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A selection of photographs and postcards of a Surrey country town
Boarden Bridge, Borough Road, Godalming, 1905-6

Until 1870[1] Borough Road was just a short stretch of road between the parish church and what is today the former vicarage, extending as far as the animal Pound just past the bottom of the churchyard. The road then narrowed to a track way down to the River Wey and the wooden Boarden Bridge was the only means of crossing the river on the western side of Godalming. According to A. H. Tod, when foot passengers for Charterhouse School got off the train at Godalming "New" station they would take this path and cross Boarden Bridge, although it was often flooded in winter[2]. If they hired a cab they were taken through the town and across the town bridge before turning past Godalming's Old Station (behind Jewson's today).

A brick bridge was then constructed, parallel with but somewhat higher than the Boarden Bridge and the track way was widened to form a roadway. It followed the same course as the track, passing underneath the plate girder railway bridge to the Deanery Road / Charterhouse Road / Chalk Road crossroad. Early maps show the bridge and track way provided access to the Westbrook Leather Mills[3].

Both postcards on this page date from the Edwardian era. The top card shows two young boys leaning on the railings, looking at the photographer. They are probably posing. The group in the second view of the bridge have undoubtedly been asked to stand still as the two girls on the left are standing rigidly to attention! But they make the image more attractive, something that would have helped to sell more of the cards. There are two women standing on the bridge itself and looking over the parapet, one of whom is shielding her eyes. The card provides a good view of the brick bridge, with the church tower and spire behind it. Just past the bridge is close boarded fencing which some time ago was replaced with rustic fencing. The cheery overprinted greeting reads "Hearty Greetings and All Good Wishes".

Having been closed for 2 years whilst it was restored, Boarden Bridge has recently re-opened (May 2018).

1. "Godalming, Old Boarden Bridge". F. Frith & Co. Ltd., Reigate, No. 57056. Published in 1906. Not posted.
2. "Godalming, Boarden Bridge and Church". F. Frith & Co. Ltd., Reigate, No.54688. Printed in Saxony. Published in 1905. Unposted. A private greeting is written across the back of the card, but there is no address for the recipient
Postcards in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


[1] The date is provided by Janaway, John "The Story of Godalming" (1983) Local Heritage Books, Newbury ISBN 1 86368005 4.

[2] "Charterhouse". A. H. Tod, M.A. (2nd Ed., Revised) (1919) Handbook to the Great Public Schools. London : George Bell and Sons Portugal St. Lincoln's Inn W.C. Cambridge: Deighton, Bell & Co New York : The MacMillan Co Bombay : A. H. Wheeler & Co.

[3] The brick bridge does not appear on the 1871 Ordnance Survey map.

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