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Cromford, about 1773

A View in Crumford near Matlock Bath in Derby shire
one of "a Variety of Copper plate cuts, neatly engraved". Artist and engraver not known

The book that this image is from states that "Crumford is a small village, near Matlock, which has a very romantic appearance" (quote from 2nd ed. dated 1776, see book reference below). It mentions nothing of the newly built mill just down the road. An earlier image was published by John Boydell in 1749[1] but this picture shows more buildings had been erected in the interim.

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Matlock & Matlock Bath
Cromford Trade Directories

Arkwright & His Cotton Mill in Matlock Bath

River Derwent from Scarthin Rock

Cromford Hall (Willersley Castle), before 1791

Enlargement of the bottom right hand corner.
The tall buildings in the distance, slightly left of centre, must be Cromford Mill (see Cromford Hall, before 1791).
Quite what the male who is sitting on the ground is doing is a mystery, but he seems to be just passing the time of day by looking at the water of Bonsall Brook.

Images from this or other volumes of the book

High Torr &C,
1751 and 1776

View of
Matlock Bath

The above engraving was published in "A New Display of the Beauties of England: or, A description of the most elegant or magnificent public edifices, royal palaces, noblemen's and gentlemen's seats, and other curiosities, natural or artificial, in different parts of the kingdom ..." Published London: R. Goadby, 1773, 1774 in 2 vols. The 2nd ed. published 1776. This engraving from Vol. 1 P[late].161.
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Intended for personal use only.


[1] See the Boydell image and a fuller description in the book: Buxton, Doreen and Charlton, Christopher (November 2013) "Cromford Revisited", The Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Educational Trust. ISBN 978-0-9541940-6-2.

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