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Dronfield (with Unstone & Coal Aston), Derbyshire
19th Century Derbyshire Directory Transcripts
From: Kelly's Directory of the Counties of Derby, Notts, Leicester and Rutland
pub. London (May, 1891) - pp.187-190
Kelly's Directory, 1891
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DRONFIELD is a township, parish and town lying in a valley, on the old road from Chesterfield to Sheffield, with on the Midland railway, 6 miles north-west from Chesterfield and 6 south from Sheffield, in the North Eastern division of the county, hundred of Scarsdale, Eckington petty sessional division, Chesterfield union and county court district, rural deanery of Dronfield, archdeaconry of Derby and diocese of Southwell. The Local Government Act of 1858 was adopted by the parish 11 Oct. 1861, and the board consists of nine members; the town is lighted with gas by a limited company and supplied with water from springs. The church of St. John the Baptist, situated on a height, is a large building in the Early Gothic style, consisting of chancel with vestry, clerestoried nave, aisles, porch and an embattled western tower with spire rising to a height of 132 feet and containing a clock and 6 bells: in the vestry, which is two storeys in height, are two wooden chests, in which are preserved five large folio volumes of Poole's "Synopsis Criticorum," dated 1674, and a chained copy of Bishop Jewel's "Apology for the Church of England," dated 1569 : the aisles are separated from the nave by arcades of four arches on plain circular piers: the chancel, which is higher than the rest of the church, is Decorated, and retains three sedilia with crocketed finials and a piscina: the pulpit is very finely carved in oak : the stained east window is a memorial to the late Samuel Parker, of Broom Grove House, Sheffield, d. 1886: the west window, the square-headed clerestory windows, the battlements of the tower and the vestry are Perpendicular, and several of the windows display emblazoned coats of arms: there is an ancient tomb with recumbent effigy to Sir Richard Barley knt., of Dronfield Woodhouse, dating from the first half of the 15th century, and repaired by James Barley in 1593: in the chancel are brasses to the Fanshawe family, dated 1545; to Michael Burton, ob. 12 July, 1656; William Burton, ob. 8 July, 1657; Mary Burton, ob. 20 April, 1773; and to John, Samuel and Elizabeth Rotherham, of Dronfield House, dated 1794, 1795 and 1797 respectively, besides several others, including those of two priests who erected the church: the organ was erected at a cost of £230: in 1855 considerable alterations were made, when £1,000 was spent in repairing and repewing the church, and the chancel was restored in 1886: there are 610 sittings, of which 230 are free. The register dates from the year 1560. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £350, including 145 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of the Lord Chancellor, and held since 1888 by the Rev. Charles Isaac Bickerstaff, surrogate. The advowson was given to the neighbouring Abbey of Beauchief by Sir Henry De Brailsford, in the reign of Edward I. though the tithes were not appropriated to that monastery until 1399, and the vicarage was endowed four years later. There is a Free Methodist chapel, erected in 1883, with 150 sittings: the Baptist chapel, built in 1871, has 200 sittings; Wesleyan, built in 1876, 150 sittings; Congregational, built in 1812 and rebuilt 1860, 550 sittings; and the Primitive Methodist chapel, an iron structure, erected in 1875, has 100 sittings. A burial board of 9 members was established in Nov. 1876. The cemetery, opened in November, 1877, is 8 acres in extent, and contains two mortuary chapels and a residence for the sexton; the total cost was £7,500, the amount being borrowed, at £5 per cent. interest, from the Public Works Loan Commissioners, to be repaid within a period of 20 years. The Town Hall, a substantial edifice of stone, was erected by the trustees of Taylor's Charity in 1863; the petty sessions, board meetings &c. are held here. The Sheffield and Rotherham Joint Stock Banking Company Limited have a branch establishment here, opened twice weekly. There is an extensive foundry, where spindles, flyers, files, edge tools, spades and shovels, steel and malleable iron are made; reaping hooks, sickles and scythes are produced in the township. A cattle fair is held yearly on April 25th, and a hiring for servants November 3rd. A flower show is held generally in August or September, at which there is also a good show of vegetables. James Swift, 18th May, 1610, left £3, to be distributed annually to the poor by the churchwardens: the Rev. Lawrence Banks surrendered by deed poll, dated 20th October, 1662, certain lands, the rents thereof to be distributed to the poor on Easter Sunday: Dorothy Hall left, June 19th, 1711, a sum of £100, the interest to be distributed yearly as follows :-£4 to the minister of Dronfield church to preach therein four sermons yearly, and the rest to be divided among the poor; it has not, however, been ascertained whether this sum was ever laid out; but the vicar receives annually £2, of which amount he retains £1 15s. or preaching two sermons on Good Friday and Midsummer day, and distributes 5s. in bread to the poor: George Cooper left, September 19th, 1763, the sum of £2 12s. to the vicar and churchwardens of Dronfield yearly, to be distributed in twelve penny loaves amongst twelve poor people every Sunday for ever: the Rev. Francis Gisborne's charity, founded in 1817, distributes to the poor of Dronfield £7 10s. yearly in flannel: Richardson's and Sload's doles, founded March 18th, 1684, produce 36s. yearly-one moiety being paid to the vicar for preaching a sermon annually on the 5th August, and the other to purchase 13 stuff gowns for poor women of Dronfield: Isaac Tomlinson left, in 1884, £6oo to be invested, the interest of which is paid to the organist and choir of Dronfield church: there are various other small charities. The trustees of the Cecil estate are the lords of the manor and principal landowners. The soil is fine light land; subsoil, limestone and gravel. The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats, turnips and hay. The area of the township is 2,342A. 2R, 5P.; rateable value, £11,364; the population of Dronfield township in 1881 was 5,169; of the parish, 9,834.

