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Smithies Surname
Smithies Surname Information

General information on the BMD data provided

BMD references for Smithies were extracted from the indexes that were held at the Family Record Centre, London. They cover the period from the commencement of civil registration in the September quarter 1837 to the end of 1841. War Casualty References were also researched at the FRC.

To reduce the risk of error, microfiche copies of these indexes have not been used.

Q1 Deaths registered Jan, Feb, Mar
Q2 Deaths registered Apr, May. Jun
Q3 Deaths registered Jul, Aug, Sep
Q4 Deaths registered Oct, Nov, Dec

About the data

Please note the following:
  • Although every effort has been made to ensure this listing has been correctly transcribed, please check all references before applying for certificates. The compiler cannot be held responsible for any errors in certificate applications as a result of using these data.
  • All indexes between the dates given above have been searched. In some quarters no people with the surnames Smithies were found.
  • Only a few spelling variations of surname (e.g. Smithers) are included, where personally relevant. A thorough search for variants has not been done.
  • Lists are sorted chronologically.
  • Late registrations and failure to register an event should be allowed for when searching.

Applying for a certificate

If you apply for one of the War Death certificates you will need to make it clear that this is the case when you apply and state the category (e.g. R.A.F. other Ranks). Those Casualties who died in the UK are in the ordinary indexes, so you can apply for those certificates in the usual way.
  • Apply directly to the relevant Registration district office
    • See Registration Districts for births, marriages and deaths after Sept 1837. Includes current addresses.
    • UK BMD have a growing number of references to help you order, especially for counties such as Cheshire and Lancashire

  • Go to gov.uk/
    For post July 1837 English and Welsh birth, marriage, civil partnership, death, adoption and commemorative certificates.

  • Order certificates by post from:
    General Register Office
    Certificate Services Section
    General Register Office
    PO Box 2
    PR8 2JD
    If you apply by post you will need to ensure you have enclosed the correct payment.

  • Visit Directgov for information on birth, marriage, civil partnership, death, adoption and stillbirth records and registrations, as well as guidance on researching your family history and the General Register Office Indexes.

  • The over-the-counter ordering service for BMD certificates is no longer available at the Family Record Centre in London (closed March 2008).
If you are interested in someone with the surname who is not listed, please email as I may have more information and fairly extensive lists, though my lists are not complete.