University's Archive at The Keep has been very helpful in this work and I will be sending them copies of this research once we have gone as far as we can. I plan to visit The Keep shortly to view the graduation ceremony programmes and extract the names of all those chemists who graduated up to 1970. The hope is that seeing the names will jog memories and thereby help to identify a few more names.

Finally, a particularly rewarding aspect of this project has been to correspond with faculty and fellow students I have not been in contact with for over 50 years and from them receive a number of anecdotes about the life and times of MOLS during its early years, and of the wide range of personalities it embraced. I have also been sent some additional images and some scripts from the Christmas cabarets that became such a marvellous tradition. All will be forwarded to The Keep in due course. I am grateful to all those who have contributed and will be pleased to receive more.

I left Sussex in 1968 after six very happy years and the cheerful - and generally youthful - faces in the Sussex sunshine shown here are a much treasured reminder of those times.

Please look closely at the images and help save those present from further anonymity.

With warm thanks

Dr 'Andy' Andrews, MAPS & MOLS 1962 - 1968

1. 1967 (MOLS)

mols 1967

University of Sussex, MOLS Faculty, Staff and Postgraduates 1967
. Help identify the missing 1967 names.

2. 1968 (MOLS)

mols 1968

University of Sussex, MOLS Faculty, Staff and Postgraduates 1968
. Help identify the 1968 missing names.

2. 1965 (MAPS)

maps 1965

University of Sussex, MAPS Faculty and Staff 1965
. Help identify the 1965 missing names.


[1] MOLS was the designation of the School of Molecular Sciences.

[2] MAPS was the designation of the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

[3] History of Physics and Astronomy at Sussex.