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The Shambles, Manchester, 1900
The Shambles, Manchester, Lancashire

The sign above the inn reads:
"Samuel Kenyon
Wine & Spirit Merchant

Here is a lovely early twentieth century postcard of Manchester.

The building on the left side of the photograph was the Tweedale Restaurant at 23 Market Place. In 1895 Thomas Sidgrave Smalley was the proprietor[1].

Next door was the Wellington Inn - the inn's name is on the lamp glass - and the innkeeper or his assistant can be seen, wearing his working apron, standing proudly behind his barrels of beer. The inn seems to have been in the hands of one family for a long time. In 1858 the licence was transferred from Elizabeth Kenyon to James Kenyon[2] and in 1872 from James Kenyon to Samuel Kenyon[3]. In 1883 and 1886 Samuel Kenyon was listed at 27 Market Place, Old Shambles[4][5]. He was followed as the licensee by his widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Kenyon, who was shown as running a public house at 27 Market Place & Old Shambles in 1895, 1903, 1909 and 1911[1][6][7].

A story from Mrs. Kenyons time at the Inn was reported in the newspapers. In 1899 a barrel of brandy, worth £86 4s., mysteriously disappeared from outside the Inn, also known as Kenyon's Vaults. The barrel had been left outside the until it could be lowered into the cellar. Three cab drivers witnessed two men rolling the barrel towards Deansgate. It was apparently taken to a cellar in Gove-street and was then sold on. The person who was successfully prosecuted for stealing Elizabeth Kenyon's brandy, one Henry Abba, claimed at first that the barrel contained cider[8]. The brandy does not seem to have been recovered!

As well as the Wellington Inn, two other hosterlies were to be found in The Shambles - The Fish Market Tavern and The Fox Hotel[1][6][7] and later (1909) the Coronation Tavern[6].

Wil Chambers Fishing Angler has premises above the inn (his name is on the window) with access on the Market Place to the left of the inn. In 1903 he is listed amongst the Fishing Tackle Makers & Dealers with an address as 25 Market place[1][7]. J.B. Muscrop was also in the same building in 1895 and 1903[1][7].

There also seem to have been several fishmongers and oyster dealers trading in Old Shambles, at least one butcher's shop, and florists and fruiterers, grocers and tea dealers and Italian Warehousemen and poulterers.

Hanson Shirt Makers (Hosier & --- ) is pictured on the right, on the corner of the Market Place and with premises at 1 Market Hall. His business wasn't the only commercial venture in the building. James Hanson was working there in 1886 and up to 1903[1][5][7], though was not there in 1909[6].

This card, postmarked Manchester, was sent by one of Ann's great aunts (Emily Grace Atkins - nee Walker) to her sister Hilda who was staying in Aberystwyth, Wales. The card is dated 14 August 1916 but the postcard itself predates the postmark by several years.

*I've received one or two enquiries from people wanting to know who Samuel Kenyon was. The 1881 census shows him living at "Wellington Inn", Old Shambles Manchester, Lancashire (RG11/3992 f.17 p.28). He was born in Crumpsall in 1849. His wife Elizabeth (nee Ridyard) was born in Manchester in 1848 and the couple were married in 1871. They had several children - 4 listed in 1881 - and they employed servants to work in the inn and a nurse to help with the children. On 20 November 1892 Samuel Kenyon of Hazlewood Beaver Park Didsbury Manchester and of the "Wellington" inn-market place Manchester innkeeper died at Hazlewood Park. Probate was awarded to his widow Elizabeth Kenyon and his son James, an innkeeper.

"The Shambles, Manchester". Valentine's Series, No 33431 first published in 1900.
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


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