Unstone township, 1 mile south-east, is a station on the Sheffield and Chesterfield Midland railway. Here is Wesleyan chapel, erected in 1847, with 100 sittings; a Primitive Methodist chapel, erected in 1874, with sittings for 150 persons; a Congregational mission room, with 80 sittings; and a Primitive Methodist chapel at Apperknowle, erected in 1880, for 400 persons. Andrew Morewood's charity is participated in here: Thomas Curty's charity, dated April 22nd, 1701, was for putting out apprentices, but is now distributed as follows, viz. :-40s. to the vicar of Dronfield and 60s. to poor people in sums of 2s. 6d. each yearly. Charles Thorold esq. J.P. of Welham, East Retford, Notts, is lord of the manor and principal landowner. Acreage, 1,955A. IR. 35P.; rateable value, £7,400; the population in 1881 was 2,368.

Coal Aston township is 1 mile north-east. Here is a Wesleyan chapel, erected in 1848, with 60 sittings, and a Primitive Methodist, chapel built in 1866, and seating 150 persons. Morewood's charity, of £9 yearly value. is for distribution : Thomas Kent, July 8th, 1693, left £100, to put out poor boys as apprentices, and this sum is now generally paid to poor people in doles of from 5s. to 10s. each yearly : a sum of £10 yearly, from an unknown donor, is also distributed to the poor. The principal landowners are William Greaves Blake esq. J.P. of Mylnhurst, Millhouses, Sheffield ; William Isaac Greaves esq. George Greaves esq. and James Rhodes esq. J.P., D.L. of Bramhope Hall. The area is 1,475 acres; rateable value, £2,849; the population in 1871 was 688, and in 1881 was 909.

POST, M. O. & T. O., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office.- Henry Penistone, postmaster. Letters are received by mail from Sheffield at 7.20 a. m. & 3.30 p.m. ; dispatched at 11.30 a.m. & 6.30 & 7.55 p.m.; there is only one delivery on sundays. Telegraph office open from 8 a.m. to 8 p. m. on week days & from 8 to 10 a. m. on sundays
WALL BOX, near Town Hall, Cleared at 5.30 p.m

POST OFFICE, Dronfield Woodhouse.-William Bennett, receiver. Letters through Sheffield, by foot post, from Dronfield, arrive at about 10.15 a.m.; dispatched at 5.25 p.m. on week days only. The nearest money order & telegraph office is at Dronfield

POST OFFICE, Coal Aston.-Mrs. Annie Renshaw, receiver. Letters from Sheffield, by mail cart, via Dronfield, arrive at 9.30 a.m.; dispatched at 5.30 p.m. week days only. The nearest money order & telegraph office is at Dronfield

