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  Volumes 6681 to 6686
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Volume 6681

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Bryan-Croft Lummes Mill-smelting-mill Lumms-Mill Matlock-Old-Bath "Neustalls*Ao [? Nestus-mine in Matlock] Riber Ryber Ryber-boles Side- Grove-the Wash-Gate-the [Matlock Bath] Fountain-Gardens [Matlock Bath] Heights-of-Abraham [Matlock Bath] Old-Bath-Croft
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Ashover Ashover-boles Ashover-Gregorys-mine Bakewell Bonsal British-Museum Carsington Chesterfield Chesterfield-Canal Darley Davis'-mine Derby Derbyshire Dethick Dethick-woods Holloway-woods Lea-woods Oker Newbold Shottle Snitte ... Staveley Tansley Tansley-woods Water-Lane-Grove-mine Wensley Whittington Winster-Limekiln-mine Winster-Drake-mine Winster-Plackett-mine Winster-Portoway-mine Wirksworth-Gells-Northcliff-mine Wirksworth-Northcliffe-mine Wirksworth-Old-Rachwood-Vein Wirksworth-Soresbys-Vein

6681 ff.20d-22
"Extracts from old wills relating to boles for smelting lead", ...
of William WOLEY alias OLEY of Riber mentioning "Delifodinarum", apparently interpreted as 'boles' by A. WOLLEY. 1507. f.21
...of Thomas BABINGTON of Dethick esq. (a long extract containing details to the working of the boles), mentioning woods at Dethick, Lea, Tansley, Holloway, Ashover and in parish of Ashover, boles at Ryber and Ashover. Also 4 entries are copied from BABINGTON's inventory, made after his death, which concern lead and the boles. Will dated 10 Nov. 1558. ff.21-22.
1469-1558 (c/chlsl)
6681 ff.43d-48
Summaries and notes of cases brought by Jonathan GILBERT of Matlock Bath against Joshua THOMASON jun. And Edwin BOWN who claimed a right to dig for mines in the Fountain Gardens near GILBERT's house at the bottom of the Heights of Abraham. Giving some information on the development of the site, formerly part of the Old Bath Croft, and mentioning Joseph WILSON of Derby, nurseryman; late owner of ground concerning Samuel RICHARDSON esq., James CLIFFORD of Newbold clerk to James MILNES of Matlock attorney; Anthony ALSOP of Wensley head barmaster of the wapentake of Wirksworth and Francis HURSTHOUSE, deputy barmaster of Matlock liberty and a number of miners.
1824. (c/chlsl)
6681 ff.72-120
Copy made 21 Feb 1686/7 of quo warranto proceedings relating to the possessions of Henry Earl of Lancaster in Derbyshire:
Places mentioned are ... Matlake ...; also mentioned ... lead and iron, markets and fairs etc.
[2 July 4 Ed.III [1330]] (c/chlsl)
6681 ff.135d-136
Entry headed "Neustalls*Ao 10 Edwardi quarti" [1470-1471] and consisting of a list of meres, giving position and partners in them, copied in 1794 from the end of a rental of the High Peak in the Duchy Office by D. DAYKEYNE jun.
*[? Nestus mine in Matlock] (c/chlsl)
6681 ff.136d
Extracts from church registers of Chesterfield and Bakewell relating to WOLLEY and COLUMBELL families] 16th - 17th c. (c/chlsl)
6681 f.168-177
Order to try the issue whether the rake crossing Gange Rake, discovered by VERMUYDEN and others in 1689 and freed by them as an old vein, is an old or a new vein, the complaint of William SCAWEN to be the plaintiff and the defendant Benjamin HAYWARD to be the defendant ...
30 June 1702 (c/chlsl)
6681 f.295
Bond in £6 ... from Thomas SHORE of Snitte ... miner, John STATHAM of Tansley gent. and George SHORE of Oker end mine to Thomas SMITH... in parish of Staveley lead merchant, to deliver to SMITH 3 foothers of pig lead at or before 1 May next at the smelting mill called Lummes Mill, parish Matlock, now in tenure of Robert CLIFFE.
7 Nov 1674. (c/chlsl)
6681 f.379
Printed handbill "The case of the Freeholders and Miners of ... the Parishes of Ashover, Matlock, Darley, Bonsal and Carsington against a Bill ... for Settling and Ascertaining the Tythes of Lead-Oar" n.d [late 17th c.]
