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Chatsworth and Vicinity, 1864
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This mid nineteenth century map is from the fourth edition of "Black's Tourist Guide to Derbyshire"[1] and was drawn and engraved by J. Bartholomew of Edinburgh.

The railway line had been built a few years before. The Guide shows Chatsworth as being 2½ miles from Rowsley Station and 3 miles from Hassop Station[1]. Visitors could take an omnibus from the station, which met the trains, and would have been charged 6d for the trip to Chatsworth[2]. Bakewell was 4 miles away, Matlock 10 miles and Buxton 14 miles and excursions were also available from the three towns. The house was described as "a mansion fit for a king" and "as the hour of eleven arrives, there are generally several parties outside the richly gilded gates of wrought iron, waiting for the time of admission[1]".


[1] "Black's Tourist Guide to Derbyshire" (1864) pub. Adam and Charles Black, Edinburgh, edited by Llewellynn Jewitt.

[2] "Bradshaw's Handbook for Tourists in Great Britain and Ireland ... Section Four ... Railways ... Midland", (1866) pub London (Adams) & Manchester (Bradshaw and Blacklock).

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