POST OFFICE, Unstone.-John Robinson, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Sheffield at 7.5 a. m. & are dispatched at 6.15 p.m. No difference between sundays & weekdays. The nearest money order & telegraph office is at Dronfield

WALL LETTER Box, Apperknowle, cleared at 5.30 p.m. ; no collection on sunday

Bagshawe Francis West by esq. M. A., D. L. The Oaks, Sheffield
Blake William Greaves esq. Mylnhurst, Millhouses, Sheffield
Butler-Bowdon Lancelot Geo. esq. Barlboro' ho. Chesterfield
Hall Ebenezer esq. Abbeydale park, Dore, Sheffield
Mappin Wilson esq. Abbeydale grange, Sheffield
Milner William Aldam esq. M.A. Totley hall, Totley
Swallow Jn. Fell esq. Mosborough Hill ho. near Chesterfield
Verelst Harry William esq. Aston hall, Rotherham
Wilson William esq. Beauchieff hall
Clerk to the Magistrates, Christr. Wm. Alderson, Eckington
Petty Sessions are held on mondays, consecutively with Eckington & Hemsworth. The places in the division are Dronfield, Coal Aston, Unstone, Apperknowle, Hundow, Birchitt & Summerley
A School Board of 7 members was formed for Dronfield, February 10, 1871 ; Herbert Noel Lucas, Dronfield & Sheffield, clerk ; H. Penistone, attendance officer

Meets at the Town Hall on the 1st Wednesday in each month at 7 p.m
Clerk, George Jenkinson
Treasurer, H. G. Rhodes, Sheffield & Rotherham Bank
Medical Officer of Health, Angus Mackintosh M.D. Chesterfield
Surveyor, Inspector & Collector, Outram Mason, Sheffield rd

Cemetery, Dossey Wightman, Sheffield
Police Station, Quoit green, William Kirkland, inspector in charge & 5 constables
Town Hall, High street

Assistant Overseer & Rate Collector, George Jenkinson
Certifying Factory Surgeon & Medical Officer, Dronfield district, Chesterfield union, Samuel Rooth M.D. Cliff house
Collector of Queen's Taxes, Francis Healey, Brimington
Registrar of Births & Deaths for Dronfield sub-district, Paul Siddall
Town Crier, William Cowley

Grammar School, founded & endowed by Henry Fanshawe in 1567 & incorporated by letters patent in the 21st year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth (1578-9); in 1867 a new building in the Elizabethan style, with master's residence, was erected for 80 pupils ; the school is intended both for day boys & boarders & has attached twelve Fanshaw scholarships, entitling the holders to free education & a yearly sum of £5; these are open to boys who are or have been scholars in any of the public elementary schools in the ancient parish of Dronfield & are competed for in public examinations ; science classes have also been established at the school in connection with the Science & Art Department ; the school was reopened in October, 1888, under a new scheme of the Charity Commissioners & is now managed by a body of 14 governors, of whom four are co-optative & the others representative: Charles C. Baggaley B. A. head master; Wybert Kendall, second master & Sergt.-Maj. Gilman, drill instructor

A School Board of 7 members was formed for Dronfield, February 10, 1871 ; Herbert Noel Lucas, Dronfield & Sheffield, clerk ; H. Penistone, attendance officer

Board School, Cross lane, with master's residence, erected in 1875, at a cost of £6,869, for 240 boys, 180 girls & 180 infants; average attendance, 180 boys, 172 girls & 106 infants; Thomas Gledhill, master; Mrs. Gledhill, mistress; Miss Henrietta Beardmore, infants' mistress

Board, Woodhouse (mixed), with master's residence, erected in 1875, at a cost of £3,060, for 200 children ; average attendance, 112; George Wayne, master

A School Board of 5 members was formed for Unstone, October 13th, 1871; Joseph Robert Johnson, clerk; Wm. Freeman, attendance officer

Board, Apperknowle (infants), erected in 1874, for 100 children; average attendance, 50; Miss Kate McNab, mistress

National, Unstone (mixed), erected in 1873, for 265 children; average attendance, 64; Joseph Akers, master

National, Coal Aston (mixed), erected in 1874, for 150 children; average attendance, 49 boys & 51 girls ; Lewis William Smale, master