Endorsed with notes concerning Darley tithe ore ? in Adam WOLLEY's hand, and referring to 17th c. (c/chlsl)
6681 ff.401-402
Lease by Thomas GOODWIN of Shottle dealer in timber to Henry WILLCOCK of Bonsall ironmonger of mine or mines of lapis calaminaris [calamine or zinc carbonate] in land in parish of Matlock in tenure of John BOWDEN with liberty of access, for 21 years, at rent of 3s for every ton of calamine dug up, and recompensing the tenants of the and for damage, 15 July 1752. (c/chlsl)
6681 ff.403-404
Articles of agreement between 1. John BODEN of Matlock carpenter and 2. Peter NIGHTINGALE of Lea in Ashover parish gent. that 2. And his agents etc. may for 17 years use a road from the Upper Engine, other engines and shafts of 2. At the Side Grove in Matlock down Bryan Croft to the Wash Gate in ground called Side, may there wash and buddle the lead ore and lay the rubbish raising the hillocks to the same level as Mr. LEWIS.
17 Aug 1750. (c/chlsl)
6681 ff.424-425
Observations on the tax or duty laid on lead exported, by an Act of Parliament passed in the last session of Parliament. n.d.
With notes, communicated by Sir Joseph BANKS, great great grandson of Geo. HODGKINSON (see below) that on 10 Oct 1657 Geo. HODGKINSON was summoned to Chesterfield to give an account of all lead smelted by him since 29 Sep. and that on 30 June - he paid excise on 13 pigs of lead smelted at Lumms Mill 25 March - ? 24 June -.
1657 [18th c.] (c/chlsl)
6681 ff.452-454-5
Depositions by George HASLAM and William SHIPLEY, 2 of the grand jury for Wirksworth (f.452) Edmund VALLANCE (or VALLENCE) of Wirksworth and Samuel ? CAWDEN (or ? CARDEN) of Matlock, both miners (f.454) and Samuel MATHER barmaster and agent for the farmers of lot and cope in Wapentake of Wirksworth (f.455) in a case between Benjamin HAYWOOD, John BOTHAM gents and other plaintiffs and Thomas CARTER gent., and other defendants concerning Old Rachwood Vein and Soresbys Vein.
25 Ap. 1700 (c/chlsl)
6681 ff.476-7
Manuscript sale catalogue with conditions of sale of shares in lead mines: Gregorys near Ashover, Portoway near Winster, Limekiln and Drake near Winster, Plackett near Winster, Northcliffe near Wirksworth, Gells Northcliff near Wirksworth, Water Lane Grove, Davis', to be sold at Matlock Old Bath, 3 Dec 1783. (c/chlsl)
6681 f.478
Printed sale catalogue or advertisement of auction to be held at Matlock Old Bath on 18 Feb. 1788, of shares in many freehold mines and in some leasehold mines, and £500 in Chesterfield Canal. (c/chlsl)
6681 ff.495-499
Printed pages of "Remarks on an antient Pig of Lead lately discovered in Derbyshire. By Mr. PEGGE. In a letter to Robert Banks HODGKINSON, Esq.," Whittington, May 31 1777. Read at the Society of Antiquaries June 8, 1778. Ms. Note "See Archaeologia Vol.5 p.369." At end is a ms. reference
1) to a description of a second Roman pig of lead in the possession of Adam WOLLEY of Matlock described with remarks, by Samuel PEGGE, in a letter to Robert Banks HODGKINSON esq., in Archaeologia Vol.7 p.170.
2) to description of another found in Derbyshire by PEGGE in a letter to HODGKINSON, Archaeologia vol.9. p.45, Vol.13 [p.] 405
3) to "Derbeisseira Romana" by the revd. Mr. PEGGE. Arch. Vol.10 p.23.
6681 f.500
Letter of receipt from the British Museum for present of 2 Roman pigs of lead made by Mr. WOLLEY junr., of Matlock, Derbyshire, 13 May 1797, with manuscript note that these are the pigs mentioned in Archaeologia Vol.5 p.369 and Vol.7 p.170. (c/chlsl)
Volume 6682

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume
Ashover Bonsall Carsington Crich Darley Derbyshire Duchy-of-Lancaster House-of-Commons Kniveton Thorpe Tissington

