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  Revolution House, Whittington, Derbyshire Published in The Gentleman's Magazine, 
          1810 Shirland Church, Derbyshire steetley Haddon Dorothy Vernon Golden Domes Cinema, Streatham Godalming Railway Station Miners Bridge War Graves, Dickebusch, Belgium HMS Chaybydis Memorial, St. Brieuc

Divided into seven categories below. There may be a slight overlap, where the information you seek may be under an alternative heading, so it is worth double checking.

Derbyshire's Parishes, 1811 : Extracts from an early Derbyshire history.
Gentleman's Magazine Library, 1731-1868 : Derbyshire (full transcript), with Devon (with 24 of the 44 towns and villages currently included).
Burnage - Lancashire Directory, 1858.
Cromford, Derbyshire : Nineteenth Century Trades Directory transcripts.
Kelly's 1891 Derbyshire Directory : 233 Derbyshire parishes & CLAY surname.
Shirland, Derbyshire - Trade Directories. These transcripts include Higham, Hallfeld Gate, Stretton, Stonebroom and Toadhole Furnace.
Wolley Manuscripts, Derbyshire : A major collection of pre 1828 manuscripts.
Wolley Manuscripts, Matlock : (part of the Matlock section). Studies Matlock and District in greater depth.
Old Derbyshire Maps
Matlock & Matlock Bath Maps are in the Matlock & Matlock Bath One Place Study.
Places & Picture Gallery
Derbyshire Miscellany : A small collection of a articles, deeds, miscellaneous documents, and poetry about Derbyshire that do not fit into any other section of the website.*New*
Godalming, Surrey : A town with a fascinating history
Godalming, Surrey : Murder, Trial and Execution, 1817-18
Matlock & Matlock Bath, Derbyshire : A Major One Place Study
Picture Gallery
Our selection of photographs and postcards of places. Some have family or personal connections.
English and Welsh Counties, including Berkshire, Cheshire, Cumberland, Gloucestershire, Lancashire (Manchester & Salford), Montgomeryshire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire.
Also: South London Cinemas, Commonwealth War Graves
*99 images so far*
Picture Gallery : Derbyshire
A sub section created in 2010. Includes Derbyshire images that were on the site from before then.
*436 images to date*.
The selection does not include Matlock and Matlock Bath. Go to Images of Matlock & Matlock Bath
Picture Gallery : Godalming, Surrey
Old images of the town and its buildings, including Charterhouse School, accompanied by historical notes.
*203 images to date*.
Surnames & Genealogy Research
Our Genealogy Pages : Surname interests and short pedigrees.
Frank Clay, artist. Examples of the work of a Derbyshire artist. Frank was Ann's father
EXALL & EXELL Surnames : Deaths (England & Wales) | Navy Joiners | Wills Calendar 1858-1925
SMITHIES Surname : First 4½ years of Births, Marriages & Deaths registered in England and Wales
Casualties of War, Boer War, WW1 & WW2 - both the GRO/ONS references and about the soldiers who gave their lives.
Wills Calendar.
Our Own Genealogy - Some Research Queries
General Info
What's New : The latest additions to the Genealogy and Local History section of this web site
Codes : British Isles Standard Country & County Codes (Chapman's Codes).
FAQ : on Ann's Matlock site, but relate to all genealogy.
Links - Useful Genealogy Sources : Large collection of persona favourites. For genealogists & local historians.
Ashbourne, Old School Godalming, Borough Road Godalming - Pepperpot Godalming, Pound Lane Matlock Bath, Pavilion and Obelisk Matlock Old Church Matlock Bridge, Derbyshire.
Engraving from book published in 1802 Cromford, around 1800  Sir Richard Arkwright Hobbis Memorial, Ardington, Oxfordshire

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