Dronfield, George Poplar, station master
Unstone, Thomas Robinson, station master

CONVEYANCE.-James Riley, carrier from Chesterfield, through Dronfield, at 8.30 on tues. thurs. & sat. returning same days

Ashforth Joseph, The Rookery
Baggaley Chas. C. B. A. Grammar schl
Bickerstaff Rev. Charles lsaac [vicar & surrogate], Vicarage
Bramall James, New hall
Buxton Henry, Dam Side house
Cohen George Henry, Hill top
Dolamore Rev. Hy. [Cong.], Hallowes la
Fletcher Howard Bennett, The Grange
Greenwood Mrs. Green lane
Habberjam Mrs. Green lane
Harrison Jn. Hy. Rose ho. Sheffield rd
Harrison John Hy. jun. The Moorlands
Harrison Bernard Staniforth, Bank house, Sheffield road
Hewitt Thomas, Elm cot. Sheffield road
Lucas Edward, Rose hill
Lucas Herbert Noel, Grange house
Lucas Samuel, The Hall
Lucas Thomas Harrison, Bowshaw ho
Lucas William, Vale house
Mackenzie James B. A. High street
Poplar George, Manor cottage
Rhodes Hugh H. Bank house
Rhodes Jonathan, Chiverton house
Rooth Samuel M. D. The Cliff
Rotherham The Misses, Quoit green
Siddall Samuel, Sheffield road
Silcock Henry, Damstead house
Torr Walter, Hallowes lane
Turner Geo. Hempstead villa, Cecil rd
Tuxford Joseph, Wreakes house
Ward William, Hobborn house
Wilson Miss, Sheffield road
Wilson Samuel, Sheffield road

