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Tong - Houses at Holme, 1910 or before

Two sixteenth century deeds link the Stead family to Holme in the Lordship of Tong.

152. April 13, 29 Henry VIII (1538). Grant by John Hawmond of Byrle to Robert Stede of Holme of two messuages and 13 acres and one rood of land in Holme in the tenure of William Grave and William Hesylgreve. Livery of seisen in the presence of John Lyster, John Sugden, Robert Roodes, Thomas Hollyns and Richard Scharpe. (Bertand Ogle, esq.)[1]

153. May 31, 31 Henry VIII (1539). Release by Peter Mirfield of Tong esq., to Robert Stede of Holme of all right in one acre and three roods of land in Holme. (Signature and Seal cut away.) Witnesses, Robert Wodde, William Whithead, Richard Gudall. (Bertand Ogle, esq.)[1]

The Stead line at Holme continued until the death of Robert Stead who died on 21 December 1825[2] "in the 67th year of his age" and was buried at St. James Church on Christmas Day[3]. His Will was dated 1st April 1825 and proved 17th November 1826 by his surviving son Robert[4]. Robert was at Holme for a while but eventually moved to Bowling.

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"Holme near Tong". Godwin Series Postcard, Uniculm Series Embossed Posted on 10 Feb 1910 in Bradford.
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


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[4] Copy of Will of Robert Stead of Holm parish of Birstall, From the Borthwick Institute, University of York, Vol 174 Folio 413. With thanks to Anne.