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A selection of photographs and postcards of a Surrey country town
Charterhouse Road (2), looking uphill. Early Twentieth Century

In some respects Charterhouse Road, which goes up the hill, has changed very little in the intervening years, apart from the traffic. The little dog would not be able to stand in the middle of the road today.

The ivy-clad building on the corner of Charterhouse Road and Peperharow Road was Dean Lodge, eventually demolished and replaced by a block of flats. The house name is on the gate. The properties on the right remain although their gateways have gone, as has most of their Bargate stone walling.

The house between the trees on the hillside above the dog is the Red House on Frith Hill Road built by Edwin Lutyens.

Enlargement of part of the top photograph

Four people are walking up and down the road, with a young boy actually walking in the road. Some kind of horse drawn wagonette is on the bend, going up the hill and almost level with S.S. Peter and Paul Scout hut. This is the low brick building sticking out from the line of the houses with its outer wall next to the pavement. The main part of the Scout Hut is Grade II listed; it was an 18th century timber frame barn and used to belong to Deanery Farm whereas the single storey extension is a later addition. The stone walls above the Scout hut are largely intact, or have perhaps been rebuilt as more houses were built.

The second picture dates from 1903-4 and was probably taken from outside the Scout Hut. This card was, curiously, posted twice. It was first franked in 1907 and then re-franked 55 years later in 1963. The 1907 sender was Lilian Corner who was 20 in 1911, and working as a sub postmistress. She lived with her family at Violet Bank on Charterhouse Road and her father was a stock exchange accountant.

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