Railway Miscellany

1. Gas wagons
2. Airbrush colours for Southern wagons (in preparation)
3. Kadee couplings for Southern stock (in preparation)

1. Gas wagons

Here are pictures of two models originally destined for my sons' GWR layout
but subsequently captured for Southern territory.
They will eventually have LBSC transfers.
Both need final completion.

A. Kit by David Geen to Diag DD5

Substantial model that was quite difficult to make because I found the corners did not naturally align properly. As a result, getting everything square and the axles 'just right' between the bearings was a nightmare! Bending the pipework to match the diagram supplied was also difficult so I created my own interpretation of how the pipework might have been. In any event, there were enormous differences between the wagons that made it to service so I am content to have produced 'what might have been'. The tanks themselves are supplied as castings with excellent rivet detail.

B. Kit by SE Finecast (no prototype specified)

An equally interesting model to make and easier to construct. However the model offers much less detail; the tanks are simple lengths of plain brass tube so have no 'boiler bands' to withstand the pressure nor do they have any pipework. These have therefore been added and do much to enhance the final model.

Andy Andrews
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