Allen Annie (Mrs.), grocer, High street
Allen & Elshaw, malleable iron founders, & brass founders, Cliffe foundry
Alien Charles, metal caster, Snape hill
Allen Geo. wood turner, Damstead wks
Allen Hy. Green Dragon P. H. Church st
Allen Samuel, butcher, Sheffield road
Ashton George, butcher, Sheffield road
Baggalley Samuel, farmer, Church st
Baker William, Horse & Jockey P.H. Sheffield road
Ball George & Son, wood turners, Sheffield road
Barker Frederick, draper & milliner, Princess buildings
Barker Sam, beer retailer, Church lane
Barker Wm. Ward, farmr. Quoit Green ho
Barraclough Arthur, grocer & provision dealer &c. Princess bldgs. Sheffield rd
Bennett Gascoigne & Co. colliery owners, Townfield colliery
Bennett Mary A. (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Sheffield road
Bennett Rebecca (Mrs.), shpkpr.High st
Bennett Thos. shopkpr. Far Water la
Bennett William, farmer, & Post office, Woodhouse
Biggin Isaac, farmer, Stubley
Biggin Joshua, farmer, Woodhouse
Biggin Samuel, grocer & beer retailer, Green lane
Billam Samuel, grocer & provision dealer, Church street
Bingham Ann (Mrs.), shpkpr. Cowley bar
Bingham Mary Ann Jane (Mrs.), confectioner, Sheffield road
Bingham Richard, farmer, Cowley
Bingham Richard, slater, Shaw lane
Bingham Wm. shopkpr. Sheffield road
Blackburn Thos. beer ret. Woodhouse
Booker Thos. hair dresser, Sheffield rd
Booth John, farmer, Steward farm, Woodhouse
Bramall James, farmer, New hall
Brammall J. H. manager of the Sheffield & Rotherham Joint Stock Bank
Brunt John, beer retailer, Stubley
Burley Thomas Samuel,Greyhound P.H. Sheffield road
Campbell Francis William, pawnbroker, Sheffield road
Carline Caroline (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Woodhouse
Carr John & Co. colliery agents & coal merchants, Station
Cavill Thomas, pork butcher, Sheffield road, & farmer, Ox close
Cemetery (Dossey Wightman, clerk to the burial board ; Geo. Platts, sexton)
Chapman John, grocer & beer retailer, Green lane
Chappell & Co. boot & shoe manufacturers, Hartington road
Clarke David, farmer, Birchitt
Colliss Hy. W. tobacconist, Sheffield red
Cowley William, town crier & bailiff, Mill lane
Creswick Alick, farmer, Summerwood
Creswick George, farmer, Stubley
Creswick Joseph, farmer, Manor farm
Crookes Wm. Hyde Park inn, Hill top
Davison Robert, beer retailer & mason, Far Water lane
Dobbs George, farmer, Woodhouse
Dronfield (The) Casting Co. malleable iron founders, Cullowhite lane
Dronfield Cricket Club (George Bedingfield, hon. sec.), Green Dragon P.H
Dronfield Floral & Horticultural Society (Henry Penistone, sec)
Dronfield Football Club (John Webb, sec.), Green Dragon P.H
Dronfield Gas Light & Coke Co. Lim. (Thomas Bishop, manager; Christopher Thorpe, sec. & collector)
Earnshaw James, manager,Sheffield rd
Evans Wm. greengrocer, Sheffield rd
Fell John, public baths, Fanshaw bank
Fern Samuel, Swan inn, Sheffield road
Fielding Eli, grocer & beer retailer, & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants, Exchange buildings
Fisher James, butcher, High street
Fisher Joseph, butcher, Sheffield road
Fletcher Howard Bennett, surgeon, The Grange
Fletcher William Henry, plumber, tinplate worker & ironmonger, High st. & Sheffield road
Fogg John, shopkeeper, Sheffield road
Fox Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Barns farm
Frost George, farmer, Moorwood
Gammon Isaac, farmer, Woodhouse
George, farmer, Snape hill
Goddard James, fishmonger & greengrocer, Sheffield road
Goodwin Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Scarsdale road
Goodwin James, butcher, High street
Grammar School (Charles C. Baggaley M.A. head master ; Wybert Kendall, assistant master; Srgt.-Maj. Gilman, drill instructor)
Greaves George, shopkeeper, Cross rds
Greaves Joseph, grocer, Sheffield road
Greaves Joseph Platts, beer retailer, Church street
Greenwood Samuel, grngro. Church st
Habberjam Thomas, farmer, Green la
Hall John William, greengrocer & nurseryman, Sheffield road
Hall Peter, farmer, Fanshaw bank
Handforth Alfd. tobacconist, Sheffield rd
Harrison William Walter, manager Sheffield Industrial Co-operative Society Limited, Hartington road
Haslam Thos. edge tool manufr. Mill la
Hattersley Henry, Miners' Arms P.H. Woodhouse
Haywood Edwin, farmer, Stubley
Heathcote Wm. shoe ma. Sheffield rd
Heward William H. assistant supt. Prudential Assurance Co. Ashwood house
Hewitt Sam, manager, Stubley lane
Hinchliffe Geo. beer retailr. Sheffield rd
Hitch Benjamin, farmer, Cowley
Hitchcock Tom, farmer, Shirecliffe house, Hill top
Hodgson Robt. grcr. & drpr. Sheffield rd
Hogg Mary (Mrs.), plasterer, Princess st
Hollelly John, sickle handle maker & firewood dealer, Sheffield road
Holmes John, farmer, Cowley bar
Holmes Thomas, greengro. Sheffield rd
Hopkinson Joseph, shopkpr. Wilson st
Howell Mary A. (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Hartington road
Hydes George, cattle dealer, High st
Jarvis Henry, shopkeeper, Sheffield rd
Jenkinson George, assist. overseer, collector of rates & clerk to local board
Jepson George, beer retailer, High st
Jepson George, shopkeeper, High street
Johnson George, shopkpr. Far Water la
Johnson Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Hartington road
Johnson William, farmer, Cowley
Kirkland William, inspector of police, Quoit green
Lancaster John, joiner, Victoria st
Laxton Henry, carter, High street
Lee & Sons, malleable iron founders, Spring foundry
Liddell John T. draper, see Rhodes & Liddle
Lievesley Edwin, beer retlr. Sheffield rd
Lievesley George, shopkeeper & news agent, Sheffield road
Lonsdale Richard, hair dresser & umbrella repairer, Sheffield road
Lowcock Charles, sickle & reaping hook manufacturer, Princess street
Lucas Edward & Son, malleable iron founders, manufacturers of spindles & flyers, Dronfield foundry
Lucas Edward & William, spade & shovel manufacturers, Dronfield forge
Lucas Edward, spade & shovel manufacturer, see Lucas Edward & William
