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Mill Lane, Godalming, 1907

The message on the back of this card reads "That shimmering brook, on the other side of this card, with the foam crested wavelets (ahem) is where I wash my feet". Perhaps the writer wouldn't have been quite so keen on washing his feet in the water if he had known that the horses drank from the river and during hot weather their carts, which had wooden wheels with iron bands round the rims, were also taken into the water. This custom was to ensure the wood of the wheels swelled up and did not separate from the rims. The sender might also have found that washing his feet in the river might also have been rather cold in December, when the card was posted!

It is difficult to tell what is in the cart on the far right but it doesn't look like sacks of either grain or flour, which you might expect it to be as Hatch Mill was on the right of this image, out of shot.

Amongst the residents of Mill Lane in 1911, excluding the pubs, were: Miss Alice Tucker at No.2; the Elson family; Mrs Charlton (No. 8); William Voice, a carter (No.10); William Joslin and his housekeeper (No. 12); Emma Vickery and her children (No. 14); Thomas Ragless and family; John Barnes and family; Thomas Lawrence and family (at No.22); George Edwards and family (No. 30, Tanquary Cottage); George Woods and family (No.32); William Levi Voller and family (No. 34); and Frederick Bookham and his wife (no.36)[1].

In 1914 George Edwards and his wife, who were still living on Mill Lane, celebrated their golden wedding. George Edwards had worked at Rea's tannery for 40 years[2]. The tannery would have been just out of shot on the left.

There is more about the Mill on the page about Godalming, Surrey

"Mill Lane, Godalming". Valentine's Series, No.60102. Registered in 1907. Posted on 8 Dec 1914 at Godalming.
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews
Researched by Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


[1] The 1911 census can be found on FindMyPast.

[2] "West Sussex Gazette", 19 February 1914.

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