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A selection of photographs and postcards of a Surrey country town
Poppies in the fields above Binscombe, Godalming, 2010 & 2014
Poppies 1

In early June 2010, following the hardest winter for many years, this stunning display of poppies appeared in the fields below our house. Beyond the fields is Binscombe and the hills of the North Downs above Guildford are in the distance.

The Godalming fields were not unique and there were press reports of similar occurrences in different parts of the U.K. Such a splendid sight has not been seen here for at least a generation and people travelled from some distance to view them.

Poppies 2

The scene has not been repeated in the last few years. The summer of 2014 saw a only a narrow strip of poppies beside the ancient Saxon footpath in one of the fields.

The final photograph shows the 2014 poppies, set against the backdrop of the protected (coppiced) ancient woodland on the escarpment of The Ridge.

The two fields had been recently under threat as they were included in a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) being undertaken by the Local Council. Not only are the fields within the Green Belt, but they are also in an area considered to be of Great Landscape Value (AGLV). This is an area of land in England which is considered to have a particular scenic value. It is also covered by the Wealden Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA). Should any building scheme ever go ahead in these fields we believe it will have dire consequences for the local environment, including the protected woodland. The land was been withdrawn from development in October 2014.

Photographs taken 13 June 2010, provided by and © Andy Andrews and Ann Andrews respectively.
Final photograph taken June 2014, the day before the farmer cut down the strip of wild flowers etc..
Intended for personal use only.

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