Lucas Herbert Noel, solicitor, clerk to Dronfield school board & insurance agent, Church st. (monday & thursday from 3.30 to 6.30); & at Hallamshire chambers, Church st. Sheffield
Lucas Samuel, malleable iron founder, see Lucas Edward & Son
Lucas Thomas H. malleable iron founder, see Lucas Edward & Son
Lucas William, spade & shovel manufacturer, see Lucas Edward & Wm
Machin Arthur Thos. manager, Cecil rd
McKenzie James B.A. academy
McKenzie S. J. (Mrs.), ladies' school
Malcolm John, chimney sweep, Far Water lane
Margerrison Thos. shopkpr. Victoria st
Margerrison T. & Sons, builders & contractors, Green lane
Marples James, greengrocer, Hartington road
Marples Joseph, farmer, Hill top
Marples Thos. greengrocer, Sheffield rd
Marples William, carter & greengrocer, Sheffield road
Marsden Mary (Mrs.), frmr. Woodhouse
Masom Fredk. pork butcher, Sheffield rd
Mason Outram, sanitary inspector, surveyor & collector to local board, Sheffield road
May Thomas Henry, land & mineral surveyor, Church street
Meakin George, beer retlr. Sheffield rd
Mills James, earthenware dlr. Sheffld. rd
Moseley Thomas, agent to the Refuge Assurance Co. Limited, Wilson st
Needham Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, Hallowes lane
Outram Allen, joiner & wheelwright, Quoit green
Outram Ellis, joiner, Cowley bar
Outram Samuel, corn miller (steam & water), Dronfield mills, Sheffield rd
Owen Jane (Mrs.), shopkpr. Sheffield rd
Parker Geo. mining engineer, Green la
Pearson George, shopkpr. Sheffield rd
Penistone Henry, stationer, bookseller, school attendance officer & insurance agent, Post office
Perry Mary Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper & news agent, Sheffield road
Platts Edward, mason, Hobborn
Platts Geo. sexton & mason, Cemetery
Platts Tom, Midland hotel, Sheffield rd
Poplar George, Midland Railway station master
Prestwich Wm. colliery agent, Station
Public Baths (John Fell, proprietor), Fanshaw bank
Purseglove John, saddler, Sheffield rd
Rawson John, Bridge inn, Sheffield rd
Raynes Mary A. (Mrs.), pork butcher, Sheffield road
Reading Room (John Tagg, caretaker), Church street
Rhodes Hugh Garside, local agent to the Sheffield & Rotherham Joint Stock Banking Co. Limited
Rhodes Jonathan, coal & lime merchant, Station
Rhodes & Liddell, ironmongers & boot & shoe dealers, Sheffield road, & drapers, High street
Richardson Alfd. coke basket ma. Birchitt
Richardson Elizabeth (Mrs.), Nag's Head P.H. Birchitt
Ride Elizabeth Catherine (Mrs.), shop­keeper, High street
Robinson Arthur, beer retlr. Victoria st
Robinson John, farmer & shopkeeper, Woodhouse
Rooth Samuel M.D. surgeon, certifying factory surgeon & med. off. Dronfield dist. Chesterfield union, Cliff house
Rowland John, lodging ho. Sheffield rd
Ryder George, printer, stationer & news agent, Princess buildings, Sheffield rd
Sadler George, beer retailer, Sheffield rd
Sharp Samuel, farmer, Cowley
Shaw Fras. shoe ma. & shpkpr. Sheffld. rd
Sheard John, colliery owner, Dronfield, Silkstone & Gosford collieries, & farmer, Stubley farm
Sheffield Bill Posting & Advertising Co. (Samuel Butcher, agent), Sheffield rd
Sheffield Industrial Co-operative Society Limited, grocers, drapers & butchers (William Walter Harrison, manager), Hartington road
Sheffield & Rotherham Joint Stock Banking Co. Limited (branch) (J. H. Brammall, manager ; Hugh G. Rhodes, local agent), open on wed. & sat. from 10 a. m. till 2 p.m.; draw on London & Westminster Bank Limited & Barclay, Bevan & Co. London E c
Sheldon Maria (Mrs.), shpkpr. High st
Short Enoch, shoe maker, Quoit green
Siddall Paul, registrar of births & deaths for Dronfield sub-district
Siddall Samuel, farmer & scythe & sickle manufacturer, Birchitt
Silcock Daniel, heavy edge tool manufacturer, Beech works
Silcock John, painter &c. The Knot
Simpson Joseph, farmer, Ox close
Simpson Thomas, farmer, Hallowes lane
Smallbones Wm. agent to Prudential Assurance Society, Fanshaw road
Smelt Jsph. joiner & builder, Snape hill
Smelt Reuben, glazier, Cecil road
South William, Coach & Horses P.H. & recreation grounds, Sheffield road
Stacey Daniel, farmer, Bowshaw farm
Stevenson Elizabeth S. (Mrs.), dress maker, Woodhouse
Stimpson John, shopkeeper, Scarsdale rd
Stovin John, shopkeeper, Sheffield road
Street Charles, Blue Posts inn, High st
Street James, grocer & beer retailer, Scarsdale rd. & blacksmith, Sheffield rd
Straw William, jun. boot & shoe maker, Sheffield road
Straw William, clogger, High street
Stringfellow Jane (Mrs.), tobacconist, High street
Swift Benjamin, farmer, Woodhouse
Taylor Sam, beer retlr. Sheffield road
Telephone Exchange & Electric Light Co. Limited (call office) (William Johnson, sec.), Sheffield road
Temperton Tom, grocer & beer retailer, Snape hill
Thorp Emily (Mrs.), dress ma. Sheffild. rd
Thorpe Christopher, sec. & collector to Dronfield Gas Light & Coke Co. Lim
Tomlinson Fred Milner, bldr. Cross st
Tomlinson Jas. blacksmith, Quoit grn
Townley Joe, beer retailer, Cowley bar
Tyler Josiah, boot & shoe maker, Princess buildings
Unwin John, farmer, Mickley
Vickers John, farmer, Stubley
Wainwright John, hay dlr. Victoria st
Wall James, edge tool ma. Sheffield rd
Wallis Joseph, farmer, Callywhite lane
Ward Fredk. Evans, farmer, Woodhouse
Ward James Jenkinson, grocer, draper & beer retailer, Sheffield road
Ward Joseph, edge tool grinder, Damstead works
Ward Martha (Mrs.), farmr. Cowley bar
Ward Robert, farmer, Ox close
Ward Walter, shopkeeper, Sheffield rd
Warhurst John J. farmer, Mickley
Warner Joseph, farmer, Sheffield road
Watmough Edwd. butcher, Sheffield rd
Westnidge William & Sons, castrators, Alexandra road
Westnidge Geo. beer retailer, Hill top
Wheatley Geo. blacksmith, Woodhouse
Whitaker John, shoe maker, High st
White Peter, farmer, Sloades farm
Widdowson Brothers, edge tool manufacturers, Sheffield road
Widdowson Jn. farmer, Blackamore frm
Wildgoose George, nursery, Stubley la
Wildgoose Jas. tallow chandler, High st
Wildgoose John, chemist, Sheffield road
Wilkinson Thos. Wood, farmer,Woodhse
Williams Edwd. greengro. Woodhouse
Wostenholme William, beer retailer & farmer, Mill lane