6682 ff.124-125
Printed handbill "The Case of the Freeholders and the Miners of ... Parishes of Ashover, Matlock, Darley, Bonsall and Carsington ... against a Bill now depending in the" House of Commons, Entitled "An Act for the Preventing Multiplicity of Vexatious Suits, and for Settling and Ascertaining the Tythes of Lead-Oar in" Derbyshire.
Endorsed with note as note on ff.424-425 [?c.1700] (c/chlsl)
6682 ff.135-136
Copy of petition to ministers in Derbyshire for leave to bring in a bill preventing a multiplicity of vexatious suits and for settling and ascertaining the lead ore tythes. N.d.
Endorsed read 8 March 1700/01. (c/chlsl)
6682 ff.225-228 } 1701/2.
6682 ff.239-244 }
"copies of sevl. petitions and other matters relating to the five parsons claim of the tithe of lead ore" (this title is written in Adam WOLLEY's hand). A marginal note, only partly legible, probably says this is from the manuscript of - HODGKINSON [of] Overton gent. [now] in the possession of Sir Joseph BANKS. Consists of copies of
1) petition of divers gentlemen, ministers and proprietors of tithe ore in Derbyshire [to Parliament] for their establishment in their ancient right of tithe ore, with lists of petitioners, f.225.
2) petition of ministers of Ashover, Darley, Bonsall ('Bontes hall') for themselves and on behalf of ministers of Matlock and Carsington, to House of Commons, for leave to bring in a bill for preventing vexatious suits and for settling and ascertaining the lead ore tithe ff.226-227.
3) petition of freeholders and miners of Ashover, Darley, Matlock, Bonsall, Carsington, Thorpe, Tissington and Kniveton to the House of Commons for the rejection of the proposed bill in 2) above, with long list of petitioners, noting which made their mark. ff.227d - 228, 289.
4) list of committee members f.239d.
5) expenses of defending against the bill for tithe ore, 24 Jan 1701/2, William HODGKINSON f.240.
6) petition of 5 ministers as in 2) to William Duke of DEVONSHIRE to support the proposed bill f.241
7) petition to Marquis of HARTINGTON, John Lord ROOS, Lord James CAVENDISH and Sir Charles PYE, from the lead miners of parishes of Matlock, Bonsall, Carsington, Ashover and Darley, to be heard before anything is determined in the House of Commons concerning tithe ore. ff.241d-242.
8) petition to House of Commons of freeholders and miners of 5 parishes as in 7) for the rejection of any bill as under 2) ff.242-243.
9) memorandum concerning parts of Ashover and Crich not within the Duchy of Lancaster not being subject to the same mineral laws as the rest of the Coun[ty] f.243d.
10) William HODGKINSON's expenses in the suit, see also 5) above f.243d. n.d. [? c. 1700/01]
11) list of above documents ff.243d-244. 1701/2
Volume 6683

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock liberty:
Royal-Oak-Mine Walls-Founder-mine
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Ash-Cross-Mine-?[Wirksworth-liberty] Burning-Drake-mine-Winster-liberty Cromford-Sough Dalefield-veins-in-Wensley liberty Eyam [Stony Middleton and Eyam Liberties]
Lednams-vein-Elton-Liberty Little-Pasture-mine [Stony Middleton and Eyam Liberties] Miners-Engine-mine Quaker-Mine-Wensley-Liberty Raventor-Mine-Wirksworth-Liberty

6683 ff.104-118
? Notes relating to dispute between partners in Little Pasture and partners in Miners Engine mines, including notes on relevant mineral customs and references to other cases including notes on relevant minerals and customs and references to other cases, including the Quaker Mine in Wensley Liberty 1711; Raventor Mine, Wirksworth Liberty 1724, including jury list f.109; Samuel's Rake, Middleton liberty 1712; Burning Drake mine, Winster liberty 1721; ? Lednams vein, Elton Liberty 1741; Royal Oak Mine in Matlock liberty and Walls Founder, same liberty 1742/3-1743; Ash Cross Mine [?Wirksworth liberty] involving NIGHTINGALE and partners at Cromford Sough against WILCOCKSON and partners 1748; Dalefield veins in Wensley liberty involving Joshua ASH against William GOODWIN and partners 1748. Includes jury list at Eyam 1741 (f.108d).
1711-1748. (c/chlsl)
6683 f.119
Account by Anthony TISSINGTON of Matlock deputy barmaster for the liberty of Matlock, of the rights of the King or his farmers in the liberty, and duties of the deputy barmaster. Note of steward's fees at barmoot courts.
[18th Cent.] (c/chlsl)
Volume 6684