Gill William, Rose villa
Hewitt George, Red house
Rangeley William Hy. Unstone Mill ho
Wightman Dossey, Grange house

Akers Joseph, schoolmaster
Ashton George, farmer, Hallowes farm
Bannister James, shopkeeper
Barker John, shoe makr. Apperknowle
Barlow John H. colliery owner, Two Oaks colliery, Apperknowle
Bass William, beer retlr. Apperknowle
Biggin Thomas, carter & farmer
Booker Edwin, farmer, Hundow
Bradbury John, farmer & insurance gent, Unstone hall
Brittland William, shoe maker
Cooper Samuel, shopkeeper
Creswick Thomas, farmer, Unstone hill
Dethick George, farmer, Apperknowle
Earnshaw Wm. shopkeeper, New Unstone
Fox Wm. grcr. & prov. dlr. Apperknowle
Freeman Wm. accountant & coll. of rates & taxes & school attendance officer
Gill Wm. wheelwrght. builder & saw mill
Hardwick Geo. shopkeepr. Apperknowle
Hardwick Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, Summerley
Hardwick Jas. beer retlr. Apperknowle
Hardwick William, farmer, Summerley
Harrison John & Sons, edge tools, scythe, sickle &c. mfrs. Unstone mills
Hawley Hannah (Mrs.), grocer, Apperknowle
Hawley Harvey, farmer, Hundow
Hewitt George, manager to Unstone Coal & Coke Co. Limited
Hewitt John L. & Co. farmers & coal & coke burners, Bull close
Hewitt Wm. farmer, Bull Close farm
Hibbert Allen, beer retailer, Hundow
Holmes Alfred, blacksmith
Johnson Joseph Robert, clerk to the Unstone school board
Johnson Sampson, butcher & farmer
Kitchen Thomas, colliery underviewer, Apperknowle
Knowles Jn. Thos. corn miller, Unstn. grn
Lawton Joshua, grocer & draper
Longden Joseph, farmer, Summerley
Massey John, farmer, Unstone green
Massey Thomas,shopkeeper, Unstone grn
Mather Thomas, farmer, Hundow
Merickes John, newsagent
Oliver Susannah (Mrs.), dress maker, Apperknowle
Oliver Thomas, Yellow Lion P.H. Apperknowle
Orton John, farmer
Phillips Henry, shopkeeper & beer retailer, Apperknowle
Phillips Samuel, farmer, Apperknowle
Phillips Thomas, boot & shoe maker
Rangeley William Henry, land agent
Redhead Rt. Hickson, Fleur-de-lis P.H
Reed Francis Thomas, butcher & beer retailer, Apperknowle
Riley James, Sheffield & Chesterfield carrier, Unstone hill
Robinson John, shopkeeper, Post office
Robinson Thomas, station master
Sheppard George, butcher, Crow lane
Sheppard William, beer retlr. Crow la
Smedley Edward, boot & shoe maker, New Unstone
Stafford James, farmer, Unstone hill brook farm
Summerfield Thomas E. insurance agt
Swift Charles, farmer, Apperknowle
Swift John, Horse & Jockey P.H
Unstone Coal & Coke Co. Limited, coke burners, Bull close colliery owners & coke burners (Geo. Hewitt, manager; Henry Singleton, assistant sec)
Vickers Albert, farmer, Summerley hall
Walker Jabez Hollingworth, grocer, draper & beer retailer
Walker Thomas Peter, grocer & provision dealer, & agent to W. & A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants
Ward Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Summerley
Ward John, farmer, Apperknowle
Ward Thos. Wm. frmr. Unstone Hill farm
Webster William, shopkeeper & beer retailer, Unstone green
Wheatley William, farmer
Widdison William, farmer, Moor Top farm, Apperknowle
Widdowson William, carpenter

Coal Aston.
Bruce Matthew
Harrison Frederick Geo. Crabtree house
Hopwood George England, Bentley hill
Marshall Frederick
Oxley Sidney, The Elms

Ashton Joseph, joiner
Beard Walter, farmer, May farm
Fisher Mary (Mrs.), farmer
Gill William, farmer
Hartley Hy. tailor & assistant overseer
Hartley Sarah (Miss), dress maker
Havenhand Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeepr
Havenhand John, heavy edge tool mnfr
Helliwell Geo. shopkeeper & news agent
Hebblethwaite Frank, farmer, Sicklebrook farm
Longden William, farmer
Mason George, shopkeeper
Mather John, farmer
Morton Wm. Howe, farmer, Povey farm
Oldfield William, beer retailer
Pashley George, file cutter
Pearson Jn. frmr. Woodcock frm. & overseer
Powell Thos. shopkeeper, beer retailer
Priestley Sam, farmer, Bentley hall
Renshaw Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Post office
Shaw John, farmer, Birches farm
Summerley Shaw Thomas, blacksmith
Smith William L. Chequers P.H
Street Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Taylor Edward, Cross Daggers P.H
Taylor William, beer retailer
Unwin Edward, farmer
Valentine Wm. farmer, West Bank frm
Windle John, farmer

[End of transcript. Spelling, case and punctuation are as they appear in the Directory.]

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An Ann Andrews historical directory transcript
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