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
Blackstone-turn Places in this volume within Matlock Liberty:
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Cromford-Bridge Foolow-Old-and-New-Bradshaw-lead-mine Foolow-Edge-Closes Foolow-the-long-piece Gawthorpe-YKS Lea Longshaw-co.-Annan-Scotland Manchester-LAN

6684 ff.79d-87
Copy of ? draft lease made by William HOUGHTON gent and Eaglesfield SMITH of Longshaw, co. Annan, Scotland Esq. to ... proprietors of the Old and New Bradshaw lead mine, and to Charles HURT of Wirksworth Esq. Robert MASON of Matlock Bath Inn-holder and 14 others, of the mines veins etc of lead and copper found or to be found under the Edge Closes at Foolow (HOUGHTON's property) and the long piece at Foolow (SMITH's property), with licence to sink shafts, wash the ore, for 99 years, paying 1/24 of merchantable ore raised. Recites on f.80 that the proprietors of the proprietors of the Old and New Bradshaw Mine have drive a sough and in sinking a shaft N. of the premises mentioned, discovered a vein of lead which it is supposed ranges E. and W. through the premises.
The mines leased are to be known as the Consolidated Title which shall extend from the shaft lately sunk by the Old and New Bradshaw proprietors across the premises mentioned (see f.85), with further detailed covenants including one for the extension of the sough mentioned above.
1790. (c/chlsl)
6684 ff.89d-90
Copy of conveyance by James WALKER of Matlock nailer to Thomas LEE of Matlock miner of 1/6 part of the lead mine called High Torr Rake or the Dovecote in Matlock Liberty with provision for further payments when the Blackstone turn, at present being sunk in the mine, is worked through, and when the clear profits of the 1/6 part of the mine amounts to £4.4s.
5 Feb 1785. (c/chlsl)
6684 ff.109d-112
Copy of grant by 1. Edwin LASCELLES of Gawthorpe, co. York, esq and 2. Edmund HODGKINSON of Matlock gent to 3. George EVANS of Cromford Bridge gent Peter NIGHTINGALE of Lea gent and Roger SEDGWICK of Manchester, co, Lancaster, Bachelor of Physic, (reciting) that EVANS, NIGHTINGALE and SEDGWICK have lead mines in townships mentioned which cannot be worked with advantage without a sough and engine or water-wheel on the lands demised to HODGKINSON) of liberty of access for 3. And their agents etc to lands demised to HODGKINSON, liberty to make soughs, erect engines, etc for the residue of the term for 42 years. With detailed covenants, 30 Dec 1769. (c/chlsl)
Volume 6686

Surnames in this volume

Places in this volume within Matlock:
[Matlock Liberty] Nestowes or Nesthouse Groves mine
Places in this volume elsewhere:
Bakewell-lordship Bonsall Brassington Brassington-liberty Cromford Cromford-liberty Hazlebadge-lordship Hurdlowe Wensley-liberty Wirksworth-liberty Wirksworth-Liberty-Rantor-mine Youlgreave-parish

6686 ff.78-81
Copy of complaint by John Earl of RUTLAND against John ABELL of Bonsall, John WIGLEY of Cromford and Samuel SWANNE of Hurdlowe all yeomen concerning the Earl's 1/6 part of Nestowes or Nesthouse Groves mine in Matlock Liberty, 1 Dec 1673, with answer of Samuel SWAN, a defendant, claiming to have been the complainant's bailiff, and mentioning Marmaduke ALLSOPP gent, deceased a servant to the Earl, John WARD and his brother, to whom the 1/6 part of the mine was let in 1670; and tithe of ore in Youlgreave parish and lot and cope of Bakewell and Hazlebadge lordships, due to the Earl.
1673. (c/chlsl)
6686 ff.125d-127
Copy of depositions by Edward ASHTON of Brassington deputy barmaster for Brassington liberty, John ABELL of Bonsall deputy barmaster for Cromford liberty and Joseph SIMPSON of Bonsall deputy barmaster of Matlock liberty, reciting their years of service (and mentioning that ABELL's father was deputy barmaster for Wensley liberty) concerning certain mineral customs, in relation to Mr Henry SIDEBOTHAM, deputy barmaster of Wirksworth liberty returning a pawn by Mr Jn MASON as agent to Philip GELL Esq and partners at Rantor mines 19 Nov 1777. ff.125d-127. Deposition by Joseph SIMPSON as above on mineral customs.
19 Nov 1777. (c/chlsl)